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Friday, December 16, 2016

5 Must Try Products from The Body Shop Store (2016)

Hello there! How everyone doing? Hope everything went well in your life. As for me, I'm feeling pretty good and as always, thanks for clicking on this post.

So, as you can read from above title - today I'm gonna talk a little bitty about one of my current favorite shop; The Body Shop (TBS). I am quite into bath products lately and I think some of the product from TBS are real good. I'm going to share a couple of them in here today and I will try my best to make it as simple and informational as possible. If you never been to this store or check out the online one yet, you will quickly realize that there's a plenty of choices offered by TBS and for first timers ( trust me, I been here before), making the right decisions can be a little bit overwhelming. Therefore, to ensure that your first experience buying from this store are the happy ones and worth it, I'm listing off a couple of my favorite product from this store. Now, I know that I'm just a stranger and there's no good reason for you to be listening to my suggestion, but you click/found this post... My guess is that you must be at least interest to know about the must try products from TBS. Anyway, putting that thought on a high note - I certainly hope that my list could be inspiring to you and surely, I'll be happy if it helps you out to make the decision. ;)

Alright, as promised - so here's are a couple of my favorites ones that you should definitely try out if you are new to this shop. I fall in love with the products, right after I first testing/applying it out. I'm sure, other TBS products work very well too, but these are my all-time-favorites. Trust me, they are the best! You definitely won't regret it!

1.) The Body Butters

Shea, Strawberry, Coconut, Raspberry, and Olive, and are just a couple of my all-time favorites.

If this is your first time trying out body butters from TBS, there's no way you could do wrong, especially with the first two. I really love the natural and nutty smell from shea body butter every time I applied it on my skin, and deeply smitten towards the fresh strawberry scent emitted every time I applied the strawberry one. Both are real good. However, having just two body butters can be a little bit boring so I like to mixed it up a little. My three other favorites had to be the coconut (they ran out this quite often so make sure you grab it the moment they had this in the store), raspberry (also quite hard to find, considering that it's a season kind of thing), and once in a blue moon; olives (because what could ever go wrong by putting olive on your skin?).

Anyway, what I like about these body butters how moisturizing it feels every time I applied it on my skin and how long the smell last (some even lasted 48 hours). I also like that they had two sizes for every scent (50ml and 200ml) and how it fits for any occasions when I need them (50 ml for travelling, 200 ml for daily use). However, I often buy it in the small size (50ml) and try to make it last for about a month, maybe more. The reason for me sizing up on the travel size is to ensure that by the end of the month, all my body butters are gone so that no germs can starts building up inside my body butters (not like I'm a germ freak or anything, but...) and I'm free to try out other scent again. ;)

2.) The Shower Cream

Again, just like the body butter, I also have an unexplained fondness for certain scent for my shower cream. However, since I usually prefer to use soap bars instead of shower cream - I didn't have a wide range of favorite, but the scent coming from these three shower creams; Strawberry, Shea and Mango are absolutely gorgeous! Refreshing (strawberry), natural (shea) and ever-so-yummy (mango), these three are definitely worth trying out because I had used them before and I like it.

3.) The Facial Cleanser

Well, when it comes to facial cleanser, there's no easy answer to my problems. For starter, I had an oily type of skin which only gets worse as the day continues. Now that is not really appealing so, naturally - I had to get rid of them somehow, right? Thank God that I finally found these two products; Seeweed Deep Cleasing and Tea Tree Facial Wash. I used the Seeweed facial during the day to help me control those nasty oils on my face and I finished it off by putting on the Tea Tree to get rid of the scar and unwanted blemishes for the night. So far it's working so good. I'm so happy that I finally find these two little savior! 

4.) Soap Bar

So, as I already mentioned above - I absolutely loveee all of my soap bars. I prefer them more than the shower cream, obviously for many personal reasons. I like using soap bars so much, that I can't wait for each and one of them to finish off so I could use the new one. So what are my all-time favorites from The Body Shop? Well that definitely had to be Wild Argan Oil, Shea, Strawberry, Olive and Mango, my friend.

5.) Hands and Foot Cream/Spray

There's no way I'm leaving this list entry without telling you what my favorite hands and foot cream/spray are. No way! So, here comes the solution for one of the most hard-working parts of your body (hands) and one of the most neglected parts of the body (feet)... I mean, guys - you should know that hands and foot needs love too and this is where my list is gonna come handy. Anyway, so what kind of hands and foot cream you should be hunting if you're planning on buying from The Body Shop? Well, I got a couple of suggestion for you guys so please - brace yourself... I highly recommended Almond Hand and Nail Cream, Strawberry Hand Cream, Argan Oil Hand Cream, Honey and Beeswax Hand and Foot Butter, and last but not least, Peppermint Foot Spray for the first spin. I know that's pretty a lot but trust me, you don't have to get all of them - just one for each (hands or foot) are enough. After a week or two, you will definitely start seeing the difference. You will immediately realize how moisturizing and healthy your hands/foot had become from using one or all of these products.

So, I guess that's it guys.... My 5 must try products from The Body Shop. Now, of course, I'm not encouraging you to buy everything I had listed in here, nor I'm being an advocate/getting paid from TBS. I'm just stating you my preference with a high hope that in some small way, it could be beneficial for a person out there who had never buy any products from this shop before or didn't have a clue on what they should get on their first buyout. Anyway, I really hope you enjoyed this list, please leave a comment if you feel like doing so and most of all, thanks you for reading this entry! See you soon.

Mimi Says: Taking bath/shower will never feel the same again after experiencing The Body Shop.

Monday, December 12, 2016

Mimie's Picked Songs:Triple Album Reviews - featuring Bruno Mars, The Weeknd & Ariana Grande

Hello there. How you all be doing? Mimi's here.

So, it's been almost a year since I last made my feature artist of the month/year. I can't believe that a year had gone off like that without me making any reviews about the latest album that I'm currently/had been loving. Well, to be honest, that's because I haven't got into any good artist lately. All the songs on the radio sounded the same to me, all the mainstreams junk and I couldn't be bothered to catching up with the rest of the world.

However, just because I hate most of the mainstream songs and would avoided it at all cost doesn't mean that there weren't any out there that is good. I know that there's and I'm not a total hater, alright? So, this post is going to be all about that. I do hope you guys enjoyed the rest of this list. ;)


1.) Bruno Mars - '24K'                                                                  Date Released: 18 Nov 2016

Alright, so I wasn't exactly a fan of Bruno Mars when he first come out (2009/2010). Seriously, I'm not a big fan and certainly never hope to see the day where I'm gonna like this guy and his music. But, fast forward to seven years later - I'm now singing a 'different'  tune. Yes, I definitely like this guy now. Haha. So, it took me his third album to finally understand what people are talking about this guy and I can't believe that t took me this long... Seriously, this guy not only great, but phenomenal! I like nearly half of the songs from this almost and that's really saying a lot. I guess it's true what they said - third time is a charm. I know who Bruno Mars before, but this new album certainly makes me feel like discovering him again. This album is so great, I don't think I have a word for it. As Bruno said so himself - he drawn his main inspiration while writing for this album was to write it like a movie, imagining all them girls screaming out his name and.... you know what, let me just stop myself right there. I'll let the album speaks for itself.

