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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

The Thing About Getting A Year Older Is... (24-Years-Old Edition)

Mimi's here. Oh, and guess what? I turned 24 today! Holy-Crap-Man-in-The-Distant-Planet-of-God-Knows-Where... I'm a year older now! Haha, this is so.... No words to describe it for now. I'm just.... What? 24? Holy... 

Anyway, I'm a little overwhelmed. Yes, I think that's what this is. Man, how I wished I could turned back time and be seventeen again. Hey, did I just say that out loud? That's not what I meant. I mean, seventeen (like really)? Why would I wanna turned back time? That's just me trying to be redundant, man. Why would I wanna waste my time reminiscing about the past when present and future are WAY much exciting to anticipate?

Anyway, moving on...

So, 24 years old. Nice going. I think I want to thank God first for the fact that I'm still Alive today. Thank U God. Thank YOU for the chances you had given me and the opportunity to see how my decision had take me so far and effected my life. I'm a bit of a weirdo, I admit that. I'm a socially awkward as well, I know that. There's so many plateau state in my life or silly little things that is way above my usual comprehend level - but I get through them all (along with people I still have around me), time and time again because that's the way life is designated; you either swim, or you sank. Gosh, I'm 24, yet I'm still searching and building for my own place in this world even though I'm well aware that life is a fragile little thing that can be ripped off and teared apart from me any moment from now. Ok, that's quite deep man... Come Back, Mimi. Come back... 

Are you back? 


Well, if you didn't know it by now.... this is my birthday post. I do it every now and then (whenever I feel like it). You can check how I spent my past birthday from example of these post; 2012 & 2013. Since there's no post for 2014 or 2015, I thought it probably be a good thing to bring it back. I mean, it's not like everyday you turned a year older, right? Lol.  And along with this post, also a list of people I like to thank and things that I wish to remember by before next year come around.

List of people I wanna thank:

1.) My Mom (I could never really understand you mom, but I know that you're the most kindest and honest person in the world!)
2.) My Dad ( Literally the only person who could withstand my anger and anxiety prob)
3.) My Bro (My confidante and Partner-in-Crime)
4.) Any person who are nice enough to remember me. Well, I won't be mentioning any names now because if you had called me once, twice and stayed in touch in the past six months - then know it in your heart that I'm thanking you.
5.) Great Youtubers (13 Youtubers, to be exact. Thanks for your awesome video and content to keep me occupied through my good/bad days.)
6.) My current Uni (thanks for allowing me to pursue my study and keeping my dreams alive.)

List of things I wanna thank:

1.) Tea and Bread
2.) Anime & Manga (My Soulmate)
3.) My Lappy (Forever & Always)
4.) My Little Garden (for keeping me occupied)

Yeah. As you can see there, I don't have a lot of people to thank to expect for those mentioned above. The thing about getting older I realize, is that you keep on losing people. No matter how much you wanted to include and make a room for them in your life, there just wasn't enough space. We all had different dreams and goals to achieve and because of that (no matter how close we're to one another) - we'll eventually went to our own separate ways. Not that I'm complaining coz that's the kind of thing I been doing as well. I met new people, become friends/make an acquaintance with them, before going on our separate ways. It's sucks that you can't keep everyone in your circle, but it even bitter when you had completely forgotten about them. It's like they never existed at all. 

Well, the point of this post wasn't to share zillion of my pictures, selfies, or whatnot just for the sake of celebrating a birthday. Nope. Those things gets old. The reason for me to be writing this post is to share about my feelings on the subject of getting a year older and two pennies of my thoughts about life and way of certain things works. Heh, I know that I'm not motivational guru, philosopher nor a poet - but I know better to know what you want, put it closely in your heart and mind, before start working towards it. Yeah, it might sounded simple, but if you're brave enough to say what you want to the world - no matter how hard and improbable that thing is; it will eventually find its way to work around you. I know that even by saying it, it sounds ridiculous - but either it is working or not; I still  wanted to work around that belief and make it work for me. I just hope that I would continue to get stronger as the time passed by and have these important people to continue supporting me.

So, with that finally being let off my chest, I shall bid my goodbye for now. I won't be going into details about how do I celebrate my birthday this year, but in case you're wondering - I really enjoyed celebrating it low key with people who had always been there for me from day one; ATASHIN'CHI. Thanks for the birthday presents guys and this birthday cake.

I guess it wasn't really a birthday unless you had a birthday cake. :)

This has been my first 24th-years-old confession: Mimi Said                                  

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