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Friday, August 28, 2015

The Denied Right for a Wi-fi Privileges

Man... life without wi-fi totally and completely - SUCKS!

There's always a little hidden agenda that at some point of my life - I'm entitled to experience. Sometimes I realize the storm coming before it even gets to hit me, but more than often; I remain oblivious about it. Talk about being observant and perceptive, I think I'm just a lost cause. To be frank, I'm quite an adventurous person and typically like experiencing new stuff, but when that 'stuff'' happens to also caught me off-guard - it enrages me. Things that mainly could be fixed or avoided but I happened to blow it due to my own inefficiency to wait-for-a-minute-and-think-about-it; well, let's just say that it enrages me even more.

So, what's life had been going for me lately? Hmm... there's so much to be listed, but lack of ideas nor enthusiasm to begin with.. Okay, maybe I should start it like this. Right now, I'm temporarily moved out from my house (Malacca). On what ground you ask? Simple. I moved out to further my studies. Where? Let's just keep it a secret for a now but I'll leave you a little hint; the campus is around KL. How am I liking it so far? I honestly don't know since it's too early to tell. But, whether I'm liking it or not, or whatever the hell it means to me; moving out and starting a new life should never be something to fear. It's intimidating, sure I couldn't agree more - but what's there to fear? This is freaking life, man... you want it or not, it keeps on rotating anyway. Rotating in a way unimaginable....

Better hold myself together and get my grip tight....

I had no problem actually moving out since I pretty much had expect for it to happen. Anticipating for it, even. But that's not an issue here. The main issue is actually my now-denied privileges ak.a Mr. Wi-Fi connection... This is real shi*ty man. I mean, when I was at home - wifi connectivity was never an issue. Seriously, never! But now, even thinking about it pisses me off. Like really... For starter, the area where I had rented the apartment had zero level of mobile/line connection. In this case - subscribing any amount of data doesn't matter, cause you still won't be connected anyways. Hah, what a lame way to start your master degree program, really. Luckily, it's near to where my campus is situated so it wasn't a total loss. Transportation is pretty good, just a stone throw away from the apartment and accommodation is also pretty comfortable. The upcoming classes are only 3 days per week, so I have a lot of time left to study and conducted my planned research afterwards.

Anyway, truth be told - being totally and completely alone at the age of 23 in the heart of KL is pretty scary. I won't lie about that. But, luckily I had 3 years of practicing to be half-independent and now I'm just begining to apply myself everything I had learned. Seriously, at the time like this - I start thinking about my friends and previous life as an undergraduate student. What I'm doing right now sound like a typical everyday life of a student; going to classes, meeting lecturer/supervisor, probably doing some coursework sometime later - yet, somehow feels different. I wonder what that could be?

Is this what we called as part of growing up and alienation? I think it's.... (-.-):

Myself, as in Aug 2015

Yours truly: Mimi Said  

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