Below are the tracklist from Bruno latest album '24K' and the one highlighted in black are the ones I'm digging right now. So, let's check it out yo!

Album Tracklist

1.) 24k Magic
2.) Chunky
3.) Perm
4.) That's What I Like
5.) Versace On The Floor
6.) Straight Up and Down
7.) Calling On My Lovelies
8.) Finesse
9.) Too Good To Say Goodbye

The Weeknd - 'Starboy'                                                                       Date Released: 25 Nov 2016

So, it was during last year when I first found out about The Weeknd and the song was 'Earned It'. Yup. You heard me right. Most of you people probably know this by now, but if you don't - 'Earned It' is one of the official soundtrack from 'Fifty Shades of Grey' movie and boy - was I real excited about that movie last year or not (hence this song). Hehe. Anyway, so that song get me to hearing Abel ak.a The Weekend musics at the first place and my curiosity only grew from there. But, as it turns out, 'Earned It' it wasn't enough to earn my love for Abel and it become the only song I seem to dig in from this upcoming Canadian born singer. However, just like the story with Bruno Mars and 24K, then 'Starboy' come out. And boy, how my opinion and preference had changed. I found myself beginning to dig The Weeknd, again.

Alright, I don't have much to say except that almost similar like '24K', I can feel like Abel is telling his own story in here. Not in the way how Bruno Mars envision his, of course (with them screaming girls, like a movie...etc), but more honest and direct story-telling of his past life. Now of course, I don't know a lot about Abel and his past life - but a lot of the lyric in his songs feels like it hit the homerun to me. Honest, Compelling and if I dare to say - a bit SAVAGE. Haha. Well, I really like it when musician starts putting a piece of their life into their songs. Makes you become less wonder and starts to understand where these musician is coming from because if there anything to know about them celebrities and musicians is, not a lot of them were born with a silver spoon on their mouth (except Adam Levine, Taylor Swift, and Lady Gaga, maybe). I mean, everybody had their own humble beginnings, am I right?

So, below are the tracklist from Abel latest album 'Starboy'. The one highlighted in black are the ones I'm digging right now. Scroll down and check it out!

Album Tracklist

1.) Starboy (feat. Daft Punk)
2.) Party Monster
3.) False Alarm
4.) Reminder
5.) Rockin
6.) Secrets
7.) True Colors
8.) Stargirl Interlude (ft Lana De Ray)
9.) Sidewalks (feat Kendrick Lamar)
10.) Six Feet Under
11.) Love To Lay
12.) A Lonely Night
13.) Attention
14.) Ordinary Life
15.) Nothing Without You
16.) All I Know (feat Future)
17.) Die For You
18.) I Feel It Coming (feat Daft Punk)

Ariana Grande - 'Dangerous Woman'                                               Date Released: 20 May 2016

So, this is my 2nd picked songs from album entry for Ariana Grande. Love this gal, she is real great. Her songs most consists from RnB, Ballads, and Pop and I'm just a huge sucker for RnB. No song is as sexy and laid back as RnB (in my opinion, at least). So, after almost a year touring and promote songs from her second album 'My Everything', my gal had finally arrive with her third album, previously titled as 'Moonlight' and re-titled as 'Dangerous Woman'. She said she changed the title because 'dangerous' sounds more like her and her life progression, to which I say - do whatever your heart tell you gal, nobody stopping. I honestly have no problem with that, as long she keep on releasing these awesome tracks on her album. However, after been left hanging for almost a year, I was left with a bit of disappointed feelings with this new album. 

That's because, despite of many of her singles are making at the Billboard chart, not a lot of them become my personal favorites (remember when I said, I didn't like mainstream music? Well, a lot of them are in this album :( ). And don't let me start talking about the cover art she uses in this album... A woman wearing a latex mask in a shape of bunny? Is that supposed to be cute or sexy? Or both? I don't know, but I don't think it look good on her at all. In fact, I feel like it's a little bit disturbing. Like we had this petite singer in a latex mask that almost resembles things that BDSM community might like to wear and as a girl and semi-fan; how am I supposed to react to this? Should I like it for it's artistic representation or should I freaking walk away and not make this review at all? Anyway, I choose not to be dramatic and carry on with this review anyway cause I still feel some of the new songs from this album deserves some praise and love.

So, are you guys ready? Those highlighted are the one that I used to dig. I might not liking it so much but don't forget to check this album out...

Album Tracklist

1.) Moonlight
2.) Dangerous Woman
3.) Be Alright
4.) Into You
5.) Side to Side feat Nicki Minaj
6.) Let Me Love You feat Lil Wayne
7.) Greedy
8.) Leave Me Lonely ft Mach Gray
9.) Everyday feat Future
10.) Sometimes
11.) I Don't Care
12.) Bad Decisions
13.) Touch It
14.) Knew Better / Forever Boy
15.) Thinking Bout You
16.) Step On Up
17.) Jason's Song (Gave It Away)
18.) Focus

And that's a wrapped, I think. Thank you for reading this entry. I really hope you enjoy this list, leave a comment if you want to but most of all - do have a real nice day. Goodbye and see you around, guys!

Mimi Says: As the year is wrapping up, I'm so glad that I have all of these nice albums that I can listened too. What a great way of ending my year. 

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Addicted to Changes

Hello guys... How you all doing? Hope everything went well in your life.

As for me, I'm alright. Thanks if you had been thinking about me.

So, it's been a while since I wrote something in this blog. I'm not sure if anybody even read this, but what the heck - I'm  writing about it anyway. There hasn't been a day since I'm writing this blog (est 2010), that I hasn't been writing for myself. I don't know why... Maybe because personally I thought it is a fun and a great way to keep good memories intact with me as long as I live.

Anyway, the title for today post is 'Addicted to Changes'. When I wrote 'addicted', I meant it as myself, getting addicted at certain things, or in this case - changes. Yes, I love changes. Changes is good. Changes help you grew. Changes made you do things you never thought you could have done. But, as much as I like changes; I'm also very careful with what I'm changing. You see, I don't wanna be changing too much. To me, a person who are changing too much are only a bunch of insecure people, while the one who refuses to change at all is an idiot. That's why I'm trying to be careful. I think it's hard enough to change yourself, let alone want other people to accommodate and changing for you. 

But, here's the thing... Even though I want to change and be better at it, human wise - I wasn't always successful. Besides that, I also learned that things just doesn't simply happened because I wanted them too. I'm only human, so it's kind of expected of me to make mistakes. Anyway, if thing had started to go 'shitty' - what do I do then? I make amends, of course. I'll find a way to compensate. And normally, I'll do it by changing some things around me.

