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Monday, November 17, 2014

A One Day Trip @ Sunway Pyramid Hotel

Now, for this post - it's about a short trip that I took a few days ago, together with my family. As the kick-start; the story travels a few months back; when the company that my mother work at held a grand almost-retiring celebration for her, alongside a few others for their contribution towards the company for 33 years. Wonderful, isn't? Working in the same company for that long; I wasn't sure if I could do it myself and think that this celebration was definitely called for. Anyway, so the celebration took place at Sunway Pyramid Hotels (I didn't go; only my father and brother accompanied her), and although it lasted just for a few days; it sure to have left a memorable experience for my mother and made her thought this is one place that I, for sure would want to go since it's offering something that I like which is...

Shopping!!! Yes. Just like any other girl in the world - I too, love to shop. 

I know that it might seems crazy or purposeless - I mean, who would book an expansive hotel like this just because they had an urge to shop? Aren't there enough malls in Malacca already? Well, hold on your horses, guys... don't jump into any conclusion just yet. We had another reason for dropping down to KL as well. The reason why we're here are because I need to return my convocation robe and obtain my transcript from UKM, Bangi before the deadline comes up. So, that's the main purpose here. And because Sunway Pyramid wasn't really that far from UKM and my mother keeps on saying how many shop they have there and how I would love it; naturally it come up as part of the plan. See, not that weird, right? ;)

I bet a lot of people out there had done this before. Killing one bird with two stones...

Anyway, for our family this whimsical sort of trip isn't anything new. I think we do it just to make the trip more exciting and it's something that we had been doing for years. For instance, take our trip to Sabah earlier this year - that's just took less than two weeks to plan, or the unmentioned 2 days trip to Cherating, Pahang last August that we plan just in a week. We are not the kind of people who decided to go on the trip, but then cancelled it in the last minute (it's the vice-versa). It took away all the fun anyway, when you plan something but do it half-heartedly. So, never-ever went on a trip, when you weren't ready, okay? Just wait for the right moment, or get carried away by an impulse - like our family usually does. Hehe.

So, there I let it slip; how we plan the vacation in our family :)

Hmm, as usual; if there's a family trip - there would also be the pictures. Down below are few nice pictures that my brother and I had taken during this brief trip. Despite each picture shown is bright as a daylight; I'll still be adding some information on the caption column, just in case you guys are wondering what are we doing.... So, are you guys ready? Here I go!

Welcome to our room! Haha, just for one night only.
My mother booked the Superior Executive Room because
it's much bigger to accommodate the four of us in the same room.
And she was right - it wasn't stuffy at all once we got here.
For those who wanted to check into this hotel; this is how the
executive room looks like...
From left: Me, my brother and my dad.
My dad hates to be photographed so once
the chance come in, I have to take
the picture quickly.
On our way to the mall.
 I never been here before, so my brother have
to show me a little here and there. No big deal really; I had taken a
few solo trips to Midvalley on my own - so, you can call me as a fast learner.
I think the decoration inside of this mall is pretty great, if not at all awesome.
 A lot of Egyptian things going on (they don't call it Sunway Pyramid
for no reason) ... and ouu... the one down there is Krispy Kreme doughnuts. Not really
that expansive; around RM2.50-2.80. Almost like a price of Big Apple doughnuts.
My brother brought one. None for me, thanks...
What's the meaning of going to Sunway if you don't take
a picture with it's ever-famous mascot; ak.a this duck.
Sorry Mr. Duck for sitting on your laps like this.
It's only because your laps looks so inviting...
The connecting bridge looks cool, so I asked my brother to take the picture.
Oh, and the Factorie shop sign is so bright... I just have give it a
big, warm and fuzzy hug.... (>.<)?
Takoyaki....takoyaki.. with an octopus on it....
Why are you so cute?
And that sushi... and that sushi...
So Kawaii...
Having midnight sneak with my brother @ Carls Jr. Burger.
Oh, yeah... Don't deny it brother... You know that you like that burger
 more than you like McDonalds!
Influencing stage = completed
Watching Midnight Movies @ TGV Cinemas.
Our tickets were at 12.15 a.m and we watched Big Hero 6.
Best Animation movie of 2014 so far, second
to How To Train Your Dragon 2.
Nice elevator. Let's pose, brother!
More and more pose....
Oh, how we love to have this sort of elevator (with mirror)
 at our hometown. For sure we'll be striking a pose
 like a two crazy people, lol.
Final day at the hotel, we decided to go out and find some stuff
before checking out. I brought a new long skirt (grey color), a new mug,
an alarm clock and few other thing that shall not be named because
it's only trivial. Anyway, I had so much fun visiting Sunway Pyramid and
it's like my mom said; this is one great place to shop!
I seriously love that!
So, that's it everyone. Our little trip to Sunway Pyramid Hotel and its shopping complex. Even thought it was short - I wouldn't say that I don't have fun. I might come back to this place again in the future if I ever get a chance to work around KL or Selangor. Oh, and for you guys who think that the hotel looks great and are planning to come here for your next trip; more info about how to book or pay to stay at this hotel can be found on this website. Thanks for reading this post and have a nice day!

Sincerely: Mimi Said

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