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Monday, November 17, 2014

A One Day Trip @ Sunway Pyramid Hotel

Now, for this post - it's about a short trip that I took a few days ago, together with my family. As the kick-start; the story travels a few months back; when the company that my mother work at held a grand almost-retiring celebration for her, alongside a few others for their contribution towards the company for 33 years. Wonderful, isn't? Working in the same company for that long; I wasn't sure if I could do it myself and think that this celebration was definitely called for. Anyway, so the celebration took place at Sunway Pyramid Hotels (I didn't go; only my father and brother accompanied her), and although it lasted just for a few days; it sure to have left a memorable experience for my mother and made her thought this is one place that I, for sure would want to go since it's offering something that I like which is...

Shopping!!! Yes. Just like any other girl in the world - I too, love to shop. 

I know that it might seems crazy or purposeless - I mean, who would book an expansive hotel like this just because they had an urge to shop? Aren't there enough malls in Malacca already? Well, hold on your horses, guys... don't jump into any conclusion just yet. We had another reason for dropping down to KL as well. The reason why we're here are because I need to return my convocation robe and obtain my transcript from UKM, Bangi before the deadline comes up. So, that's the main purpose here. And because Sunway Pyramid wasn't really that far from UKM and my mother keeps on saying how many shop they have there and how I would love it; naturally it come up as part of the plan. See, not that weird, right? ;)

I bet a lot of people out there had done this before. Killing one bird with two stones...

Anyway, for our family this whimsical sort of trip isn't anything new. I think we do it just to make the trip more exciting and it's something that we had been doing for years. For instance, take our trip to Sabah earlier this year - that's just took less than two weeks to plan, or the unmentioned 2 days trip to Cherating, Pahang last August that we plan just in a week. We are not the kind of people who decided to go on the trip, but then cancelled it in the last minute (it's the vice-versa). It took away all the fun anyway, when you plan something but do it half-heartedly. So, never-ever went on a trip, when you weren't ready, okay? Just wait for the right moment, or get carried away by an impulse - like our family usually does. Hehe.

So, there I let it slip; how we plan the vacation in our family :)

Hmm, as usual; if there's a family trip - there would also be the pictures. Down below are few nice pictures that my brother and I had taken during this brief trip. Despite each picture shown is bright as a daylight; I'll still be adding some information on the caption column, just in case you guys are wondering what are we doing.... So, are you guys ready? Here I go!

Welcome to our room! Haha, just for one night only.
My mother booked the Superior Executive Room because
it's much bigger to accommodate the four of us in the same room.
And she was right - it wasn't stuffy at all once we got here.
For those who wanted to check into this hotel; this is how the
executive room looks like...
From left: Me, my brother and my dad.
My dad hates to be photographed so once
the chance come in, I have to take
the picture quickly.
On our way to the mall.
 I never been here before, so my brother have
to show me a little here and there. No big deal really; I had taken a
few solo trips to Midvalley on my own - so, you can call me as a fast learner.
I think the decoration inside of this mall is pretty great, if not at all awesome.
 A lot of Egyptian things going on (they don't call it Sunway Pyramid
for no reason) ... and ouu... the one down there is Krispy Kreme doughnuts. Not really
that expansive; around RM2.50-2.80. Almost like a price of Big Apple doughnuts.
My brother brought one. None for me, thanks...
What's the meaning of going to Sunway if you don't take
a picture with it's ever-famous mascot; ak.a this duck.
Sorry Mr. Duck for sitting on your laps like this.
It's only because your laps looks so inviting...
The connecting bridge looks cool, so I asked my brother to take the picture.
Oh, and the Factorie shop sign is so bright... I just have give it a
big, warm and fuzzy hug.... (>.<)?
Takoyaki....takoyaki.. with an octopus on it....
Why are you so cute?
And that sushi... and that sushi...
So Kawaii...
Having midnight sneak with my brother @ Carls Jr. Burger.
Oh, yeah... Don't deny it brother... You know that you like that burger
 more than you like McDonalds!
Influencing stage = completed
Watching Midnight Movies @ TGV Cinemas.
Our tickets were at 12.15 a.m and we watched Big Hero 6.
Best Animation movie of 2014 so far, second
to How To Train Your Dragon 2.
Nice elevator. Let's pose, brother!
More and more pose....
Oh, how we love to have this sort of elevator (with mirror)
 at our hometown. For sure we'll be striking a pose
 like a two crazy people, lol.
Final day at the hotel, we decided to go out and find some stuff
before checking out. I brought a new long skirt (grey color), a new mug,
an alarm clock and few other thing that shall not be named because
it's only trivial. Anyway, I had so much fun visiting Sunway Pyramid and
it's like my mom said; this is one great place to shop!
I seriously love that!
So, that's it everyone. Our little trip to Sunway Pyramid Hotel and its shopping complex. Even thought it was short - I wouldn't say that I don't have fun. I might come back to this place again in the future if I ever get a chance to work around KL or Selangor. Oh, and for you guys who think that the hotel looks great and are planning to come here for your next trip; more info about how to book or pay to stay at this hotel can be found on this website. Thanks for reading this post and have a nice day!