One of the simplest way to do that is by changing my working space. Yes, since I'm working on my thesis right now and only going out on weekends; a lot of my time had been spent in here. That's why, how I arrange it is very important... I need my work space to be comfortable and accessible. Also, just because I called it as 'work space' - it doesn't necessarily be boring. This also explains why I choose to have three different working space in my house; the study room, the couch and my room. Sometimes I even do it in dining table, especially if it's during breakfast or lunch hour. Yes, I change my work space back and forth, whenever I can; all for the sake to make me happy while doing my work and make it more interesting.

Recently, I also been busy in trying to change the house atmosphere as well. Whenever I'm in the mood, I like re-decorating and despite of the long hours of planning and execution - I still able to find it enjoyable and exciting. So, what I did was to re-decorate the kitchen by re-painting the cupboard and adding more deco stuff. I used to hate walking down towards the kitchen because there's so many stuff there, now the place looks awesome - I couldn't wait to get in there. But, here's a little irony... Even though the kitchen looks great now, I still don't like cooking. It's just really not my thing and I don't think I would cook even if it could save my life. Why? Well, one of the thing is that I hate making mess. I like to keep the place clean and that's why I avoided cooking if possible. The only way to drag my ass there is to make a cup of tea, but I guess that's a story for a different day...

So, that's it then... The story of me and my 'addiction' to changes. Changes. It's such a simple words but enough to make difference in my life. That why I like it so much, I guess...

Thanks for reading this entry. Have a nice day you all's... ;) 

Mimi says: Changing is Good for Your Soul.

Friday, August 12, 2016

Let's Talk About MI

Assalamualaikum and hello everyone. How you doing? Hopefully, everyone is in a great health.

Well, it's already August 2016, peeps... It's been a while since I wrote a heart-to-heart post like this. So, please, take a seat back and enjoy this post as much as I enjoy my time writing it, alright?

Since we're already half-way through the end of 2016 - how's life been treating you so far? Good? Bad? As for me, I already got my sem 2 result the other day and I gotta say - I'm quite pleased about it. No, I'm not going to tell you what my CGPA's now - not really my style, you know? Sorry bout that. But I'll definitely share more details with you guys once I landed myself with a job. A proper job, I mean.  

So,  with the end of 2nd semester, I'm officially on to the third one. T-Sem, as I called it.  I won't describe much what that meant, people close to me might already know what it is. All I can say is that this is going to be one, pretty nerve-wrecking experience for sure, but it's one of those thing I have to go through with... (no doubt about it). After all, this is what I been meaning to do in the past two years and until I can fully let it out from my system; consider there be no rest for the wicked. And that wickedness, my friend - shall be ME.

Anyway, diverting from this topic, I'm currently 24 years old. Supposedly, I'm more matured and stronger now. Supposed to be much wiser too. Yet, the remnant of my insecurities had and will pop out every now and then; demanding answers and assurance whenever I can get it. I guess this is a sign where some boost of confidence might be needed in the future. Never really sit comfortably until I can get the definitive solution. Haha... I'm just trying to get to myself, though to be fair - there's anything wrong with wanting to be sure with yourself.

 I just wanna get it right coz I know my life is not like a movie.There isn't any 'take two', or 'take three' in this - if I screwed up.

But, that's the thing... Even though I hate to screw things up, nothing is really permanent in this world. Everything are guaranteed to be destroyed somehow, somewhat.  As month passed by, my way of thinking also changing. Luckily for me, I discovered a quote and out of my feeling uplifted and touched - started living by it. I know it's just a quote from a dead person, but somewhat I felt relieved by it and think I got the answer I been looking for;

"Existence is... Well... Why does it matter? I exist on the best terms I can. The past is now part of my future. The present is well out of hand." 
Ian Curtis, former leader of band Joy Division.

I really like this quote. Really reflect with how I'm feeling at this moment and trajectory of life I'm leading. I don't have a lot of goals in my life, never really hoping for anything, but I tried to live in the best terms I can because it's the only way I know how to do it. No matter how many difficulties or disappointment I might face and although I could never change the past; I'm well-aware that it will always be a part of my future. As for the present... well, who knows what will it happen, right? That makes it sound so exciting, I guess. It kinda make this quote sound so melancholic, yet so true and hopeful at the same time. You see, I used to question a lot based on this post

Now? Not so much... 

Right now, I'm more invested in trying to make differences in my life, accepting things for the way they are, and sometimes learn to outgrow or let go when it's no longer working for me. I let got some people too, but that are always the hardest. It's like what they say - when things no longer work, it's probably best to just walked away; be the first one to let go. I mean, it's less heartache and hassle, anyway. Still, I don't just simply let go of things and people, tossing them around when they're no longer needed. I had learn to live and let live too. Respect others they way you wanted to be respected, you know? That sort of thing... 

Though, I understand that while you had been kind enough to learn how to play along - not everyone is up for the repertoire. Sometimes, people can purposely be a prick, vain, and unbearable - just to show how massive and superior they are compared to others. Well, they're the bad news. You don't wanna mess with these kind. They are merciless and ruthless. A hardcore non-compassionate. Elitist. They want nothing to do with you until you have something that can please them. They'll make it look unintentional, of course. They'll let you be their friend for a day, and that shall be it.  So,  if you really care for that sort of thing, then maybe you should start savoring while you can. You might not have another chance once your five minutes time are up. 

Me? I'm done savoring, man. I don't care what people think or might say behind my back anymore. You perfect? Yeah, right. You amazing? So what? Just do whatever, but drag me into it. Though, there's two things I won't stand. Talking sh*t and double-cross. Start talking sh*t about me? I shall never speak to you again or even forgive you. Double-crossed me? Yeah, good luck in your 'life' coz you already dead to me. Like I said, there's no take two in THIS life. Cut loose poisonous and cancerous people, however they come to you.

Well, I guess that's enough of ramblings for today. I'm not sure where I'm going with this, but I sure know that I feel relieve to able letting it out from my system somehow. I like to think about relationship, life and others when I had the time and coming up with new theory or idea on how I can riff around to improve it. Of course, in all of my efforts, not all of it can be used to other people. Not all of them can be accepted. You know why?

Because it's only has been tailored-made for me. And just me ALONE.

Mimi says: Just live and let live, darling. Nobody was ever meant to survive the tide. When the time comes, you gotta let the other ship passes through and then maybe you can set yourself free.  

Monday, July 25, 2016

Just a Day Hanging Out with Old Friends...

Hello, hello! How you all doing? Fine? Good.

