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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

My Life: Journey Ahead 1 Year from Now ~

Ok, this post have something to do with what's going on with my life right now... So bear.. with.. me..

Firstly, just wanna inform you guys that now that the fourth semester is finally over ( I thought that will never end), it's time to engage myself on a short sem, before going to 4 months or so internship this September 2013. Yeah, that's how my life kinda rolls right now.

Before getting to any of that, I just wanna inform to you guys that there's another thing that's been happening as well in my life. A few persons already knews about this ( people who are real close to me) and I thought you guys who had been a constant reader to this blog also knows me and my life, thus earn you the right to know (why do I make it sound serious? - oh wait, because it is). It's important. I'm going through surgery in two weeks time; on 17 July 2013. I am not gonna say what this a surgery is about but it wasn't going to be a major surgery so, don't worry about it. Still, I do hope people whom read this post could pray for my health and hopefully everything will went well. It will mean a lot to me.

Now, let's talk about this new short semester that I'm getting myself in; well, what more can I say, 3 subjects, 7 weeks and fasting month. I am sure you got the picture. Then, comes the internship 'thingy'. God willing, I'll be doing my internship @ my hometown; Malacca. Among the reason I decided to do it in here were, first I just wanna be close with my family and secondly, it might help me save my money ( don't have to worry about renting new house, groceries..etc). Afterwards, come along my final semester (time for some final year projects). I have to immerse myself for another six months (or so) before I could freely called myself as a 'graduate'. Yup, that's pretty much covered and wrapped up my year of 2013 and half of 2014.

 If you guys are wondering what else had I been up to, I am happy to inform the drawing thing that I been doing is back on, once again! I'm happy to post my new artwork on Facebook and get few responses from people who cares to help me improves my drawing. I also join a new site, and currently had been active posting. If you guys are interested, here's my link for you to check it out:

So, that's it then, for my post as in today. I really enjoy things that's been happening around me and I do admit, they do get rough and sometimes doesn't make any sense at all and keep wearing me down; but I learned to enjoy it anyway and I hope you guys do too in your life. Till then, goodbye everyone. Have a nice day.

Sincerely: Mimi Said

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