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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

5 Effective Ways to Stopped Yourself From Over-spending (Personal Experience)

Hello there. How you all doing? Mimi's here.

So... before I went straight into the heart of this post, let me went off by saying 'Happy New Year' to everyone. I hope I wasn't too late in wishing you that because 'technically' - we're still in the middle of beginning of 2017. ;)

Now, I don't want to make a recap or anything similar of that for how 2016 had been treating me (I had my own personal vlog to remind me of that) and I'm sure that's not why you click this post at the first place, so let me just jump right into it. So, last year (during new years eve, actually), I made a rather big promise to myself  that I'm planning to keep. It's not like I haven't made one before, but this time; I'm pretty serious about it. To be honest with you, I had made so many resolutions throughout my life but I always turned frustrated in the end as my resolution become forgotten as soon as I made them. Anyway, so this year I had come down with just one. And that resolution my friend and that is to; less spending. Yes, my new year resolution is to kick out my bad, bad spending habit.

I know. In this era where everything can be bought (let it be retail or online) and new shiny item is coming out every other week, I dare to say - spending habits had become a new first world problem. Call it 'habits', 'disease', it doesn't matter because in the end; it will keep consuming us if we let them. There's a reason why it's call 'consumerism', peeps... Anyway, you probably don't understand what I'm talking about, but for those who had been on this road before (etc: staggering about buying stuff that you probably shouldn't be buying or condone themselves on daily buying), than this post might be just the one for you. Now, if you are serial buyer and wanted to kick out this bad bad habits, than I'm offering you these 5 ways that I considered to be effective. I hope it can helps you a little :).

1.) Make A List

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So, who's here who haven't done this before? Well, if you haven't, then you're clearly missing out. Making a list is one of the most easiest thing to do, not to mention; could be beneficial for you. I know that not everyone are strong enough to hold themselves back from buying more than they need, so this is where making a list can be helpful to you. Not only I found it easy for me to add things or eliminate them, but also for me to estimate my weekly budget. Of course, making a list doesn't guaranteed that I will automatically will follow them all; after all I'm still a human, but at least I get to refer to something (in case there's nobody around me that could talk me out from it) before confirming my purchase. When in doubt, it's nice feel it nice to have a second opinion (even though I AM the ONE who are writing it). 

2.) Start on a Budget

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The second way I had done in many many years is how to stick to my own budget. I know, with the unfix rate of items which can be either too cheap or too expensive, keeping to your own budget might be far fetch but it still can help. Don't give up just yet because I been there before. So, what you going to need is, yep you guess it - yet another notepad and estimation of budget. Let put your grocery expenses for a month is about RM400/89.97USD per month. Now, divided that by four weeks and you got about RM100/22.49USD per week. I'm not sure from which country you're, but in mine (Malaysia) - RM 100 per week is enough to get by for a family consist at least four family members. So, start with the essentials, eggs, sugar, veggies.... etc and then start counting the price for each items. If your budget starts to go overboard, then cut it down, but don't throw it away just yet as it can be put under next week list. Also, if the item is too expensive for the quantity - it's probably best if you just walk away from it from that week as next week you probably could get for a lot cheaper price (I'm talking about mall price). There's still plenty cheap, but healthy food you can buy from the aisle. You just gotta look for it and most importantly, be creative.

3.) Consider Bulk Purchases

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If you are under the impression that bulk purchases are far more expensive and wasteful than buying a single item, than there's a chance that you might be right... or deadly wrong. For years, my mom had been buying things in bulk and I can't help but following suit. However, based from my personal experience, there's has been be two consistent outcomes from that - either it's a good investment or she brought it too much and then forget about it. I tend to do the latter sometimes, but this year - I am all about enjoying the stuff I had purchased. So, I guess what I'm saying is that buying in bulk are more money saver (as long as I don't forget about it) :).

4.) Take Advantage on Festive Offer/Discount 

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No matter where you are or what country you're from - festive offers are unavoidable. Either it's Christmas, New Year or this upcoming Chinese New Year - there always will be some smart ways for those marketing people to get you buying things more than you need. If you're sucked into their sickening game, then that's okay - I understand the pain. But as sales and festive offers are unavoidable, you probably should start thinking about taking advantage off it. Buy stuff that you really need but would cost more and start saving it up so you could use it for the rest of the year. I promise you, taking advantage during this time; you won't regret it. But, before you start stocking up, don't forget of this one tiny detail - those expiry dates. There warehouse peeps usually wanted to get rid of the stock as quickly as possible before it went bad and this is where they can get you. I swear, I almost purchases 24 cans of Ribena sparkling soda for RM10.00 before realizing that I only had one month and a half to finish all of them off before it expired. Now I know, some people might not really care about this kind of stuff, but I do and there's no way I'm gonna take the risk of my health just to save up a couple of ringgits. No way! So, remember guys, buy in bulk if you can, but also buy smart.

5.) Let it Go: Watch Other People Get That Stuff Instead of YOU

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So, this shall be my last but not least, advice on trying to stop yourself from overspending. Let. It. Go. Just because you missed one opportunity to buy things on bulk or discount, doesn't mean that the world is over. Don't worry hon, there will be a similar deals in the future. I couldn't tell you how many times that I had gone through this scenario; I brought something that I like and think as the best offer, then figure out that there's even better deal the next day. I keep on thinking how stupid I was for not being patient and cursing myself, But those days are over now, I refuse to agonize over it anymore. These days I had become a little brave to admit that some days, it just aren't my day. How to know when to let go? Well, here's how... The moment if the items is not on your list or you start hesitating to buy them - that's when. How to deal with it afterwards? Easy as pie... Watch other people get that thing instead and be glad that THEY ARE THE ONE WHO GETS IT. Think yourself lucky and know why? It's THEIR MONEY that came out from their pocket, NOT YOURS. Sometimes, a hyped stuff doesn't always turned out good so be grateful that you are not apart of that madness. 

Okay guys, I guess that's it guys for today's post. I hope you learn one thing on two from my personal experience buying. Seriously, I know it's hard to contain yourself once you start to spending (even I'm still  fighting my impulses of buying every single day). But, as a human who had enough to be suck into consumerism oblivion - I gotta try anyway.  So, with that in mind - thank you for reading this entry and I see you on the next post. Bye bye!

Mimi Says: The One With  A Plan and... Budget.

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