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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Mimi's 21 Movies List : The Ultimate Gateaway

Almost three months had passed since I been doing my intern ship and along the way that I am stuck at home, I found a great way to fill my passing time. Watching MOVIES. A lots and lots of them. It has been an incredible feast to my eyes watching it and so far, I already made a list for my Top 21 movies; the one that I think should do it in order to fill your lonely nights and have a great deal of thinking after watching it. So, here we go.... 

Are you ready kids? I CAN'T HEAR YOU...
Who lives at her home watching movies all day?
"Her name is Mimi."
Crazy and fearless and weird is she
"Her name is Mimi"
If staring her laptop be something she wish
"Her name is Mimi"
Then drop the new title and let her finish
"Her name is Mimi"
"Her name is Mimi"
"Her name is Mimi"
"Her name is Mimi"
And she loves.... MOVIES~

Wow. I just made up my own version of 'Sponge bob' back there. Applause to myself so that I won't get em brassed. Yeah! (meekly).

Now, lets get back to our main agenda. Down here were my ultimate list of movies that I found so much enjoyable to me and it could done so to you; if only you are willing to give it a chance. Some of these movies might include violent, rape, murder, sex (well it's a Hollywood movie, you know the drill.). You had been warned. So, enough said on my behalf, enjoy watching it guys...

  1. Fight Club (1999) 
  2. Stranger Than Fiction (2006)
  3. Psycho (1960)
  4. Taxi Driver (1976)
  5. Rear Window (1954)
  6. Rosemary Baby (1968)
  7. The Silence of The Lambs (1990)
  8. The Shining (1980)
  9. Primal Fear (1996)
  10. Amelie (2001)
  11. Before Sunset (2004)
  12. Valerie and Her Week of Wonders (1970)
  13. As Good as It Gets (1997)
  14. Blades of Glory (2007)
  15. Donnie Darko (2001)
  16. Disturbia (2007)
  17. Breakfast at Tiffany's
  18. Ghost (1990)
  19. The Mummy (1999)
  20. It's a Wonderful Life (1946)
  21. Adam (2009)

I don't know about you guys out there, but I always love the kind of movie that look so innocent at first, and later on; comes along the massive and crazy killing. It's just fascinates me how human beings can change or snap just like that when the situation demands it - although it's just a movie. The good guy can turn bad as much as a bad guy can turn to be the nice guy. Anyway, not all the movie on my list are like that. Only few of them are, and I certainly won't tell you which one is which. More fun that way. If you are really that curious - You can always GOOGLED it, though I don't recommended it as it always going to ruin great movies. Even if you are itching to know, it's best to google the movie after you finish watching it. Make more sense, anyway. 

I guess that's the time I have for this Dec 2013 post. Best make my way now as I have tons of other movies that I am dying to watch. Thanks for reading this post and hope you guys will be benefited from it. Have a nice day, all!.

Mimi says: The One with Enough Movies Shenanigans

Thursday, October 24, 2013

The Moment I Decided To Become an Adult, that's When I Regret It

It has been a while since I wrote anything in here. My Sept-October post track are almost bare. To tell you the truth, I been emotionally frustrated using this two social site: Facebook and Blogger. I was BORED by it. For me, Facebook is getting dull and lame everyday while Blogger, well I haven't get much to write so, there goes my reason.

Anyway, that's not why I came here. I wanna to talk about my life. I haven't got the chance lately since there particularly no one I could really talk to. This internship thing, is slowly killing me.

Two months already passed, another two to go. Honestly, I can't wait to get back to UKM. I'm dying to see my friends again, to talk to them, cracking some lame jokes and get away with it. Yup, that's the kind of familiarity that I am beginning to miss. And who could blame me? I hardly get any of that in here. None of my old friends is around any more. Whatever left is just me; in this old town where I was born and raised. And that reminds me of something. Growing-up.

I used to pester my dad, saying that if I could work then I don't have to ask money from him. He always laugh and tells me that earning money is a hard thing to do. He been doing it since he's seventeen, and he never likes it. Then, I ask him if I could drive a car. The usual, he would said: No. I would scorned.  I thought he just do that to mess around with me. I thought maybe, he's just being too protective. Then, reality strikes me.

 I was forced to drive one day, of his car. Well, without his permission, of course. He was worried sick, but I tell him I was fine. Still, he didn't believe me. Almost didn't talk to me for few days but I poke him around, making sure that he still responds to me. I know he was really worried and secretly mad. The funny thing is, I was worried too. Only we were worried about different things. He probably worried about the safety of his only daughter and his car, while I was worried... whether am I growing-up too fast by doing this?

Sure, a twenty-one year old kid driving a car wasn't any shocker if you think about it. That's normal. But, some part of me is denying that fact. As if, I wasn't ready to move the safety veil that my father had laid upon me in this past few years. He already plan on buying me a car (no shocker there, already planned that ages ago), yet I feel - I am just not ready yet to grow up and start driving on my own even if I know how and really want to. A part of me is scared if the connection that I had with my dad, will be gone once I learn to be independent. I am scared if he would stop to care when that happens. As much as my conscience is clear about becoming an adult, I am not that ready to become one just yet.

Okay, I guess now that I had let go what I been keeping in my head - I better make a move. Got a long day ahead of me tomorrow. Long day of work. Thank you for stopping by and reading this. Hope you guys enjoy this latest post.

Mimi says: Time to grow up

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The Beginning of My 3rd Year: INTERNSHIP

Okay, let's shoot to this Special Post! Wohoo.. I am so excited... Guess what...guess what??

