Confessional Preface

Let the confession starts in 3, 2, ....


American/British TV List

Title Year Status Episodes
The Blacklist 2011 Active S03E06
The Night Manager 2016 Active S01E05
House of Cards 2013 Active S03E04
Jessica Jones 2015-present Active S02E06
Game of Thrones 2011-present Upcoming S07
Better Call Saul 2015-present Upcoming S04
Doctor Who 2015-present On-hold S09
Fargo 2013-present On-hold S02
Elementary 2012-present On-hold S04
Santa Clarita Diet 2016-present Hiatus S03
Stranger Things 2016-present Hiatus S02
Black Mirror 2011-present Hiatus S04
Silicon Valley 2013-present Active S05E04
The Young Pope 2016-present Hiatus S01
Young Sheldon 2018-present Hiatus S01
The Big Bang Theory 2007-present Hiatus S12
Supernatural 2005-present Hiatus S13
Riverdale 2016-present Hiatus S02
Mr.Robot 2015-present Hiatus S03
The Crown 2016-present Hiatus S02
Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt n/a Waiting List n/a
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia n/a Waiting List n/a
The Handmaiden Tale n/a Waiting List n/a
Bates Motel 2013-2017 Completed All
Hannibal 2013-2015 Completed All
Parks and Recreation 2009-2015 Completed All
How I Met Your Mother 2005-2014 Completed All
Breaking Bad 2007-2013 Completed All
Sherlock 2010-2017 Completed All
Big Little Lies 2017 Completed All
Dexter 2005-2013 Completed All
The Nanny 1994-1999 Completed All
The X-Files 1993-1999 Completed All
Merlin 2008-2014 Completed All
Everbody Loves Raymond 1996-2004 Completed All
Malcom in the Middle 2000-2006 Completed All
iCarly 2006-2012 Completed All
The O.C 2003-2007 Completed All
Hannah Montana 2006-2010 Completed All
Avatar: The Last Airbender 2005-2008 Completed All
Wizard of Waverly Place 2007-2012 Completed All
Teen Titans 2003-2007 Completed All
Hey Arnold! 1996-2004 Completed All
Mr.Bean (Life Action & Animated Series) n/a Completed All
Invisible Man / I-Man 200-2002 Completed All
Secret Diary of A Call Girl 2007-2011 Completed All
Desperate Housewives 2004-2012 Completed All
The Twilight Zone 1958-1963 Completed All
Life Unexpected 2010-2011 Completed All
Kim Possible 2002-2007 Completed All
Tru Calling 2003-2006 Completed All
F.R.I.E.N.D.S 1994-2004 Completed All
Charmed 1998-2006 Completed All
Suits 2011-present Dropped S04
True Detective 2014-present Dropped S01
Forever 2014 Dropped S01
Outcast 2017-present Dropped S01
Grey's Anatomy n/a Dropped n/a
Switch at Birth n/a Dropped n/a
Glee n/a Dropped n/a
New Girl n/a Dropped n/a
Two and A Half Man n/a Dropped n/a
House M.D 2005-2012 Dropped S04
Smallville 2001-2011 Dropped n/a
Scrubs n/a Dropped n/a
Heroes n/a Dropped n/a
The King of Queens n/a Dropped n/a
Brothers and Sisters n/a Dropped n/a
Ugly Betty n/a Dropped n/a
Ghost Whisperer n/a Dropped n/a
Private Practice n/a Dropped n/a
Winx n/a Dropped n/a
Totally Spies n/a Dropped n/a
Sam & Cat 2013 Cancelled S01
30 Rock n/a Dropped n/a
Kingdom Hospital n/a Dropped n/a
Rules of Engagement n/a Dropped n/a
Gary Unmarried n/a Dropped n/a
According to Jim n/a Dropped n/a
The Big C n/a Dropped n/a
Danny Phantom n/a Dropped n/a
The Suite Life On Deck n/a Dropped n/a
Kyle XY n/a Cancelled S03
My Name is Earl n/a Dropped n/a
Samantha Who? n/a Dropped n/a
W.I.T.C.H n/a Dropped n/a