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Sunday, October 30, 2016

Addicted to Changes

Hello guys... How you all doing? Hope everything went well in your life.

As for me, I'm alright. Thanks if you had been thinking about me.

So, it's been a while since I wrote something in this blog. I'm not sure if anybody even read this, but what the heck - I'm  writing about it anyway. There hasn't been a day since I'm writing this blog (est 2010), that I hasn't been writing for myself. I don't know why... Maybe because personally I thought it is a fun and a great way to keep good memories intact with me as long as I live.

Anyway, the title for today post is 'Addicted to Changes'. When I wrote 'addicted', I meant it as myself, getting addicted at certain things, or in this case - changes. Yes, I love changes. Changes is good. Changes help you grew. Changes made you do things you never thought you could have done. But, as much as I like changes; I'm also very careful with what I'm changing. You see, I don't wanna be changing too much. To me, a person who are changing too much are only a bunch of insecure people, while the one who refuses to change at all is an idiot. That's why I'm trying to be careful. I think it's hard enough to change yourself, let alone want other people to accommodate and changing for you. 

But, here's the thing... Even though I want to change and be better at it, human wise - I wasn't always successful. Besides that, I also learned that things just doesn't simply happened because I wanted them too. I'm only human, so it's kind of expected of me to make mistakes. Anyway, if thing had started to go 'shitty' - what do I do then? I make amends, of course. I'll find a way to compensate. And normally, I'll do it by changing some things around me.

One of the simplest way to do that is by changing my working space. Yes, since I'm working on my thesis right now and only going out on weekends; a lot of my time had been spent in here. That's why, how I arrange it is very important... I need my work space to be comfortable and accessible. Also, just because I called it as 'work space' - it doesn't necessarily be boring. This also explains why I choose to have three different working space in my house; the study room, the couch and my room. Sometimes I even do it in dining table, especially if it's during breakfast or lunch hour. Yes, I change my work space back and forth, whenever I can; all for the sake to make me happy while doing my work and make it more interesting.

Recently, I also been busy in trying to change the house atmosphere as well. Whenever I'm in the mood, I like re-decorating and despite of the long hours of planning and execution - I still able to find it enjoyable and exciting. So, what I did was to re-decorate the kitchen by re-painting the cupboard and adding more deco stuff. I used to hate walking down towards the kitchen because there's so many stuff there, now the place looks awesome - I couldn't wait to get in there. But, here's a little irony... Even though the kitchen looks great now, I still don't like cooking. It's just really not my thing and I don't think I would cook even if it could save my life. Why? Well, one of the thing is that I hate making mess. I like to keep the place clean and that's why I avoided cooking if possible. The only way to drag my ass there is to make a cup of tea, but I guess that's a story for a different day...

So, that's it then... The story of me and my 'addiction' to changes. Changes. It's such a simple words but enough to make difference in my life. That why I like it so much, I guess...

Thanks for reading this entry. Have a nice day you all's... ;) 

Mimi says: Changing is Good for Your Soul.