My 3rd year has begun! Yihaa.... And it starts - with an internship (WHATT??)

Camtulah gamaknya aku akan start third year aku ni.. And my feelings right now for this internship: 50%- excited, 30% - scared and 20%- unsure. Sum it up yourself!

Anyway, after endlessly waiting ntuk dapatkan internship kat Melaka, akhirnya dapat gak aku rembat satu. Serius payah betul nak dapat. Macam taknak kasik pun ader jer. Aku dah start fikir, kalau susah sangat ni aku buat internship kat KL jela pasal offer kat KL untuk internship memang banyak... Selangor pon sama... Dah dapat satu offer yang aku memang mengidam sesangat: Istana Budaya (IB) dan aku dah accept pun, but transportation jadi major issue aku. Pending lagi... Bertegang urat gak la ngan parents samada nak kasik aku pergi ke tak buat internship kat KL nih. At last, sangkut plak untuk intern kat UITM Lendu, Alor Gajah. Time ni aku memang dah tawar hati (cehh) nak buat intership kat Melaka sebab lambat sangat macam kura-kura. Huu, sedih gila time nak reject offer from IB tuh.

Ironically, aku chow dari Universiti untuk buat intership, dan ke Universiti balik (UITM) untuk buat Internship. Talk about your karma. Mengadap U je balik cuma kali ni it doesn't belong to me and I'll be facing a new working environment. Creeps me out, personally. Nak- nak bila aku dengar diorang and kasik aku satu projek untuk handle (o mak aii) but that's okay - memang required dalam report aku pun nanti menda alah ni so nak tak nak kena hadapinya jugak. Aku akan jalani internship ni selama 4 bulan, which means sampai Januari 2014 akan duduk rumah. This could be a blessing... or a curse. Godaan-godaan sedia menanti.

Oklah, itu jelah coretan post aku kali ni. Terlebih plak membebelnya.. Haha, harap korang tahan jelah mata membacanya. Anyway, thanks guys and kepada yang bakal menjalani internship jugak tu - all the best alrite?

Mimi says: The One with her 1st internship experience

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Raya 2013 Talk

Dah lama tak sembang-sembang kat blog ni semenjak aku aktif Tumblr. Jom citer pasal raya jom!

Persiapan raya
Kuih raya [X]
Baju Raya [X]
Tudung Raya [X]
Kasut Raya [X]
Kemas Rumah [X]
Duit Raya [tunggu orang kasi, hehe]

So, kesimpulannya aku nak raya ke tak ni? Semua je tak beli lagi ni. Jawapan dia; of courselah nak.
Sapa tak nak raya wei lepas berpuasa sebulan? Masalahnya cuma aku belum ada kesempatan je nak jengah kedai, pilih baju mana yang berkenan. Planning raya ni pun nak beli baju raya dah siap je. Cuma color je yang tak pasti lagi nih. Tudung raya sekali ngan bajulah. Kuih raya plak, memang ada rasa nak buat. Last year pun aku ngan adik aku buat chocolate chip cookies sesama. Favorite cookies kami. Kasut raya takde plan ntuk beli, ingat nak pakai kasut time buat Latihan Industri je nanti. Kemas rumah; tengoklah kalau mood raya dah ada - nothing can stop me! Time tulah dengan serta-mertanya aku rajin. Haha. Duit raya plak, well since aku dah besar panjang (konon), takdelah mengharap sangat (tapi kalau ade uncle and auntie yang nak beri tu, aku sudi je hulurkan tangan untuk menerima.)

Bila cerita pasal raya, tetiba teringat lak benda-benda ni;

1.) Dah 21 tahun rupanya aku sambut raya dengan family.
2.) Dah 21 tahun rupanya aku mendapat duit raya.
3.) Dah 21 tahun rupanya aku menjamah kuih raya, lontong, ketupat semua.
4.) Dah 21 tahun rupanya aku masih dapat berjumpa dengan makcik jaga aku masa kecik dulu & merasa masakan dia.
5.) Dah 21 tahun rupanya aku masih berjumpa dengan saudara-mara terdekat ketika raya.
6.) Dah 21 tahun rupanya aku sentiasa ada baju raya untuk dipakai.

Memang baca cam simple kan? Takde apa sangat pun pasal semua benda ni, paling tidak pun satu dua pasti sama dengan raya korang. Tapi, bukan itu point aku kat sini. Aku teringat benda-benda ni pasal aku tahu satu hari nanti, semuanya akan berubah. Makin kita dewasa, mesti akan ade perubahan tu; samada nak ataupun tidak. Ambil contoh no.2 lah, senang. Sekarang ni maybe aku dapat duit raya, esok lusa dah kerja - aku plak yang kena bagi duit raya kat orang. Tak pun no.5. Saudara mara yang terdekat -> cousin-cousin aku. Sekarang semua still around time raya pasal masing-masing tak kahwin lagi. Bila dah kahwin esok, semua pasti akan ikut family masing-masing. The most important thing I want to remind, hargailah everything yang kita ada right now as it might be gone tomorrow.

