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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry XMas and Happy New Year Everyone !

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year dear Miserers and Blogwalkers... Have a great holiday and don't forget to keep save all the time! I couldn't wait for the year to end and have another great year plan ahead. Anyway, as the end of year come by, I noticed a few changes and how I spent the year of 2010/11 would never be the same as 2012.

Things that didn't stay the same anymore:

1.) My age:
as the year passed by, so does my age. In 2011, I was 19, in 2012 I am 20 years old, and next year [2013] I would be 21!

2.) My Hobbies:

Reading: In 2010, I found back my interest in reading romance novels and I could finish it within 3 days. However, around 2011-2012, my interest in reading had started to decline and I am on the verge of losing this interest once more.

Composing songs: I still create two or three song every now and then, just not that frequent anymore as I was around 2009-2011.

Drawing: A great improvement for this hobby.

Writing: A great development for this hobby. I found it's an interesting because it allows me to have my imaginations running free.

3.) My Passion:
Keep on changing according to my interest.

4.) My Love:
I always care and love my family. And I have started to care about friends who are close to me as well.

The point is, nothing else stays the same even yourself. It is best of we just enjoy the passing moments in our life and save the best memories as long as we live.

Mimi says: The one who doesn't celebrate XMas at all!

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