So, dah hampir sebulan aku tak berblogging kat sini. Memandangkan bulan puasa 2016 dah pun berlalu, sekarang time beraya pulak. Hehe, kalau ikut post tahun lepas, kemain lagi aku update pasal sambutan hari raya dengan relatives dan open-house rumah aku, but tahun ni? Heh, tahun ni aku slow sikit bai. Cam tak berapa nak ada mood untuk update ke or apa-apa. Ntah la why tahun ni aku agak kurang nak bersosial kat FB or Instagram tu semua... Why? Well, maybe because aku dah bosan kot? Either bosan, or aku dah start outgrew menda-menda haram jadah tu semua. Tu pasal gambar update pun satu dua je - in every two or three months. Just imagine, nak update status yang tak berapa kerat pun aku malas. Well, kalau aku upload pun - bukan si Zuckerberg tu nak kasi aku duwet ke apa, so sukati aku lah ye tak?  Wakaka... But, kalau ko still nak tengok gak gambar raya aku gak pasal dah rindu muka ni ke apa... then, this is my raya picture yang aku amik itu hari. Silalah tatap puas-puas muahaha.....

with my bro. yeah.
Anyway, bila cerita pasal raya, tahun ni kami masih buat open-house. Masih jemput saudara mara datang beraya and whatnot, but dalam post ni aku tanak citer pasal tu. Last year kan dah update, so this time let's talk about something else pulak. Oh, yeah... A few days ago aku meet up with my old friends from high school. Girls, obviously semuanya. To be frank, aku jumpa diaorang adalah dalam a few times, but baru this year terfikir nak write something about it.

So, let' me introduce you to them, shall we?

From left: Wany, Fiza, Wani, Marissa and myself.
Aku kenal dengan dia orang ni semua dah lama. Adalah dalam 10 ke 11 tahun. Ni pun ada yang tak dapat nak join because of kekangan kerja. Ada yang aku kenal masa sekolah rendah, but mostly time high school. Malas la nak cerita panjang lebar, throwback-throwback bagai, so here's the story in a nutshell. After SPM, aku dengan Wani masuk ke matrix yang sama, so we keep in touch. Kalau ko pernah baca post aku yang awal-awal kat blog ni, you will know that I banyak gak mention pasal dia. Aku consider dia orang yang banyak gak membantu aku time matrix lu, walaupun kami praktikum lelain dan blok college yang berbeza. So, while aku dan Wani still have the opportunity untuk share the same alma mater; the rest plak go to different college/university and then we kinda went off-grid and lost in touch. Almost four years and so.

Around Sept 2012 (I think), Wani ajak aku hang out balik for the first time since kita orang masuk uni (to pursue our degree). That's when aku jumpa Marissa balik. From our initial conversation, aku dapat tahu yang dia tengah pursue her study in medic kat Ireland. Seriously, aku dah lama betul tak jumpa Marissa ni. After PMR (2007), she went to boarding school and even though dia pernah contact aku after she left - I never really make the effort to stay in touch.  Eventually, we kinda drifted apart. But, her dad and mine are friends, so every now and then aku akan dengar cerita pasal dia. My dad have nothing but nice things to say about her of course, but like I said before - it wasn't enough story to make me reach out. Biasa lah aku ni kan? Agak anti-social skit bila bab-bab camni and borderline recluse...

The picture of our initial hangout together :)
So, after almost five years lost contact, we finally found each other again. Credit to my friend Wani yang amik sikit masa untuk arrange everything. Masa aku first jumpa Marissa; she's very nice and friendly; just like the last time I remembered her. All memories starts flashing back, particularly masa aku form 1-3. Dayyum, don't we have a great time back then, but perhaps that's a story for a different time. Anyway, long story short - that first meeting brings out old feelings and stirred up some emotions inside of me. I feel inclined to see them again, at least once a year. Still, because of our busy schedule, kita orang tak dapat hangout on 2013 and 2014, dan terus skip ke 2015. The girl in yellow baju kurung, Izzati Najwa tak dapat nak join, so in second meeting; it's just the three of us. And this year, somehow and somewhat - Wani manage to bring everyone together (with addition of two of my old classmates, Wany and Fiza) untuk hangout sekali lagi. :)

To be honest - aku pun tak sure sama ada aku leh join ke tak. I been busy this year, like really, really busy. In between finishing my 2nd semester and start preparing for my t; all my time and energy has been channeled into writing. Seriously, this makes whatever time that I left for human interaction dan socializing - amatlah limited. So that's why, bila Wani whatsapp aku a few weeks prior untuk hangout dengan Marissa - I was kind of doubtful. There's a slight problem dengan scheduling and since aku ada deadline to finish, aku minta K.I.V dulu. Aku tak tolak mentah-mentah je because old friends, right? I would hate to have turn them down. So, after chatting a bit, aku discovered that Marissa was going to back to Ireland at the end of July, and since Wani kerja sendiri - masa yang ada untuk semua berkumpul hanyalah on Tuesday. But, here's the thing...

On the day aku supposed to meet with the girls and even though aku dah kata K.I.V - I freaking forgot about it. Like completely... Darn it. I do this quite a lot lately. Thank God jelah Wani reminded me on the night before we're supposed to hang out or else memang sah-sah aku lupa. And, since aku kerja pun dah settle sikit and aku pun takde mende nak dibuat that day; I decided to tag along.

with friends. =)
Tempat yang pertama kita orang visit was Taman Rama-Rama Ayer Keroh Melaka. Very fun place to hang out with  friends and if you wanna have interesting experience with butterflies... We had so much fun! And no, it's not that I never been here before that make me excited like this, but the last time when I went - I was 11 years old. That's like 13 years ago... So much time has passed since then, even the place is changing. Anyway, so I went to the place, mingle with my friends and witnessing so many beautiful butterflies. Overall, it was a lovely experience.

So many beautiful butterflies.
Just Hanging Out....
Koi fishes.
Lepas habis visiting the entire park, we head to eatery place (sorry, can't really recall the name of place). It's a hot spot place for eating, so it take us quite some time to receive our order. Then, after finished eating - we decided to go to Teddy Bear Cafe (TBC) at Hatten Square. Aku pernah ajak my bro masuk tempat ni, but dia hesitate. I don't think he hates Teddy Bear or anything like that, perhaps he's thinking the place a little bit... 'girly' for his taste. Of course, aku rasa macam pelik je bila dia tanak masuk dengan aku but, hey - it doesn't matter now since I'm here with my friends.  

Due to some circumstances, Wany and Fiza have to leave after TBC, so the remaining decide to lepaking at Klebang beach. Aku dah lama gila tak lepak-lepak kat sini, so I can't help but feeling a little excited. Sempat je kita orang singgah Klebang Coconut Shake before driving towards the beach. Aku ni nama je kampung kat Klebang, but Coconut Shake dia yang feymes tu pun tak pernah nak cuba. Bila dah cuba sekali, baru tahu bertapa sedap dan nikmatnya... Perghh, sampai terangkat bahu lah wa cakap lu... hehe.