Rasanya tu jelah kot mengenai raya yang aku nak 'cover'. Oh yeah, baru-baru ni result ntuk sem 4 dah keluar. Syukur alhamdullilah - result makin naik dan mencapai target. Seriously, couldn't done this without support from friends, lecturer and family. Berapa pointer? Huu, malas nak kecoh. Nak tahu gi lah tanya mak ayah aku pasal dia orang lah orang yang pertama aku call after tengok result. Aku jadikan ia satu habit semenjak semester 1 lagi - baik buruk result mesti kasi tahu mak ayah. Paling lewat pun sehari untuk aku kasi tahu mereka. Cuma kali ni agak berbeza skit; aku kat UKM Bangi, mak ayah kat Melaka. Phone je lah yang jadi penghubung kami. Ayah aku memula cam malas nak layan kerenah aku memalam buta tapi bila aku bagi tahu, ni ayat ayah aku; "Emm... Congrats, monkey." Huhu, jaat je ayah aku panggil aku ngan nama tuh. Ingat dah tua-tua bangka ni ingat dah tak panggil lagi dah, tup tup terkeluar jugak. Then, cakap gak ngan mak aku, dia pun cakap tahniah juga and suruh aku belajar harder lagi next time. Ayat mak aku lak; "Mak tahu ko boleh buat mi kalau ko rajin. Next time belajar lagi". Huhu, mak aku. Susah sikit nak puaskan hati dia tapi aku ambil ni sebagai cabaran dan harapan daripada dia. Mudah-mudahan, dipermudahkan segalanya. 

Oklah, itu sajalah untuk post aku kali ni. Maaflah kalau ada yang menunggu (ade ke ni?) selama ni. Hehe, lari topik lak perenggan tadi tuh. Apa-apa pun, salam ramdahan dan lebaran aku ucapkan kat korang semua dan beringat-ingatlah ketika berbelanja, ok? Wasalam.

Mimi says: Salam Lebaran 2013.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

My Life: Journey Ahead 1 Year from Now ~

Ok, this post have something to do with what's going on with my life right now... So bear.. with.. me..

Firstly, just wanna inform you guys that now that the fourth semester is finally over ( I thought that will never end), it's time to engage myself on a short sem, before going to 4 months or so internship this September 2013. Yeah, that's how my life kinda rolls right now.

Before getting to any of that, I just wanna inform to you guys that there's another thing that's been happening as well in my life. A few persons already knews about this ( people who are real close to me) and I thought you guys who had been a constant reader to this blog also knows me and my life, thus earn you the right to know (why do I make it sound serious? - oh wait, because it is). It's important. I'm going through surgery in two weeks time; on 17 July 2013. I am not gonna say what this a surgery is about but it wasn't going to be a major surgery so, don't worry about it. Still, I do hope people whom read this post could pray for my health and hopefully everything will went well. It will mean a lot to me.

Now, let's talk about this new short semester that I'm getting myself in; well, what more can I say, 3 subjects, 7 weeks and fasting month. I am sure you got the picture. Then, comes the internship 'thingy'. God willing, I'll be doing my internship @ my hometown; Malacca. Among the reason I decided to do it in here were, first I just wanna be close with my family and secondly, it might help me save my money ( don't have to worry about renting new house, groceries..etc). Afterwards, come along my final semester (time for some final year projects). I have to immerse myself for another six months (or so) before I could freely called myself as a 'graduate'. Yup, that's pretty much covered and wrapped up my year of 2013 and half of 2014.

 If you guys are wondering what else had I been up to, I am happy to inform the drawing thing that I been doing is back on, once again! I'm happy to post my new artwork on Facebook and get few responses from people who cares to help me improves my drawing. I also join a new site, and currently had been active posting. If you guys are interested, here's my link for you to check it out:

So, that's it then, for my post as in today. I really enjoy things that's been happening around me and I do admit, they do get rough and sometimes doesn't make any sense at all and keep wearing me down; but I learned to enjoy it anyway and I hope you guys do too in your life. Till then, goodbye everyone. Have a nice day.

Sincerely: Mimi Said

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Semester 4: Apa je yang aku buat? - KIY Hawaiian Nights

Fuhh~ lama sudah aku tak gunakan bahasa kebangsaan aku ntuk mulakan topik. Rasa cam kekok pulak (Pelik?) bila tulis camni. Ah tak kisahlah. Yang penting aku gembira. Baiklah, ntuk menebus balik pasal dah lama sangat tak tulis BM, aku akan cuba gunakan bahasa Melayu 100% untuk post kali ni. Hehe, cabaran ni. Mari kita mulakan.

Pertama sekali, aku nak mintak maaf sangat kat sapa-sapa yang baca blog ni kalau post aku baru-baru ni dah tak berapa nak menarik. Biasalah kan, nama pun manusia - ade jelah benda yang tak sempurna. Aku perasan untuk semester ni aku langsung tak sentuh mengenai aktiviti yang aku buat kat UKM. Langsung. Maaflah ye, bukan tak mau tulis cuma asyik terlupa je. 

Baiklah, ntuk makluman korang ade je aktiviti yang aku sertai kat UKM ni. Cuma dah tak berapa banyak la. Maklumlah sajelah, dah sem 4 dah ni kan? Dah tentu fokus sekarang cuma kat projek dan peperiksaan je. So, dalam banyak tak banyak tu jugak - adalah dalam 2 aktiviti je yang aku sertai. Aktiviti pertama adalah Minggu Mesra Fakulti Teknologi Sains dan Maklumat (MMFTSM) dalam pertandingan Video Innovation Competition (VIC) namanya, dan yang kedua pulak, Malam Integrasi Highlanders 2013 (MIH2013).

Sebenarnya aku sertai MMFTSM ni dari masa awal semestar hari tu dan MIH 2013 tu pulak cuma baru baru ni je (bulan Mei). Kalau nak bercakap pasal pengalaman tu, amatlah berbeza antara kedua-dua program ni. Pengalaman aku sertai MMFSTM; sangat meletihkan. Kenapa? Pasal program ni bermula sejak sem 3 lagi! Huu... kira cam dah lama gak la lengahkan. Diorang yang terlibat mintak start awal supaya tak ada masalah di kemudian hari. Nak tak nak kena bagi kerja keras jugaklah selama 1 1/2 sem untuk jayakan program ni. Kalau tanya aku nak ikut ke tak program dalam fakulti yang lain, aku sendiri pun tak pasti. 

