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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Language Dilemma & Hello Kitty Brush Make Up Kit

Assalamualaikum and hi, dear readers. How you all doing? Hopefully semuanya sihat-sihat saja.

Okay, sebelum aku teruskan post ni dengan lebih lanjut, there's a little head-up sikit. Entri aku kali ini akan mengunakan bahasa Malay. Hopefully that's okay. Dah lama sangat pun aku tak buat entry macam ni. Biasa tulis mesti nak English jerr kan.... Today, I kinda want to change my tune. Felling a bit bored already.

Actually, aku suka je writing in English but even menulis macam ni pun ada limit sebenarnya. Aku notice yang setiap kali aku menulis (in English lah), mesti aku dengan serta-mertanya akan jadi conscience mengenai grammar, ejaan, punctuation.. bla bla bla... sampai aku sendiri pun naik letih. Somehow, hal ini telah menjadikan segala idea dan mood untuk blogging aku tadi, tiba-tiba jadi tak best pulak. Hmm. Patutnya blog ni menjadi medium sharing feelings of the day aku, but alih-alih dah jadi Mimi's Writing Test No__ lak. Isk...isk...isk...

What to do? I'm the worst editor of myself. :(

Jadi, disebabkan tulah, aku fikir dah sampai masa untuk switch the mode and go back to my true roots. This time, tanpa paksaan dari sesiapa mahupun pengaruh bawah sedar, aku akan secara carefreenya menulis dalam Malay. Lantaklah kalau tiada yang pedulik pun, biar keyboard dan teddy bear aku jadi saksi... janji aku yang puas hati :b

The other day, aku kind of mengalami midlife crisis sekejap. Hari biasa aku tak kisah pun dengan realiti ini, but that day I really felt it. Thing is, I might be just twenty-three, but already I feel like I'm fifty. Despite life aku yang pretty static and dull compared to others yang keep on getting engaged, married and having babies like it was nothing - I'm still entitled of feeling old. Sh*t, I am actually getting old! This year je I'll be turning 24. Next year I'll be 25. Then, later on, 26.. Soon enough, akan ada child start calling me 'akak' or even worse, 'mak cik'. Hooh! I wanna be forever young, boleh tak? Ageless so that nobody would get a chance to call me any of that. *Uhuk...uhuk.. alergic*

So, disebabkan personal crisis yang melanda tadi, maka aku telah berjanji untuk jadi person yang act her own age, despite not really sure what that even meant. Since half of my life had been dedicated on my studies, my brain skang lagi cenderung untuk seeking for some kind of escapade. Call it a new type of excitement, if you will. Others might find it in extracurricular activities, travels, pets, or gardening, but not me. My form of escapade is to collect stuff yang super duper cute, fun and unique in all yang secara autonya akan put a smile on my face.

One of the easiest example, macam kat bawah ni;
The Kawaii Hello Kitty Brush Make Up Set 
Haha... cute tak cute? Walaupun aku bukan die-hard Hello Kitty fan and seldom apply make up, aku still beli gak set ni di sebabkan price dia yang reasonable and design yang super duper kawaii... Menangis woo bile I first received this and bukak package dia!  (T.T) Serious, I never realize yang Hello Kitty boleh kasi effect sebegini seperti Teddy Bear gak. Haha, terpana aku sebentar... But, then bila dah beli brush set camni, datanglah pulak First World Problem dia kan (terasa sayang nak guna bcoz comels sangat). Huhu,..macam-macam lah ko ni Mimi...Bila takde nak, bila ada nak simpan plak. Ah, pening mau layan... 

To be honest, aku memang mudah tertarik dengan cute stuff, tapi tak semua aku beli (usually people close to me akan bagi, pastu aku akan suka sebab cute, and then rasa best sesangat dalam hati sebab takyah pening-pening kepala untuk cari lagi). Still, benda cute ni pun ada gak downside dia, especially the useless one yang besar gila nak mamp... but kegunaannya tak berapa nak praktikal. Contoh mudah macam coin box pelbagai bentuk dan saiz tuh. Comel je leh harap, but kalau dah ada 3-4 buah kat rumah - mana satu je ko nak guna? Masuk duwet tabung ni, tabung tu merajuk... Masuk duwet tabung tu, tabung lain ko lupakan plak.. Hmph, last-last, berhabuk jelah jawabnya. Then, another one - keychain. Hah, yang ni memang kasi aku tension. So many cute keychain yang boleh dibeli, but camne nak gantung kalau kuncinya just 2-3 batang and begnya just 2-3 buah? Heh, so not fun. But, still... if orang bagi aku pasti akan amik je tanpa segan-silu dan disertai dengan ucapan thank you el mucho (hehe)...

So, sesiapa yang mengenali diri ini and nak bagi tu, sila-silalah ye. Jangan malu-malu ;")

Oklah, memandangkan aku ada banyak benda tak settle lagi ni sampai next week... sampai sini jelah entry aku untuk post kali ni. Both issues kat title ni pun aku dah cover dah so I think I'm good to go. It's time for me to leave and get back to my own life pulak.

Bye bye and see you all soon...