Bersuka ria dia tepi pantai.
So, sampai sini jelah dulu coretan aku kali ni. Lepas je kita orang lepak pantai, terus balik dah and tak singgah mana-mana pun. Penatlah, guys... Balik rumah je, mandi, buat apa-apa yang patut and then- BAM. Terus tido. Haha, nampak sangat aku dah semakin 'berusia' kan? Hihi... Baru 24 kot, but rasa macam dah 50 je. Anyway, thank you for reading this entry. I have a nice time with my old friends and I hope you guys enjoy this post. 

Sekian, wasalam.

Sunday, June 5, 2016

My Anime Crossed-off List for the Half 2016 & Review - Part 2

Konichiwa minna-san! How you all doin'? Mimi's here.

Welcome to the second part of My Anime Crossed-off List for the Half 2016

For those who had read the first part below and enjoy it, thank you so much for coming back. I really appreciate it, guys. It really meant a lot to me when someone come to my blog (either by accident or on purpose) and enjoying themselves by reading whatever its I'm writing. Seriously.... I'm truly, madly and deeply humble that you guys are able to take some of your time off to read my blog and I hope that you.......

ARRRRRRGHHHHHH.... fak THIS shit!! Who cares about writing intro's anymore?  I mean is not like anyone reading this, are they? (for the love of cursing and being blunt, let's hope not). Can't I just directly say whatever its I wanna say without having to write the freaking intro's? Is it (greeting) really necessary when I'm just mainly writing to MYSELF? Jeez, man.... what a pain in the as* this really is (pheww..... there I said it).

[This post is rated-R for language and bluntness. Read at your own risk! This list may also contain spoilers of certain anime. You all had been warned.]

So, welcome back (myself)! I really hope you (myself) enjoy reading this post as much as I enjoyed reading it. Yeah (myself)~ lolz.... Okay, that's enough of playing, Mimi... Let's get back to finish this post....

[Serious writing] Due to my unspeakable love for anime/manga had grown rapidly these past couple of months, this sort of post is born! Haha, isn't this super fantastic (for me at least)? I absolutely love my anime and couldn't wait to rip and wreck some more using the title that I had extract from My Anime List (MAL) site. Yah, don't worry guys... mah list is totally legit (you can trust me on this). Momma won't put anything she didn't watch/read there unless she actually did (coz putting a lot of random title so it will look 'LONG' is not how you can TRULY enjoy your list and it's dumb and cheating, anyway...). 

Well, as promised in my last post - here's 10 more anime that I had watched so far and some little review about it. I hope you'll enjoy this list as much as I enjoy writing it. Oh, and yeah.... It's not like I get paid for doing this review or anything. I do it coz I like it. And the numbering also have nothing to do with how much I like the anime or not. I just listed them in no particular order because I am that LAZY. As long as we clear on that, I think we are good to go... 

So, are you ready for more anime title dropping, guys? You are? Okay then, let's get going!

1.) Super Lovers 
picture credit: google image
Year Released: 2016;
Date Watched: April 2016  

Reason Why I Watched This:
Have I ever told you that I'm quite a fan of BL (Boys Love) ak.a Shounen Ai Manga/Anime yet? No? Well, now you do (๑→‿ฺ←๑). 

Memorable character: Kaidou Ren and  Kaidou Haru

My Review:
First look at this anime and you might be thinking, 'Hey, isn't that cute? The brother/father is holding his child so dearly... Aww, I wish I can have a brother/husbando like that too~'. *insert fan-girl giggling*. Yeah, you probably would think like that. Granted. They look so cute together, aren't they? So....

What's the word again?


Hehui, nah, fak that! This kawaii-looking anime up here is not really that innocent, my fren... Don't be fooled for a sec (or maybe you don't, I'm just assuming). Anyway, if you had never heard about Shounen Ai genre in Manga/Anime before or have heard about it, but don't know what that's all about - then, you're in for a treat! Mimi's gonna teach you a thing or two about going around the wilderness bush of Anime/Manga. Yeah, baby.... we're going down-low today~ No, no... don't thanked me yet. I'm just getting started....

So, you know when there's a time in your life, where mom and dad were finally at the same page, and told you not to watch certain movies/tv-show/whatever entertainment medium you guys have at home back then for some lame reason like, 'you're not old enough, son' or 'inappropriate for your age'? Then, when you asked back in a boring voice, 'Why dad, oh why?', their response it to immediately flipped out or give you the good ol' guilty stare before saying said 'I have enough of this, go to bed now'! Later, when they're asleep, you kinda sneak up and watch the forbidden thing anyway and suddenly realize that that is a terrible mistake???

Well then, imagine this series in that same light.

This animu shows the story of relationship between two dudes loving each other (yeah, two dudes and I'm going talk more about that later). Don't ask me my opinion about dude loving dudes now, coz to me as long as you love each other and not hurting anyone - you're free to do whatever you want with your life (and it's none of my business anyway). Ok, so this series it's not a "yaoi* hentai" per say, but it's somewhere around there. Nothing hardcore, violent or weird. This is a milder version (which also why its called as 'Shonen Ai' or Boys Love at the first place). You will definitely going to see some kissing here and touching there, but if you're looking for the part where they get down and doing it, maybe not because BL focuses more on romance than any of those stuff.

So now, for the story... Super Lovers is a cutesy love story between two adopted brothers (mmm... brothers) named Haru (the older guy) and Ren (the younger one). So, the story begins when Haru's mother, Haruko-san, whom lives in Canada, adopted a new child (Ren) and later tricked her one and only son in Japan to come back so he could meet and know his new brother. Baffled at Haruko-san decision at first, Haru soon to realize that despite of frailty and cuteness shown in the young eight-year-old boy, something isn't quite right with him. For starter, Ren couldn't sleep, eat, bath or do anything that's considered basically as average human function. The boy also doesn't appear that he like to be around people so much (he bit Haru when he first greeted him), nor does he care if he's wearing clothes or not (which can be a big problem as he grow order because like it or not, he still need to live within the society). So, with an unorthodox or unruly kid in his hand, Haru is forced to civilize Ren by make him re-learn everything from handling chopsticks to taking a bath and it didn't take long before the two brothers hit it off and grew closer to one another. As the two of them begin to explore.....(to be continued).

Well, I certainly wanted to write more about this series. Like seriously... I wanted too. The only problem here is that - I'm not really sure how much more, is 'more' that I can tell you.... I mean, Haru and Ren is such... err.... how should I put it? Well, it's a love story, alright? Let's just put it that way... It is a cute love story between two male characters and LUCKILY, the anime production did a great job at it. They don't give away too much or too little - just a right amount so that you can understand what they're trying to imply in each episodes shown in the series.

Alright, I know when I said it before that I'm okay with whoever its you choose to love, and also for the fact that this is a BL anime, but those still doesn't discount the fact that this series is dude-against-dude action! As much as like watching, there's still some limitation to what my heart can accept and my brain can process on the whole thing. So, that's why kudo's for subtleties or else I don't know how else to watch THIS without being on a verge of cringing every 30 goddamn sec..... 