Aktiviti kedua aku ialah MIH 2013. Kalau mengikut post ni, aku pernah jadi AJK kan tapi tak untuk kali ni. Sebab? Mudah je. Aku MALAS. Sebab ke-2: jawatan2 untuk program ni dah dipenuhkan oleh budak2 tahun 1. Tak pelah, bagi peluang kat diaorang pulak merasa apa yang aku rasa dulu. Tema makan malam (haisy, susah betul nak tulis penuh dalam bahasa Melayu ni...) ialah Malam Hawaii (Hawaiian Nights). Kira malam tu semua dress ala-ala hawaii la.. kan... haha. Terpulang la korang nak kata apa. Aku pun tak pasti baju yang aku pakai sendiri kena dengan tema ke tak. 

Penghuni setia KIY: aku, azi, kak.lin, kak nonoy dan tirah
Terima kasih kepada kasut wedges aku, aku nampak tinggi sikit.
Haha, tinggi aku lebih korang diaorang ni je sebenarnya.

Gambar kenangan bersama rummate, Tirah.
Kan sedap kalau betul-betul leh gi 'surfing'... Mesti syiok !
Seperti biasa, kena ade masa untuk 'Selfie'....

Tulah ke coretan aku kali ni. Harap semua enjoy! Dang! Keluar gak satu perkataan BI. I guess I can't help it. Memang mengarut gila idea nak TRY tulis blog ni fully in BM ( melainkan ini karangan Bahasa Melayu). Oh well, at least I try. Ok then, thanks for reading and good bye everyone! Wasalam.

Sincerely: Mimi Said

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Manga in My Life: Half of My Heart Has Been Returned to Me...

There is one sentence that I would like to utter in the beginning of this special post.


Yup, I said it. It was a decision that I made the day I entered Matriculation and which, I regretted so dam* much!

For starter, I been a fan of manga since I was able to read. Approximately, right after I turned five. I used to read cartoons and stuff similar to that and even though my vocabulary wasn't that good, I manage to find it as entertaining (possibly due to my loner nature). My dad never scolded me for reading it but he expressed his concern and brought me story books instead. That is even better because I love reading, and anything would do.

When I was in primary school, I was introduced with Manga by my younger brother. I am sure most of people know what a Manga is so don't bother to ask me. It was 'Naruto'. The kid who have 9 tails fox entitled to him and his incredible journey in order to become a Hokage. I didn't really get the story-line at first but the moment when I begin to understand - I just can't put it down. I always asked my brother what is it mean with this, and what's up with that situation, just to clarify some things and made me understand the story-line that almost no time: I think I could explain it better than him. It felt good whenever I read the manga but kinda su*k that I can't share is with anyone as no girls in my class shares the same interest as I do.

As I entered high school, I was keen of reading Detective Conan, a manga that I accidentally pick up from newspaper stand. Live had never been quite the same for me after that. I fall in love with this world, a world where a brilliant, smart fourteen year old high school detective; Shinichi Kudo gets transformed into a little kid after swallowing a pill that should have been deadly to him. I found it difficult to get out after reading the first volume. You can call me getting 'trapped' but whatever: but it never felt that way for me. All I know was Conan/Shinichi is awesome, and his creator Gosho Aoyama are even brilliant as he's able to come out with such interesting story in solving murder and crimes.

 Then come along Anime such as 'Fruit Basket', 'Haruhi Suzumiya', 'Inuyasha' and many others until finally, when 'Bleach'  first aired on TV3 (Media Prima, Malaysia) around 2007. I just melted. And almost die from falling in love with all of the characters.

When I turned sixteen, my addiction to anime begin. I spend hundreds ringgit just to have the latest copy of 'Bleach', or 'Naruto' or whatever anime that was currently out in the store at that time. I love the way each of the character sounds and dance to every intro's and ending songs (all in Japanese of course, except for the subtitles which are in English). Those were the good times. I know that I had spend much than I could afford but it's my passion back then so, money doesn't really matters to me.

The BlackHole in my life is when I decided to throw away this passion after been accepted to Matriculation. I told to myself that somehow, I have to put this hobby to quit. I need to focus and give more of my concentration on something that really matters: such as STUDY! That was I thought. For a year, I live in a world without total access to manga or anime. I was miserable and beyond repair. I felt like my life are lack of something, and I sure dam* know why. Yet, I was too stubborn to admit and started filling in the gap I felt by reading romance novels. Yup, that was fun too. But deep down in my heart I already know, nothing ever feel the same. Unlike reading a manga.

When I got back after a year, I found that manga and anime wasn't interesting any more. I didn't care when I heard people talking about it and think it as a waste of time. I also make fun to people who still loves manga and cling it to their dear heart. I think that they were trapped, just like I was - in a stupid world created by those mangaka's, when there is a fact that so much things could be done out here: in the real world. I almost forget what it once used to mean to me. I lost my passion and my former self, without fully realizing it.

So where am I heading by telling you all this story of me and reading manga? Well, not exactly anywhere except that now I had found back my root of happiness and I surely won't let it go again. MANGA and ANIME. My pure joy of happiness and one of many reasons that make me the person I am today. I had start picking up 'Naruto' and 'Bleach' manga again and let me tell you; it feels like I am back to the good old times. It has been a while since I been feeling this good.