Sincerely: Mimi Said

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Behind The Scenes: My Graduation Family Portrait

Hmm... in my last entry; I already talk about my convocation day. Now, for this post - it's the sequel for it. Don't worry, it's not going to be that long and I wont bore you with all the details; just enough to share with you behind the scene of my graduation family portrait because this time around - all my family member is here! Let's take a look now, shall we? (^_^)b

Yeah... I finally got a chance to snap a picture with my parents!
We weren't able to do so during my convocation day since
 everything is so hectic and tiring.
 I'm just glad that we were able to do it this time around.
Between my mom and dad.
Credits to my brother for taking a picture
with my parents.
My mom, me and my bro.
Thank you, dad :")
My bro and I.
It's not easy selecting that one
picture you want to hang on your
family home for the rest of your life...
After the photo shoot, we took some pictures.
Oh yeah~
Striking more pose after the photo-shoot.
My brother originally wanted to take the
picture of himself. Being a good support I am,
I decide to pop-in and photobomb this picture..
With our dearest mom...
Oh, bro... your eye looks big...
Is he qualified to be a model yet?
Maybe in a few years times and if he grow
taller... Hehehe
Under the Lights... and triple lens flare...
Taking last picture before going home
Okay guys, that's it. I told you that this post is going to be a short one, didn't I? Thanks for reading and have a nice day...

Mimi says: Can't wait for this week gate-away with my family. I uploaded in this blog once I returned from the trip. Thanks for reading this entry again!

Monday, November 3, 2014

My Convocation Day - Thank You for the Memories, UKM (2011-2014)

Well, for this very special post... where do I begin? Excited, Happy, Sad... I don't even know. Too many emotions surrounding me while writing this post, but one thing remains clear; I'm so glad that after putting 4 years (adding one year from my Matriculation days) on studying and learning - this day finally come true. Praise Allah for making it possible for me and many thanks to my family, friends, lecturer and everyone I know who had been supporting me from day one or the moment they got to know me. I know that I might not be the best person in the world to get involved with, but able to meet a lot of nice and amazing people so far - makes me feels so lucky enough. My only hope was that the experience was the same to you, as it's for me and it's not then, my deep regret and humble apologizes because as you know... I'm only human. :)

Haha okay guys, I don't want to get too emotional or start crying now, so let me just get straight to the point. For these past three years, I had been one of the undergraduate students in National University of Malaysia, or also known as UKM; majoring in Computer Science (ex-FTSM student). Now, frankly speaking, this choice of course wasn't the top two I selected (it's my 3rd) and sure, when I first just starting out - I had some doubts about it. Curiosity, however - get the best of me that I decided to stick around and see what each semester has to offer. So, from this one semester, it becomes two, then two becomes three, three becomes four... and finally, it brought us back to this post. The story about my convocation day.