Rating: 4.1 /5.0 (gotta love that sweet love story man, you just gotta love it)

Yaoi - homosexual/gay

2.) Kimi ni Todoke / From Me to You
picture credit:
Year Released: 2008-2009;
Date Watched: April 2016  

Reason Why I Watched This:
The reason why I was interested to watch Kimi ni Todoke at the first place was only because this one thing - the Live Action Movie! Yeah, that's right. I don't know why, but the actor who plays Kuronoma (Sadako) Sawako seems convincing enough and since the story is pretty good, it eventually leads me to become interested with this anime. 

Memorable character: Kuronoma (Sadako) Sawako 

My Review:
Okay, I gotta be honest with ya.... When I first watch the live action movie based on this anime/manga; I was smitten and thrilled. The sweetness and innocence of this series - just melted me away and I swear, I start feeling the butterfly starts flying in my stomach after 20 minutes of watching the movie. I don't really know why, probably because of the fact that I was 20 years old at the time and haven't watch enough sh*t yet to be as conceited and jaded as I am right now; this anime just speaks to me. In a lovelorn child waiting for sweet romance to happen anytime soon sort-of-way. But now, after I turned 24 - I suddenly realize something that wasn't there before....

This anime is fu*ckin bullsh*t, man!!! Oh yeah~ I mean IT. Like Big Time.

So, we have these two dumb ass leading characters - the first one is the closeted-conceit-jealous your typical everyday guy by the name of Kazehaya Shouta, and the second one is his leading lady, the oblivious-often-misunderstood Sawako (also known as Sadako, like the one from 'The Ring') Kuronoma in this anime series. As you have it, these two characters met on their first day of high school after Sadako pointed him the way to school. Yeah, apparently the guy got a little confused about the direction like he's a ten-year-old or something (I'm calling that another bullsh*t) and they talk a little, bla bla... I don't really care. Anyway, the point is... their brief encounter seems to left an impact on Kazehaya because he been checking Sadako out ever since. Kazehaya likes Sadako because of her quiet but helping nature and want to figure out what kind of person she is, while Sadako is secretly admiring his outgoing personality compared to her timid one and wanted to be more like him. So, they secretly keeping an eye on each other. Big deal, right? All kids have one of those when they're in high school or something. It's pretty sweet, cute even...

 But, here's the thing...  

Despite looking like a cute and almost perfect love story - neither of these two character had been brave enough to tell that they like each other. I mean, I had to sit down and watch like 25 episodes from this crappy series and I can still tell you, NOTHING HAPPENED! Can you believe that? Surely these two would had plenty of time and chances by then, a little sneaking kiss inside the class here, touching hands behind the tree there - yet nothing fuc*king HAPPENED! (Sigh) For a pretty easy-going anime, romance doesn't come EASILY in this series. Seriously, after watching like 5 or 6 episodes from this anime; I'm convinced that the relationship between these two, are never going to get anywhere. I'm sure these two just gonna keep playing the house's without actually making the 'babies' (which doesn't come far off after the final episode). Sigh... I really don't like animu that keeps playing on my 'kokoro' like this. Stop TEASING with me and more (bleep), for goodness sake!!! What are you guys waiting for?

Oh, right... I suddenly remember that they make like 2nd season for this anime and I haven't finished watching yet. Maybe I'll get more action when I watch that one, rather than this mellow/boring pace from the 1st season.

Rating: 3.8 /5.0 (:3)

3.) Sakamoto Desu Ga / Haven't you Heard? I'm Sakamoto
picture credit: google image
Year Released: 2016;
Date Watched: April 2016  

Reason Why I Watched This:
Another sweet, sweet recommendation from one of my favorite Youtuber. The first glimpse from one of her video led me to Sakamoto series and I am hooked ever since. Honestly, this is like one of the few anime that still airing in Japan right now that I will be anticipating every week. Sakamoto is the COOLEST!!

Memorable character: SAKAMOTO-KUN (droollzz)

My Review:
From being a star student at school, to being a helpful citizen, to helping his friend in need - Sakamoto (no first name) is perfect in everything he does. So it's not really a surprise there, when they also nicknamed him as one of the coolest kid in his school. Girls practically drool when they watch Sakamoto perform what to supposedly be a 'mundane' everyday task, while boys - well, they don't particularly like the attention he's getting, but that doesn't mean they don't fantasize to be like him either (#swagamotorules). But, our perfect/cool guy Sakamoto here doesn't really care about all of that. He doesn't mind if girls trying to crowd themselves around him or boys trying to sabotage his day - since he is guaranteed to take control of the situation like a true BOSS anyway.

Well, to tell you the truth... Just like Himotou! Umaru-chan (1st part), I really like this anime. There's an air of freshness and something new when I first introduced to it. I mean, it's not like everyday you would find someone like Sakamoto (someone this 'perfect' and 'cool' doesn't just grow behind your backyard, okay)so like Umaru; there something about him that is special and you can explore every episode. However, despite this being a 13 episodes series and still airing, not a lot of things had been reveal about Sakamoto life aside from school and public eyes. Anime viewers and manga readers of this series practically doesn't know anything about him (even his real name is still shrouded in mystery). I mean, what a damper.... I almost finished reading the manga (still waiting on a few last scanlation to surface on online manga site), yet they never talks about Sakamoto private life or even his family. TBH, I'm really curious to see what his parents like. They must be an awesome people to be able to produce a super-human like Sakamoto, right?

I guess, at the end of the day- you can say that Sakamoto is a poster anime character who showed you that nothing in this word is hard or impossible, until you at least tried it. Sure, he seem to succeed in every challenge given to him with no sweat, but it's still interesting to see his approach to solve little everyday problems (even though it can be quite silly and outrageous sometimes) and he doesn't even fret about it. Hmm... I kinda like that in a man.... Future boyfriend - please take note, okay? I want you guys to be as cool and sexy like Sakamoto even in desperate situation! (J.K.)

Rating: 4.4 /5.0 (I'll probably rate more if they reveal something about Sakamoto private life)

4.) Tanaka-kun wa Itsumo Kedaruge / Tanaka-kun is Always Listless
picture credit:
Year Released: 2016;
Date Watched: May 2016  

Reason Why I Watched This:
I heard the downloaded OP (opening songs) first, but didn't really watch the series (yeah, I do this sometimes - randomly checking new anime songs on Youtube to entertain myself). I finally get around watching the anime about a week ago only after getting fond with the OP. It's worth it since this had become one of the anime that I been anticipated every week.

Memorable character: Tanaka and Ohta

My Review:
Okay, I'm not going to rip this anime too much because I only just watched it about a week ago, but still, - here's my little two pence opinion about this series. So, as you guys can see from this picture above; the sad, doopey-eye looking boy is the main character in this anime. He's the Tanaka referred in the title series. I'm not sure either it's his first name or surname, but that's what he's always been called. Then the tall one who are standing right next to him is his classmate/best friend, Ohta. Together, Tanaka and Ohta doesn't form a sweet-loving BL relationship with one another, but rather a 'remora' and 'shark' ones (symbiotic). I guess you guys can tell who's the shark and who's the remora  by now, right? No? Well, if you guys still not clear what my reference to shark or remora have to do with this anime, then hold on to your horses, mkay? I'm going to explain.

