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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Blogging is dying... (What??)

Yup, apparently that's what I read from The Star newspaper today. They wrote that blogging phenomenon is dying. Is it true? Then what am I doing right now, huh? Duh. I think it is the most lamest statement ever. How could they wrote that? What do they know about blogging? Do they even own one?

Anyway, I am getting a little bit emotional over here. Yes, I am. But that is only because one of my favorite past time hobbies is being mocked about (ok, maybe I over-stress it still, it hurts me as blogger) and, it is important for me.

 I personally feels that blogging is still relevant, even though now we have Twitter, Facebook and other social networks. It might not be the top choice, in this touch and go society who wants everything to be done quickly, they choose to abandon blogging (some of them, completely). This is a sad case, considering blogging used to be a place where people can express themselves freely, upload pictures and videos, write anything that going on in their life  and now, that all have been replaced with other so-called social networks who also provides the same functionality, only less complex than blog ever was. Sure, it's simple, doesn't takes a lot of your time but if more than anything, I think it's only contributing to current society who is lazy enough to write. Even worse if they starts to use abbreviations in their post/messages. Just imagine if in the future you won't have to say "How do you do?" anymore and just said 'Hodo' instead... More simple isn't? What a great way in ruining the language.

My point is, don't say blogging is dying. It's not, actually. It's people who is changing, I'm afraid. And they keep on changing, no matter what. People reactions and response to technology have always been overwhelming, and it is a good thing in a developed country. And as for blogging, well it still have it's fans, me for example and thousands or maybe millions out there who still appreciates it's existence. For you out there who had changed your minds about blogging, well that is up to you (you might have your own personal reasons) but for me, blogging is staying.

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