Sincerely: Mimi Said

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Life Update.

Hello guys. How you all doing? Mimi's here. Hope you all doing fine.

So, 2016 huh? What a year... I can't believe that 2015 had already left us. No, just kidding... I'm well-aware that it's no longer 2015 the moment I finished my final exam last January. Phew. What a whirlwind of semester this has been for me, and I'm sure that I'm not the only one feeling this way (most of my course mate must be feeling the same way too). I mean, can you imagine it - 6 subjects in just one semester? I know that might sound like nothing for an undergraduate (been there, done that), but if you are a postgraduate student that can be quite a lot and momma here KINDA needs her break. (=.=): But aren't I a full-time student? So, why should it effect me? Oh, I tell you why, if you promise to keep on reading this post... 

A couple of months ago in this post, I sort of mentioned that I had moved to KL in order to pursue my master studies, but for whatever reason fail to provide more details about it. Frankly, I wasn't really planning to be this secretive, but privacy and safety reasons kinda make me wary about giving out too much information. After all, I did mentioned that I was living alone, so naturally I felt inclined to. However, since now that I'm back again at my hometown and no longer living there, I figure that it's quite alright to talk about it now. I'm currently attending University of Malaya for 2015/2016 session and the course that I'm currently studying is called 'Master in Publishing Studies'.

I know how odd this might seem, for an ex-computer science student like myself to make a leap like this, but after SPM, I sort of make it my long-life goal to tick as many check box as possible when it comes to learning. I studied Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Additional Maths during high school for 2 years (despite hating science), then became a life science student in matriculation college (with no interest of becoming a doctor except eligibility for an early degree) for a year, before settling down with computer science for the next 3 years at the university and graduated in the late 2014. I took almost a year off from everything to clear out my head and figure my next move; either to work or pursue my master studies. Got a few of interview and work offer, but I was torn and confused about what I want. Long story short, I decided to apply for master at UM around Jan 2015 and received my letter of acceptance through e-mail's about a month later.

Naturally, the offer come as big decision for me and I have to discuss it with my parents first before making up my mind. After some talk and leveling to the pro's and con's; I decided that it's probably at the best interest for me to go. This way I can experience how living in KL like (if I happen to work in here someday) while also studying at the same time. It's obviously a great opportunity for me and since my parents are supportive enough; how can I to say no to that? Anyway, what I did was to rent a room outside the campus (because it's much cheaper) and lived there for 4 months (late Aug 2015 - early Jan 2016) while trying to complete the first part of the course (that 6 subjects) and taking a bus everyday to go to class.

When I first applied for the course, I'm well-aware about the subject offered, but oblivious enough to not knowing about how much work it will be. The subject titles are harmless enough (e.g; Seminar in publishing studies, Book writing & editing, Great work, etc...) and doesn't really suggestive to anything hard. Well, turn out to be - I was WRONG. Taking a master degree (no matter what field of studies you're in) isn't like taking a paid-vacation or taking a stride walk in the park. It requires a lot more than that and boy, didn't I know that better based on the allocation of work below;

Six subjects = 11 assignments (9 individual, 2 groups) + 6 individual presentations + 1 big seminar (conducted with nine other course mate) - all need to be finished in 1 sem (4 months). 

I'm not saying all of master degree are like this, but since mine is mixed-mode course (course + thesis); I'm required to finish all of these subjects before they would allow me to start my thesis. Looking back, it's still a miracle how I'm able to finish all of that, and thank God that I manage to pull it off somehow. It didn't help that I got sick during the last 2 paper either, when my spirit and self-esteem really hits rock-bottom. Anyway, I'm glad that that part of my life and requirement is over. Whatever left now is for me to complete the 2nd part of the course; another project and thesis-writing. I was hopeful to catch some break after the 1st semester wrapped up (probably get a part-time job somewhere & figure out my thesis), but the lecturer who coordinate the programme already handed us the fixed date for presentation and candidature defense (2016 and 2017, respectively) and since the university is seriously implying at the importance of G.o.T, I have no other choice but to go with tight schedule.

To tell you the truth, I'm equally scared and nervous about this. I may had passed the exam in one- shot, but coming up with a good research topic and writing thesis is a different story. A lot of problem can arise during that time; the weird, the crazy and the unexpected, and I could only try and pray and hope for the best (may God and good inspiration comes along the way). There's absolutely no certainty nor guarantee in this - only the realization and discussion between you, your supervisor, lecturers, and the examiner who will eventually judge and decide either your thesis is solid or not. Ugh, even thinking about the future now send chills down my spine. This is scary as he** man! Anyway, I guess this another phase of becoming a master student and its probably better for to me embrace rather than avoid it. Right now, I'm thinking about conducting my research from here (Malacca) while communicating with my supervisor through e-mail's and only come down to the faculty when it's necessary (I still need a live and a part-time job, mind you).

Ok, I guess that's enough for an update. I think I had written long enough to compensate for the last five months I been missing. I'm glad that I can now work from home though I'm still pretty pissed off about my student card. Seriously, it's been four months people! I need that card!!

Snoopy and me, as in February 2016 (<3)
Yours truly: Mimi Said