I don't know how well-aware you are with science/biology knowledge (I'm not really that good either, but I'll try), but symbiotic refers to any diverse organisms that live together. However, the relationship doesn't necessary have to be beneficial for both. For instance, in the case of  relationship between remora and shark; the shark will hunt down its food, eats them, and whatever the remnants it had left behind - the remora will benefited from that. Well, in the case of this anime; you can say that Ohta is (the shark) to Tanaka (the remora). Of course, I mean it in a hypothetically way. Also, if you read on the title, Tanaka-kun wa Itsumo Kedaruge or Tanaka-kun is Always Listless, that kinda give you away what this anime is going to be about... Maybe you never heard about someone being 'listless' before. Okay, hold on another horses, I'm going to explain (again). For you guys out there who don't know what this means - it means that Tanaka here is really a lack of enthusiasm, only care about sleeping and doing nothing s.o.b and Ohta here is his (unofficial) lackey. Anywhere or anything that Tanaka didn't want to do - yeah, count on Ohta to do it for him cause he's available and would love to cater to Tanaka's needs. This is how the relationship between these two had been established at the beginning, and throughout of this series...

Well, as I already stated earlier - I won't be ripping on this anime too much, just the basic thing that you should know about this series. If I can say one or two nice thing about it, then it will be about how sweet and laid back the story was. Tanaka generally hate to do everything, so it's Ohta job to do everything for him and covered up anything he's lacking... A little bit Ying and Yang foreplay, if you will... All in all, what a very nice friend this guy (Ohta) really is. I wish I had more friends like him in IRL, but on the second thought - I don't like the idea of troubling my 'friends', to doing something that I'm capable and should be doing myself.   

Rating: 3.9/5.0 (definitely not the best, but it's an okay anime) ;)

5.) Bungou Stray Dogs
picture credit: google image
Year Released: 2016;
Date Watched: April 2016  

Reason Why I Watched This:
Another favorite Youtuber of mine recommended this anime and as one of the must watch anime of the season and I thought; 'Hey, that's look cool so, why not?'.

Memorable character: I think I like Osamu Dazai. 

My Review:
So far I'm still watching this anime and to be honest, a little bit confused about what's going on in this series. I know that most the characters in this anime shared the same name as popular Japanese literary figures like Osamu Dazai, Edogawa Rampo, Ryunosuke Akutagawa and many others and they somewhat possess a super power or something, but that's about it. That's all I can recall about this anime and boy - isn't that a lame review I had made in this post so far. Anyway, I think I need to re-watch this anime again (or maybe not) to figure out what the whole story is all about.

For now, this is all I can think off. :(

Rating: _ /5.0 (no proper ratings can be given toward this anime because I still don't understand what it's all about)

6.) Mayoiga / The Lost Village
picture credit: google image
Year Released: 2016;
Date Watched: April 2016  

Reason Why I Watched This:
The same Youtuber (whom recommended the anime above) also recommended this anime in his video and after briefly being introduced to the anime I started to think, 'This look pretty okay too, so why NOT?'. One thing that you should remember when you're watching these Youtuber video is that; even though their recommendation are usually good, but that doesn't mean that it can't be shi**y as well... :(

Memorable character: Ah.... Mitsumune, I guess??

My Review:
After watching a couple of episodes from this series, I realize that Mayoiga isn't the kind of anime that I was hoping for. Sure, the interesting synopsis: 'A shady bus tour of young men and women is headed to an elusive village called Nanakimura. A destination where people can partake in a utopian existence, free of the world's obstacles... or so goes the rumor.' (credit to MAL) caught my interest at first, but the first impression soon started to fade away as the couple of episode started to kicks in.

So, for starter - we have somewhat like 30+ characters in this anime, who all joined this bus tour with similar goal and mission - to find new place where they can call their own and restart their life again. From young teenager to adult - everyone have their sh*t sticking behind their back when they join this tour which they're all desperately wanted to get rid off. However, things doesn't seem to go according to their plan when people who are joining this little escapade tour - started to missing one by one and there might be sinister being that involves behind their disappearance. A girl had strictly being called out for acting suspicious, while a gallant knight (Mitsumune) tries to protect her. Hence, begin the blaming game among the remaining among tour bus member, weird scary stuff crawling from the forest, and the mysterious circumstances behind the missing people.

Okay, to be honest - I haven't finished watching this anime (I got about 3-4 episodes left), but that doesn't mean that I can't see where this anime is heading. Nowhere. The synopsis serves as a good introduction for the anime, but it doesn't take long before that rail went off fast and not in a good way. Anyway, I don't have anything more to add about this anime, the story line and characters are still confusing and blurry to me at this point - but hey, if you're interested in all of that, then please, by all means - check this anime out.  

Rating: 3.2 /5.0 (yeah, I think it deserved thos kind of rating)

7.) Arakawa Under the Bridge
picture credit: google image
Year Released: 2010;
Date Watched: May 2015  

Reason Why I Watched This:
I found this anime around May last year, so I can't remember it very well now. Sorry bout that.

Memorable character: Nino and Ric (Kou Ichinomiya)

My Review:
So, this anime.... took me about a year to finish (maybe more than that....) and just like Mayoiga, I also have false first impression about the series. Why would I say this? Well, let see then... For starter, I took me like about a year to finish this anime! Like a whole goddamn year!! Doesn't that just tell you something? Okay, just so we clear - I love this anime at first. Like really, I think the story line is pretty great. No, it was AWESOME and I have a HUGE expectation on this series. Truly...

So, we have the main character, Kou Ichinomiya, a man who had a fantastic record in accomplishing everything himself. Yeah, his father is a very successful businessman and had thought his only son to abide this one important family rule and that is - 'never be indebted to anyone as long as your live'. Respecting the family values instilled in him ever since he's a little, Kou lives a pretty nice-less-chaotic life, but that's about to change when he accidentally near drown inside Arakawa river. Luckily for Kou, he was saved by a girl whom living underneath the Arakawa bridge, a homeless/self-proclaim Venusian named Nino. As Kou didn't wanted to feel indebted to anyone - he later granted Nino one wish for saving hiss life and was taken by surprised when Nino said that she wanted to fall in love instead. What even crazier than that is that, she's asking for Ric to become her boyfriend! Kou, who are simply couldn't stand of feeling indebted to anyone, naturally accept her request and start living with her underneath Arakawa bridge...(to be continued).