Just like anyone else who had dreams, I also had things I wanted to fullfill in my life. Called is as an obligation or responsibility - but being the first-born, it certainly feels important to set a good example to my only brother. However, I won't called it as being a role model though, because I strongly feel that my brother and I - we had learned a lot from one another from all these years living together (despite embarrassed to admit it) that we become the pillar of strength to each other. So, not really an issue here...

 Alright, I think I was getting too carried away in talking about this so, let's get back to the main topic shall we? The real reason why this post was made is because I wanted to show to you the full glimpse (pictures) of my convocation day. At first, I had my thoughts about uploading it on Facebook and Instagram, but doing so feels a little bit... conventional to me. Therefore, I decided to upload it in here, so that I could include a little bit of a back-story and all. Besides, it feels more personal this way (blog).                                                                                                                                                             
There's also a video made for this special occasion, but that's going to take a while (editing and stuff, I leave the link later) so, let me treat you with some nice pictures taken during that day. Happy scrolling!

The Invitation Cards: They only allowed two people to attend the
ceremony, so naturally I would invited my parents.
Can you see their names?
We Start to Move: The exact time my dad start
to drive us there. My ceremony started around 2.00 o'clock. 
The Trademark Shawl: Haha, I was so confused
to pick the suitable shawl with the baju kurung
I'm wearing that I said to five other shawls - Forget it.
I don't care how beautiful you guys look,
I still want to wear pink.  
Non-Official Self-Portrait: It's a sad thing that my brother couldn't
attend to my convocation day due to his examination but,
having mom and dad coming make me feel grateful enough.
Below are some pictures of me with them.

My Mother: Isn't she just adorable in
pink? Hehe....
My Dad: Hehe, despite of his fierce and stoic
expression - I think he too was happy to be here.
Making Faces:
Haha, excuse my pouty lips.
I make this face sometimes when I'm
Mom and Dad together :)
My Official Alumni Card

So.... Nervous.....
(Trying to act cool by smiling)
Finally~ Haha, meet my friend again, Amyera.
You can see her on this post
 Thank You Mom, Dad and My Little Brother
for your constant support and care.
Without you guys, I wouldn't be here today.
Hugs and Kisses.
P/S: Thank You Dad for the lovely teddy bouquet~
Final Picture: Close Up With My New Buddy...
Ok, guys... That's it. The Story of my convocation day. Haha, don't start asking me about my CGPA. I'll just tell you that it's above 3.0, but that's it... no details ;) I bet there's a lot of people out there who finished their degree education this year with a distinction and my sincere congratulations, if you're one of them.

So, with all said and done - Thank You for the Memories, UKM and goodbye for now...
Thank you so much for reading through this entire post. I really appreciate it.
Till then, Wasalam...

Mimi says: Glad The Convocation Day is Over, (Now On to The Next One)

Monday, October 13, 2014

Manga & Anime Talk 2: A Cheeky Angel (Tenshi na Konamaiki)

It has been almost 2 years since I made a post about Manga & Anime Talk 1, and the time has come I think, for me to make the second entry for this topic. I know it took a while, but to tell you the truth, there were literally hundreds of anime & manga out there that had become my favourites, and thus, making the selection process a lot harder and harder for me. I had thought long and hard for what this second entry is going to be (which explained why it took 2 years, haha) and at long last, the final decision had been made.So, here it's - the second Manga & Anime Talk is going to be about one of my top anime favorites; A Cheeky Angel or 'Tenshi na Konamaiki'

About A Cheeky Angel: 
Meet Megumi Amatsuka, a confused 15 year old girl (boy)
A Cheeky Angel is basically a story about 15 year old schoolgirl named Megumi Amatsuka, a popular and energetic tomboyish who always seems to get into fight and have a terrible secret. This secret were only shared with Megumi childhood/best friend, Miki Hanakain and it wasn't long before we were introduced with what this dark secret is - when she was young, Megumi used to be a boy. Had been living as a girl for more than 6 years, Megumi is now desperate to turn herself back, but in order for her to do that - she would have to find the magical book that had turned her into boy at the first place. It's during this search, that Megumi and Miki started making friends with other boys ( Genzo, Fujiki, Ichiro and later on, Kobayashi) who created a club dedicated for her - Megumi Protection Club.