My heart had finally come HOME.

So, that is it everyone... I am back, with manga and anime by my side and there ain't nobody, not even my upcoming examination could have stop me from reading them. The were my friend, my best old friend and I am going to cherish and treasure them for the rest of my life. I gets easier these days -thanks to the availability of the internet, I could get an easy and early access for manga and anime through on-line.

Someday, I am going to tell my kids about this. They will understand once they read a manga themselves.

Hey, my name is Mimi Said, and I am a Manga OTAKU! ....

True story. Hehe.

Monday, May 13, 2013

10 : My Perfect Ways of Wasting Time

By now, I felt like I had left this blog untouched for months. Although, it's only just a few weeks. :0

The truth is, every time I had the time and my hand wanted to write; my head keep on filling blanks. All the ideas that I had earlier had suddenly disappeared and my mood was gone. That's why, I haven't wrote a single thing since last April. From the bottom of my heart, I apologize for that.

So now that I begin to feel the mood, I best keep my fingers moving. Are you ready for this next topic from me? In this post, I'll be making a list of something I love to call:
Hajimaru-yo! (Let's Begin)

1.) Watching Movies/Dramas/Sitcom/Short Video

Movies: so many genres out there, you just need to pick. Oh, and they also come from different countries as well. Don't worry, there's no such thing as language barrier: That's why we had English at the first place!

Drama: English Drama/K-Drama/J-Drama/P-Drama/Lakorn/Telenovela are among to be considered.

Sitcom: Once in a while, a good laugh is what we need to release the tension out of our shoulders.

Short Video: You never know what you might get watching these. If you lucky you might get what you needed.I know because I found my favorite horror videos from here. Short Video ranges from entertainment, education, documentary, music, etc. Highly recommended if you went to Youtube: NigaHiga, KevJumba, JackGaps, & Casper Lee. Most of video by these guys are entertaining. Well, sort of.

2.) Singing/Karaoke

Who says that if your voice is not perfect - you can't sing at all?? Who made the rules. NO ONE!. The only person who is stopping you is yourself and probably some complaint by the neighbor. But who cares, sometimes you just need to let it out of you chest - let your voice been heard. That's the way of living and spending you time.

3.) Type or Write Something/Starting on Novel

As far as I realize, there ain't a day where I spend not writing. I make it a habit to write about anything, just to keep my brain and hands moving. It's pretty easy actually, especially  since I had a profound interest in literature even when I was young. But skip all that, writing can come in any forms; writing a note, writing a check, writing your Facebook e-mail and password. As long as you're writing, you're doing just FINE!

4.) Find ways in saving your penny (Money)

Recycle, Sell, Borrow... Whatever you could think off as long as it can help you save a few penny. For example, why do your laundry everyday, when you can just pile them up and wash it all once in a week? In my college, I do my laundry for RM2.00 ( approx. $0.67 USD). I think it's a great way to save my money (i- I can't stand washing my clothes by my own hand), and help me great deal in saving up my time. So, double WIN there. Another great way to save you money is a trick that been thought by old book, or maybe told by your mom is by buying during discount. Since I am a student, and don't have that much money, here's how I do it;

i.) Buying Clothes: If you're from Malaysia, I am pretty sure you are familiar with Year End Sale (YES) slogan. Yup, they held it every year, almost everywhere to start clearing out the stock. They put those crazy discount that you might cry your eye ball out and drive you crazy to shop. My advice is, if you need to buy something, let's make sure that you have a real need for it.Oh, and if you want a discount, try looking from 50% and above. They are more worth it.

ii.) Buying Books: Look out for Book Fair/Book Fiesta/Whatever event that had the word 'Book' ring to it coming to your town. This is where you can save up most of your money. Books were sold at the cheap price and sometimes, hard to believe. The point is, be alert!

iii.) Buying groceries: Just like clothes, there also a time where you could buy your groceries at a cheap price. The key word is, CELEBRATION. This is when those shopping mall will start to reduce the normal price of goods to fits with the people budget and mood for celebration. Just be careful though, you might need some grocery list if you don't want to over-shopped.

iv.) Buying stationary supplies: POPULAR BOOKSTORE. They have everything here. Plus, you can even have 10% discount for each stationary (also depends, sometimes if you're lucky they can range from 15-25%) that you bought. The card is also handy if you want to buy anything else as it provided discount - except for foods. But if you wanted to find some printer ink, or new mouse - I suggested that you start looking in somewhere else (POPULAR BOOKSTORE also have all of these but the price is painfully ridiculous). Start finding a computer shop or even better, PC fair. PC fair have great offer of discount.

5.) Reading

The more you read, the more knowledge you gain - although I'm not sure this is spoken by whom, but anyone can think and agree to it, right? Reading is the best way to keep you entertained and at the same time provided you with unknown knowledge. I enjoyed reading English novels; from horror, romance to comedy. Just recently, I found love in reading Asian literature; Japanese, Chinese and Korean were my favorite. I feel lucky when I found these novels already translated in English. The mood set by an Asian author is different from author from European countries even though both have the same theme (e.g Romance). Perhaps this is due to cultural differences and environment they live in. Even I am an Asian myself (Southeast Asian), there still a huge differences between the literature in my country and other Asian country.

6.) Learning other languages

Since I was a child, Japanese languages had always been a third language for me; the first would be Malay and English. Mainly due to the fact that I love Manga and Anime and whenever I read/watch them, it's hard not to be influenced by the language since it origins from there. But I never done any serious learning (I am just that lazy) but I do learn to sing Japanese song (most of them were Anime OST), with the help of romaji lyrics and a few daily conversation that I learn from my book and internet. Besides learning Japanese, I found Spanish, Russian and Thai as an interesting languages to be learn.