I KNOW... EXCITING isn't? So far, so good, right? Now, how will these two newly couple start getting to know each other and later start falling in love?  Well, I ponder that one myself too, but then after like 3-4 episodes - I just simply give up. Why? Easy. Because all of these other goddamn character whom also living underneath the bridge with Kou and Nino! From male nun, to star fish, to weird kappa - just name it, they got it all...

Okay, to be fair,I do understand that most of the characters is there for a reason (comedic, mostly), but if this is some sort of avant garde style of anime comedy - then I gotta say, I just don't get it. I don't see any of the scene where cute girl starts turned into a beefy guy (shemale) funny, nor the scene where they practicing fire drill by actually burning the whole bridge down (arson) as hilarious...Also, I don't think that any of these characters make any sense, or really relatable to anyone. I don't know, but the more that I watched this series, the more I'm convinced that this anime is holding out the 'WHO IS THE MOST WEIRDEST CHARACTER HERE' contest. Seriously, they are is the REAL joke of this anime. I wished they could just leave Nino and Kou alone, and let them fall in love naturally even when they have some differences in social status and upbringing. Just let them be, man.... Ah~ After all of that high expectation, I been feeling a bit disappointed.

Man, I don't think that I'll even be that enthusiastic about catching up for season 2. 

Rating: 3.5/5.0 (it will probably be better if they focused on the 'real' story line, instead being weird and trying to top each other all the time.)

8.) Sekaiichi no Hatsukoi
picture credit: google image
Year Released: 2011;
Date Watched: March 2016  

Reason Why I Watched This:
Another BL. Needed I say more, guys?

Memorable character: Too many guys so I can't really concentrate. But, I remember the main character in this series, Onodera Ritsu. 

My Review:
So, we meet again in this (yet) another Shounen Ai/ BL series. Yes, as a 24 year old legal adult - I can openly say that, every now and then - I watches this kind of stuff without really being conflicted or feeling ashamed about it. I mean, each human being have different taste, interest and hobbies aren't they, so who cares what we do during out spree time, right? Anyway, since the same rules also applies to me, I guess its quite okay to put this series down in this list.

So, lets get down to what this anime is all about first. Sekaiichi no Hatsukoi is basically a love story between two dudes, Onodera Ritsu and his boss/first love, Masamune Takano. The story takes place in a shojo (female manga targeted for young girl/woman) department called Emerald, in a publishing company, Marukawa Publishing where Onodera works as an editor and Takano become his boss. They have a brief romantic relationship in high school, but things goes south pretty quick after a huge misunderstanding between the two. However, now that they're in a close proximity to one another - what will happen next? Will they resume their past relationship or ???

Ok, so that we're clear - I watch these kind of stuff sometimes for basically two reasons; one, I was curious and two, I was really, really bored. This anime, is one of those two things (it got me curious). To be honest with ya, I had watched another famous BL called from the same anime production called 'Junjou Romantika' a couple of years back and boy, wasn't that a trip to hell~ An agony, I tell you! Never watch that anime series guys, they have quite a lot of indecent stuff in it (like sexual, uncomfortable kind of stuff). But, Sekaiichi no Hatsukoi was different than Junjou. It's a bit more tame and the story line doesn't just revolves between these two, but others as well. There's certainly a lot of tug and war going on several characters, but you won't be seeing a lot of ______ guys ______ in this anime, so rest assured. Anyway, if you guys are interested about these sort of things, then be sure to check this anime out, yo!

Rating: 3.5 /5.0 (it's a 'nice' love story)

9.) Akatsuki no Yona / The Girl Standing in the Blush of Dawn
picture credit: google image
Year Released: 2014-2015;
Date Watched: March 2016  

Reason Why I Watched This:
Great ratings at MAL. That's all I have to say at this point.

Memorable character: Yona-hime

My Review:
Akatsuki no Yona is 2014 anime that follows the redemption of Yona, the sole princess to the kingdom of Kouka. She lives a carefree life as a princess in Hiryuu castle, and being sheltered who her life by her pacifist father, King Il and protected by her bodyguard/childhood friend. Son Hak. On the night of her sixteenth birthday, her other childhood friend/love interest, Soo-won betrayed the (kill) the king and unafraid to frame Yona. Luckily, Hak came in time to save her and the two of them fled from the castle and start heading towards Hak's birthplace, the Village of Wind. In order to save the Kingdom of Kouka, Yona and Hak are told to search for an oracle named Ik-su. Ik-su later tells them the legend of the first King of Kouka, Hiryuu and the four dragons that unified the kingdom. It was then, the two of them, joined by Ik-su's assistant Yun, begin a journey to find the reincarnated legendary dragons in order to survive and save the Kingdom.

Alright, I have nothing against this anime; I think the characters are pretty neat and story line is great. However, I do have a slight issue about the pacing in the anime. I don't think a 26 episodes are really that necessary, when they could probably just shorten it at 24 or something... Honestly, I think its quite long and even though the story line is great and all - I kinda grew tired after watching it after a while. But, then again... this is just my opinion about this series... Other people might not have a problem with a bit longer episodes....  :3

Rating:  4.0/5.0 (it's quite okay, if you love romance, slice of life and adventure type of anime).

10.) Akagami no Shirayuki Hime
picture credit: google image
Year Released: 2015;
Date Watched: March 2016  

Reason Why I Watched This:
Great ratings at MAL and a story loosely based on Snow White. How can I resist?

Memorable character: Shirayuki and Prince Zen

My Review:
When I first pick up this anime series, I have quite a high expectation that it's going to be one of the good ones based on the ratings, positive comments from other viewers, and (possibly) the story line. I mean, since this is a rendition of Snow White in anime series, I can't help but thinking  how it's going to look like? Yup, I was curious, alright... But, as I began to watch the first episodes - I quickly realize that something doesn't seem quite 'right' in this anime. Not seriously wrong, but you know (the feeling of something is a bit off). One word to put it is....

It's a little bit too 'cheesy' to my taste.

From the semi-independent female character to oversell protective prince in a white horse - I think this anime is lacking what it suppose to have in order to beat the *Disney* predecessor  - ORIGINALITY. Of course, I only saying this because I was expecting to be blown away after all the positive remarks about this anime, but after watching about 2-3 episodes; I started to doubt my decision to jump to the bandwagon. Maybe the fans who like this anime is (wrong)?? Maybe this isn't for anyone... Anyway, all I can say is that instead of enjoying each and every episodes shown, I become more edgy to finish this series off. I was really in a hurry and come to think about it; I don't think that I give this anime a lot of chance....

Doesn't matter what it's - I still can compensate since I haven't watched the 2nd season from this anime yet.  

Rating: 3/6/5.0

So, I guess that's it for the 2nd part of my anime crossed-off list for the half 2016 & review. I might not be continuing this series for a while considering I have a lot of work to do which possibly going to need my full focus and attention. With that being said, this is where my list ended and I bid goodbye. Thank you for those who're reading the first and second part from this post series. See you guys around.... Jya nee!

Mimi says: This is where my busy year starts to take flight.... :0