Why Do I Love It?

The Whole Franchise. Build based on the idea; 'You may not know this, but I get turned into girl by an accident and used to be a boy." - this anime is quite quintessential for a gender-swapped/ identity crisis anime genre. Created in 1999-2003 (manga) and 2002-2003 (anime run), this anime hold a dear spot in my heart because of its comedic and nice interpretation of a young girl who confused about her gender, how she managed to fit in with the whole situation, and her journey of finding out the truth behind the magical book. As a character, Megumi hold both strong and feminine personality - some personality that proves to be quite troublesome for her because all she ever wanted was to be the strongest man among man, but other people (boys, especially) view Megumi as an extremely beautiful girl and couldn't stop themselves from falling in love with her. Yikes, that must be tough right?

What You Should Know About The Characters?

Hanakain Miki

Megumi Amatsuka childhood/best friend. She is the only person who remember about Megumi former state and present during her transformation. She enrolled at the new school with Megumi to assist her in finding the missing magical book in order for Megumi to be re-transform again but, gradually shows her conflicting feelings about it. She is very loyal and protective of Megumi, has been at her side since pre-school, to an extent that she even accepted an arranged marriage just to go to the same school as her. 

Genzo Soga:

One of Megumi biggest fan and a former punk, Genzo likes Megumi so much to an extent that he's willing to risk his own life for her. Generically a very strong and stubborn person, he was feared by most of kids at school and nobody dares to cross their path with him. Although originally Soga was hated by Megumi - over time, he's proven to be quite reliable to have around and soon, the two of them started become friends. Megumi is also seen to be gentle and caring towards him at times, such in one of the episodes after she found out that the reason of Genzo is late and hurt is due to his action of helping his friends.

Ichiro Fujiki

'Normal' or 'Average', in any possible way - Fujiki had a big time crush on Megumi Amatsuka and were secretly in love with her. Together with his friend, Yasuda - they created a special club dedicated for Megumi in hoping that someday, she will go out with one of them. Fujiki effort to become just 'normal' however, were severely affected when Megumi biggest rival, Keiko entered the scene.

Yasuda Tasuke: 

A self-declared pervert and a nerd, Yasuda were one of the earliest members from Megumi Protection Club. He's the weakest when it comes to physical attack, but his intelligence were his saving grace. Often get nosebleeds when he get excited and enjoys flipping through girls skirts, Yasuda were very timid when it comes to showing Megumi his feelings. Yasuda mostly wear glasses in the series, although there were the time when he removed them (where he looks like a girl) for a good and not-so-good cause. 

Hitomoji Kobayashi

A samurai in-training and possibly, the most decent man in the club. Kobayashi is the second strongest (after Soga) and had learned martial arts since childhood. Although he seems to be pretty smitten with Megumi after she helped him retrieve a very important momento, near the end of the series he seems to develop some feelings for Miki.

Keiko Tanaka

Megumi biggest rival and a spoil brat. She suffers from superiority complex and seems to hate Megumi at best because she thinks that Megumi is stealing all the attention away from her. Her scheme of defaming Megumi consisted of one-on-one challenge, public humiliation, and slandering. 

There's a lot of things that you could find in this anime that can be considered as interesting and for those who haven't watch this anime yet - well, don't let me spoil all the fun for you (in which I already did, for most of this entry). In overall, this is pretty great anime, very enjoyable and funny, romantic in it's own ground and leave you with whole lot of pondering after you finished reading the manga/ watching the anime. My rating for this anime is 4/5, and for those who had watched it and thought that it deserves higher than that - well, this is just an opinion, okay? No need to get emotional over it. 

Okay, then. All said and done. That's it guys for my Manga & Anime Talk 2. I hope you guys enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed writing it. Have a nice day!

Mimi says: Just gotta watch this anime, despite for its 50 episodes long

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Mimi-Chan Top 10 Favorite Japanese Singer

Phew... What a week! Try to hit 100 anime on your list and see what happened? Almost lost my life back there (joking). Although I'm currently on a break (not for long), I'm dying to see that (100) happened. Right now I'm on 70/100 anime track record, just to be clear... Oh well, you don't have to say it out loud.