7.) Doing Crossword

Crossword may look like child play but never underestimated it's power. Have you ever realize that for every crossword you had finish, they had a certain theme that you might/not aware of? For example, you may know two or three words related to 'Insect and Bugs', but there still a few that you might miss on. There's a vast definition for a word; don't be too ignorant to start looking it up!

8.) Find a Time for Tea Time!

There's nothing I like best than cuddling with my book while drinking a cup of tea. Yeah, I am a tea lover as long as I remember.I won't let any passing hour without start making myself a cup of tea. My mother taught me that tea is always a better option than a coffee ( no offense for people who loves them). I didn't know it back then, but now I start to look up, I realize why. Tea is rich in antioxidant and some research even say that its great to prevent cancer. Anyway, even though without it's benefit, I can drink tea any other day!

9.) Learn History of the World

I don't really like history when in school, but I did get an A- for it. Haha. Still, it always light me up whenever I heard a history about ancient Egypt  or Japanese culture. I don't know if it is an Asian thing, but I had a weak ankle for East Asian countries history such as Japanese, Korean and Chinese. I also found that my neighboring countries such as Philippines, Thailand and Indonesia had a great history to learn. But I never forget that America, Russia, UK, Spain, Italy, France and many other countries had it own history to tell and I am just waiting for a right moment to discover and learn them all. I know that we were never alone in this world, and by history can justify it!

10.) Eating Makes You Happy

This last perfect ways to waste your time is Eating. Sure, it's something that is done by everyone and animal everyday; but have often we truly enjoys it? Find a way to find happiness in every bite you eat - then the rest will come for you.

That's it everyone, my 10 perfect ways in Wasting Time. Hope you found some benefits in it. Chiao!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Check it out ... I'm on other BLOG too! - 100Pelukis

Post kali ni agak short sedikit because I would like to promote something that is related to me ;). Not long ago, around 2012 - as sort of promoting my artwork and myself, I joined this blog. It is called '100 Pelukis'. After sending an artwork, the admin made me one of the contributing artist in this blog, in which I am so honored to do so. Perhaps I have mentioned about this blog, but didn't quite make a special post about it, so now here it is.

Official Link:

Okay, that's it for my post today. Don't forget to check it out if you had spare time. Goodbye and have a nice day!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

21st Birthday: An adult and Still a kid at heart

So... today I am turning 21! Yeah, finally I can call myself as an adult. Legally.

What so good about turning 21 anyway?
1.) I dunno, the idea seems fun.
2.) Feel like a freaking grown up now.
3.) My back is aching
4.) I am getting a year older
5.) My sanity is still intact
6.) Still jobless... (hmm)

Well, let's just forget about that shall we? Haha.. not worth writing. Anyway, thank u mom and thank you GOD for making this possible for me (Pray). Luckily, my birthday fell on my mid-sem break ( just like last year.). I been having a blast for the whole week as I am writing...  this had happen.
This is where my twenties begins!
This is what happened the night of my birthday... 
I'm turning 21 years old this year (T.T).
Say no for getting old!
Mi Crazy Fruit Drink:
My special drink for
my birthday.
Mi Special Sandwich:
Only on my birthday...
Mi Spaghetti Bolognese:
My brother made this especially for my birthday.
My birthday cake: Cheesecake:
Not a big fan for heavy-loaded icing cake.
So, I settled with a cheesecake instead.
Ice-cream Sundae:
Still a kid at heart, I do enjoyed a great ice-cream
every now and then...
Brother nuggets:
Kiwi is for garnish
Big Watermelon:
Because eating fruit is good for your health!
21 doesn't make me an old womanMimi Said

Okay, that's it everyone... I am having a good times... thanks for wishes on FB, calls from an
old friend and my family for making this birthday possible. Have a good day!

Sincerely: Mimi Said

Thursday, April 4, 2013

I finally found you, Miss Lindsey Stirling - The Dancing Violinist

Okay, as you all know... this is one of the post where I talked about my new beloved artist. I had told you many before; Norah Jones, Melody Gardot, Ellie Goulding, Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato, Justin Bieber, David Archuleta so now, let me introduce you to the energetic and lovely Miss Lindsey Stirling! ( I respected her so much that I even put 'Miss' in front of her name ;) )

Everyone, meet the talented Miss Stirling....
Sadly, I just found her about a week ago, when I was visiting my friend in her room. I was asking her help to reinstall my Java when she showed me this beautiful video clip of Miss Lindsey (it was her 'Crystallize' video, the one that had gained over 55 million views so far) while killing the time before the Java completely installed and I was completely hooked; that I managed to ask my friend to copy it into my laptop. That night, after went back to my own room, I play her video - watching carefully and intensely as Miss Lindsey played - she is pretty amazing I thought, to be able playing the violin and dancing at the same time! After the video ended, I reply again and again until I decided; I can' get enough of her! Next thing I know, I been downloading every single video she had made (she been active on Youtube since 2012, only I didn't know that). Very amazing video, I must say so kudo's to her. They way she modernize the typical violin performance are totally mesmerizing, and if not too bold - mind blowing. And also for everyone who had been making it possible for her. I don't know how or why, but somehow she made me warm up with the whole idea of dubstep music and dancing, two territories I never been before. In other words, she opened up my eyes to new possibilities and turning it as my new favorite music. So thank you for that, Lindsey!

I would write a lot of stuff, including her early childhood if I could but looking at the time, I better took off first. Still got early class tomorrow. Anyway, thank you guys for staying with me until the end of this post, I really appreciate it. Okay guys, bye now and don't forget to catch Miss Lindsey latest performance on Youtube! Bye!

Here's her link:

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Robot and Programming

This is one of the special post that I write which is related to the subject that I am studying @ UKM. Wanna know what is it? Let me give you a first glimpse...
Yeah, fascinating isn't it? ROBOTS. Can u believe it? It's in my course subject for this semester. How cool is that? (Well, sort of....)

But first thing first... Just in case you're wondering what kind of animal that I am about to built... No. I am not building a robot like this one... It doesn't had those kind of functions that are required by my lecturers. My lecturers wants a us to built a robot arm. You know the one that functional to grab stuff, put it down and place it nicely. Yeah, built a robot like that. So you could imagine it, look at the picture below...

OK, even looking at this one, I know that it's complicated if I try to built it. What am I after is a robot which has a motor that can rotate 360 degree, slide front and backwards (which we already figure out how after endless of trials) and move up and down (180 degree). Sounds easy, but putting it together sure one hell of a story. That's what I am trying to figure out, how can three different functions of a robot could be put together - without any chance of breaking it? Tomorrow I had to went back into the lab, and figure it out with my team members.

Oh, did I mention? We need to programmed the robot before it could move. Another task before a robot can be call a robot and tested by the lecturers.But thankfully, the programming is quite easy to understand. Is not like we have to come out with a new codings or something. Haha. Praise Lord for that!!. So with building and programming, life surely wasn't easy... but it wasn't dull either. Each day, I came into the lab, try to build a robot, then go back home dissapointed again before coming back tomorrow and try again. In short, it has been an endless trial for me in order to built a functional and desirable robot - although, it only has been a week  (0_0) !

Anyway, that is my life had been going on so far... projects, studying, planning, studying again...projects... Seems like it is endless (until we were at the end of the semester). That's a life of a student like me. I surely hope this project will succed though. I put a lot of effort in trying to understand everything about and anything related to it. You don't know how many videos had I watched in Youtube. Hope things will work out soon. Hopefully.

Mimi says: One of the robotic student

Sunday, March 17, 2013

'No Matter How Far' with David Archuleta

For David Archuleta fans OUT THERE, I am spreading love news in here - he'll be releasing his new album titled: 'No Matter How Far'. Have you check it out yet? Please do because his new songs is amazing!

[Remember, the BOLD ones are my selected songs for this album.]

1. Don’t Runaway
2. Everything and More
3. Forevermore
4. Heart Falls Out
5. I’ll Never Let Go
6. Love Don’t Hate
7. Nothing Else Better To Do
8. Notice Me
9. Tell Me
10. Wait

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Vague and Vulgarity: In My Life

This topic just come in my mind quite recently, and I thought it is as interesting topic to share.
Between vague and vulgarity ~ Now, what it has to do with me? Or anything particularly?
The first thing that come into my mind is this;

"Looks can be deceiving, so does words and senses."

That's one way I look at it when I was reminded of these words. And here's the solution that I come up with;
The best way to avoid of being fool is to aware of what state are you at. Try looking into it deeply, and you will found what your heart is looking for. But be careful, again you can be sucked into the insanity of vague and vulgarity. And that's just terrible. Plainly terrible.

The first word that I introduced in this topic is about Vague. It can be defined in many of relationships that I had build; among family, friends, teachers and others. Want proves? Well, I better not be providing any or someone might ended up getting hurt. It's simple to say that I found relationships are so fragile, at any moment it can break. I try not to have so many relationships in my life, and so far I was happy with that but according to the Wikipedia and other sources from internet, that only makes me a nerd/introvert. Well, as much as I love Wiki and other internet sources; f**k them. I don't care.

The second words is Vulgarity. For me, vulgarity is a different perspective of power. It gives you confidence and makes you feel strong but prepare to be misunderstood. Nobody likes people who is too vulgar. Bear it in your mind that it doesn't make you look brave, it only makes you sad to be look at. I had once encountered such person who is so vulgar, speaks only his mind without even slightest giving a thought of the others; and my remaining opinion about him was - What a blabbing idiot? Shut up already and go suck it at some corner where nobody cares." That's what I thought. Mean- I know. That's another example of vulgarity, ONLY it's coming from me.

Well, you had read what 'Vague' and 'Vulgarity' means to me. So, why don't you give me your own opinion about these words? I know it is somewhere inside of you, everybody have their own side of vague and vulgarity - But do they aware of it or not? I am not sure myself.

Mimi says: That two words today, maybe more tomorrow.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

2013: Hectic Year to Stay as Myself..

It's already February 2013 people, and so far, I already ended 3/7 of my semester. Remember when I said that I am a student who in the middle of taking her degree?

Quite recently, I received Semester 3 examination results. Frankly, I am quite happy with it. Not all over the moon happy but I did my best and for that; I am proud. I know that there is still some room for new changes. Although, more A's than B's couldn't hurt! LOL. Enough said on that part, I wanted to talk about the upcoming months for this year because hey, you know it's going to be a very busy year for me. ;)

For starter, I have three semester; I completed 1 and there are another 2 remains. Plus, with the Industrial Training coming up this September; which also marks the beginning of my 3rd year. So, in short; I'll be experiencing my 2nd and 3rd year all in the same year (2013)! Haha, I really need to stay fit for this. Like really!! It's not easy to be a student; no matter who and where you are. You have to prepare yourself for what's coming and series of unexpected event. Sounds like I am going for a war or something but that's just how I feel. Still, as they said que sera, sera. I don't care about the outcomes, I'm up for anything that is coming in my way, so that by the end of the day -  I could rest my feet on the fireplace, and wait for the result for my hard work without feeling guilty at all.