I know what you must've been thinking. Don't even try to hide it from me.

You probably had been thinking - if it's for anime, then why does that matter how many had I watched so far? An anime is just, an anime. It doesn't really accumulate to anything. A waste of time. It drains out energy and rots your brain. Doesn't make any money... Blah blah and blah....


Speaking like a true Otaku; watching anime is not a waste of time, it did drain my energy a bit but doesn't rot my brain (if anything, I learned a lot more) and it's true - that it doesn't make any money. But it had become apart of my lifestyle now that it's quite hard to deny it's entirety. Doing so (deny), would cause more damage (huh? what sorts?) than good to my life and I honestly don't think that a healthy grown up should hides her obsession like that. Anyway....

So, why do this girl wanted to hit that 100 anime on her list so badly? Is there some special meaning behind hitting 100? Most definitely, I'll say.

In Otaku-dom, hitting 100 simply means;
So, you're really serious about this, huh? Oh, well... you're one of us now! How do you feel about that? Here's what I'll say - tears are swelling up in my eyes. (T.T)

Ha-ha. Just kidding guys... there's no such thing as Otaku-dom. I made it all up. You must think that I'm crazy die-hard fans of anime and manga for wanting to hit 100 anime so bad, just so I could be inside that Otaku-dom group. Well, the answer is yes and no. Yes, I want to hit that 100 anime, but it's not for that Otaku-dom reason. Vanity, its more like it. And as far as Otaku-dom goes, I wasn't 100% sure of its existence so, if I interprate it the wrong way - then please, forgive me.

Enough with the ramble and shambles about Anime, Otakuness and Otaku-dom. Let's get back to the main business. Yup, the title already says it all and it's time for me to imply it;

My Top 10 Favorite Japanese Singer!!!

To save some space here, I even made out a video about it. Just so that you too, could listen to why did I choose these lovely songbird babes as my favourite Japanese singer. Therefore, please enjoy!

Friday, September 5, 2014

Fun Self-Photographing Pictures.... Part 2

Gosh, I can't believe it that almost two years had passed since I made this post. Talk about how times flies. Oh, dear... I still could remember, the moment and time that were spent during the first batch of photography session. How joyful it was and how remarkably inspirational it's to me. And having Audrey Hepburn as my major inspiration at that too - added more point as a great memory for me to keep. I don't think I'll will ever forget about it...

Since two years had passed, I had this tingling feelings that those sweet memories should be revisited again. You know, just to refresh it a little bit in case some of the delightful details had been forgotten. Oh, how I do love taking pictures - especially taking selfies. No, I don't think it conceited at all - people do it all the time. It had been around in a long time, that even recently - they already decided to add the word inside the dictionary. Pretty cool, don't you think? So, now it's official. Selfie is a thing.

I seen a lot of people nowadays had taken selfie into a different level. Not to be judgemental or anything, but it used to be just a picture of you and friends. Your face and their face. Now, even the picture of your (censored) can get a selfie moment. I really had no idea, on why these people choose to do this? Does it have to be the picture of your (censored)? Like really? Can't they just take a normal selfie pictures like a normal person does? Huh? (sigh).

Talk about what the world had becoming...

Anyway, let's just cut with the bs before we gotten into this selfie matter too deep, shall we? As for me, I considered selfies as not only a reason to take a picture of myself, but also as my personal growth indicator. To see how much had I grown over the years. For example; the 16 year old me wouldn't look the same as the 22 year old me. Nor will I be wearing the same outfit or being on the same place. I guess that's the same reason as everyone, huh? Anyway, it's safe and clear to say - I wasn't doing it for money or fame. I'm doing it as a favour to myself. Because I really love photographing. So, please - ENJOY!

Well, I guess that's it everyone. My second part of 'Fun Self-Photographing Pictures'. I hope you guys enjoyed with this second post. It had been so much fun, and pleasure - doing this session with all of you!

Remember to have a nice day: Mimi Said.