Besides preparing myself for remaining of the Semester's; this is also the year that marks my beginning of 20's. After this 13th April, I'm going to be 21 years old!. Time sure flies. Better get some of my wishlist crossed off by now. I don't wanna wake up one day, looking back and realize that I never accomplish anything in my life; I would feel and look pathetic, even to myself. I am sure most of you people who is reading this blog had their own wishlist as I do. But if you do, let's brush off the dust and keep it going, shall we?

Anyway, enough talking about me and my activities along this year. As last year, I had many wish and plans but doesn't mean that it can be completed in a year. However, I'll give my best and see how it's work. That's just the kind of person I am.

Mimi says: This is one of my Confession

Monday, January 28, 2013

Langkawi Trip 2013: 2nd Island Time....

Bila tengok balik post-post, aku realize yang dah lama jugak aku tak post apa-apa dekat blog ni. Bukan tak mau post lagi ke apa, tapi baru je lepas exam ni - so aku ingat nak lepak-lepak dululah, Kasi rehat-rehat otak dulu baru update... Plus takde cerita best pon nak disampaikan. Takkan nak cerita pasal belajar pulak? Boring.....(sambil angkat jari, letak nada omputih sikit).

Oklah, cam biasa setiap kali sem break mesti aku akan keluar somewhere for release tension. Last time, keluarga aku ke Genting Highlands, but this time destination adalah ke Pulau Langkawi. Huhu, dah lama tak jumpa Pulau since last time aku ke Pulau Pangkor (2008).

Bila sentuh pasal Langkawi ni, teringat aku masa first time pergi sini. Time tu umur aku baru je 3-4 tahun. Memang tak banyakla yang aku ingat pasal tempat ni. Then, masa aku 8 tahun, aku pergi sekali lagi but without my family. And masuk this time, dah 3 kali aku pergi. Really, time selalu berlalu macam tu je, kan? Waits for no one.

Komen personal aku mengenai trip kali ni adalah memang best. Banyak tempattempat yang sebelum ni aku tak pernah jejak pun time datang dua kali tu yang aku pergi. Puas hati sungguh dengan trip kali ni. And banyak gak menda-menda yang aku beli... haha (Fav).

Hmm... tak mau bebel bebanyak and as they all say, a picture can say thousand words, so korang scroll jelah picture-picture dekat bawah ni for more info about my trip. Enjoy! (^o^)b
Perjalanan ke Pulau Langkawi kami di mulakan dengan
menaiki feri. Family trip kali ni kami ikut rombongan bas je.
 Naik plane memang lagi convenient but leceh pulak
nak cari tour guide. Combo kasi jer agak lebih mudah
 dan tak menyusahkan. Meet my family again, guys! 
Sampai-sampai je, terus tour guide tu bawak kami
heading ke Kilim Geoforest Park. Katanya di sini
ada banyak helang dan ikan. Permandangan memang superb.
Bagi yang berminat nak visit sini, fee masuknya bolehla
check di sini...
1st time menaiki cable car di Langkawi. I know benda ni
dah lama di bina, but masa aku pergi dua kali tu,
cable car ni tak bina lagi. Dah sampai sini, kenalah
cuba kalau tak keempunan.
Kalau dah melawat Pulau Langkawi tu, memang tak
sahlah kalau tak melawat Dataran Helang (ak.a Eagle Square)
More pictures at Eagle Square.
Underwater Wold Langkawi:
Skodeng ikan-ikan and habitat haiwan yang lain.
Oh yeah~
Dekat jeti point.
On the way nak balik rumah.
Souvenir time!
From left top: Policeman Teddy bear, new clothes,
special key-chain (from my brother) and
tons and tons of chocolate....
Overall percutian kami kali ni sangat best dan amatlah memuaskan hati. Puas hati sebab banyak barangan yang kami beli, okay. Baiklah, sampai sini jelah dulu coretan aku. See you guys again, next time around. Wasalam.

Sincerely: Mimi Said

Friday, January 11, 2013

New Year, New Girl

Ok, before I start with everything.. let me reminded you that I meant what I write. Literally.

Recently I am pretty hooked up with 'New Girl' TV show. The more I watch it, the more hooked up I get and I trun to love each and one of the characters in the show. Especially with Jess and Schmidt. Alright for those who don't know, the show is about four people (three guys and one girl) sharing an apartment as a roommates.  Jessicca Day, a school teacher caught her bf cheating on her and cause her to move out from their house and seek another apartment to stay. From Craiglist, she answered an apartment ads and finally accepted as a new roommate of Nick, Schmidt and Coach (later replaced with Winston). Despite her cute looks, quirkiness and some other things she did, Jess and the guys getting along pretty quick and they soon starts to understand each other. I find it truly enjoyable along watching this show as the shows is kinda like a my dream show. I always dream for a day when they make a show about a girl living with a guy ( or in this case, guys) as a roommate. Making me to like this show even better than any other show (even HIMYM). Anyway, I would love to bring a lot of info about this show but really, only one season have been aired and the second one still running - making it still early for me to say anything. But I have been liking the first season so far. And now, I'm suggesting you to watch it too... Believe me if you like relationship, friendship, comedy,  and more goofiness, this is your show. Ok, I gotta go now... don't remember to watch this show, alright. Have a good day everyone.

Mimi says: The New Girl in 2013