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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

15 Question to Ask Yourself

We already at the end of the year and I'm hoping that everyone is in healthy state. Guess what, I come up with a great idea today. About what? Yeah, I'm getting to that. But first as a reminder, so that everyone who comes for a visit at my blog could read this - I'll do this entry in English. Hope you don't mind. :)

I always imagine what is it like to be interviewed by someone else. Thinking what kind of question that they will ask about me. Since I am no star or whatsoever, the brightest chance for me ever getting this kind of interview are... just from job interviews. The question that they will ask of course going to be so limited and yeah, revolves around 'So, What can you do for this company??"... Something like that... Now, that  wouldn't be so fun right? Based from this simple imagination and 'little urges' that I had, this entry of '15 Questions to Ask Yourself' were created! Have fun reading it!

1.) If you can DESCRIBE yourself in three simple words, what would they be?
    Loner - Outcast - Lame   (L.O.L) - Now you know don't you? The meaning of  L.O.L in my life.

2.) What do you love the most about yourself?
     My guts. Even though I been in countless of crazy situations that I would just love to avoid, I hardly back down. Either it's good or bad, I try to face it down the best way that I can. Giving up without no particular reasons just never existed in my 'way of happy life' dictionary.

3. Who is your role model?
Basically anyone or anything that inspirational. Even a simple gesture can be admirable. I also love anything that can builds my spirits and constructive to my behavior. 

4. Have you ever been in love? If you are what made you?
Puppy love, YES. Real love, NO. There a big differences between these two love and so far, I haven't experience any real love yet. Maybe I'm just waiting for the right guy to come along or damn my taste are too high. As for Puppy Love, haha I had countless of them! Nothing serious, is just that I love anything that walks and cute. Oh, and guy... yup it must be a guy because I am straight... Anyway, if nothing is holding me back, I would love to experience Real love it anytime soon. 

5. Describe what type of happiness that you seek for?
I am seeking for a happiness that won't last forever. Well, that sounds funny isn't? But what to do, I'm a realist. I don't think that a real happiness could or should last more than a month. Ah, why am I saying this? Well take for an example, you love something now - doesn't means that you still going to love it tomorrow. That's just who and what I am. I enjoy living in a moment as I personally think that preserving happiness itself can be a bit challenging.

6. Name 3 sports that you enjoy during your leisure time.
First of all, you should know that I'm not so much of a sports person. I never been into sports when I was a child and still is now but I won't deny that there's a few sports that I find enjoyable such as badminton and basketball. The last one should be squash but I still haven't get a chance to try on this one. 

7. Who are you closer to at home? Your mom or dad?
I must say, my dad for this one. I think it is easier to talk to my dad than my mom because my dad listen then talks. Contradict with my mom. When I tell someone something, is not that I'm asking  to solve my problems for me (mom always jump into conclusion that she needs to solve everything whenever I said something) - merely it is how I try to tell what is going on with my life. Nevertheless, it's still a tough choice and I depended on both of my parents before making any important decision in my life.

8. Favorite food?
Stupid question. I'll eat anything scrumptious and edible.

9. If you can try something interesting, what would it be?
Cross-dressing. Haha, I'll make a perfect male. No.. just kidding. But seriously, can you imagine me wearing male clothes? Maybe I should create composite picture for this one - still most unlikable to happen. Ah, screw this one! Next question please!

10. What kind of music that quickly turns you on?
Music that have clever lyrics and catchy, relaxing tunes in it. As for genre, I'll say Pop, Ballad, Jazz and slightly Country.

11. Describe man of your dreams.
Someone who can makes me laugh out of no reason, have a creative side, can play one or two instruments, sings and play well, caring and observant and enjoy himself whenever he's with me. Responds to situations and can blend in with my family. Oh, there's so much more but I just wanna keep the rest of it to myself.

12. 3 great qualities that you had?
If I answered to this one, I can't stop thinking that I am being boastful. I'll skip this one.

13. 3 bad qualities that you had?
Can I skip this one too? I feel uncomfortable speaking about my negativity.

14. Who is your best friend?
My little brother. He knows a lot about me than anyone else. Believe it or not he knows me so well that sometimes he could predict how am I going to respond to one situation or could finish my sentences. I won't say he's a mind reader, though. It's just this kid spend much of his time with me that he knows me better than anyone else. 

15. Talents, if you have any?
(I think) Writing short stories, song-writing, drawing manga, editing, and some flower arranging. I'm into wordplay too but not very good at it (so, we can just overlooked this talent, shall we?)

So there you have it... 15 Questions to Ask Yourself. See how well do you responded to these questions. So far I had skipped two. My bad. Well how about trying this game on your own? Maybe it will you to know yourself a little bit better. And if you got some extra time, please leave some comments before walking away to another blog. Thanks for your time and I hope you enjoy my questions and answers. I'm doing this for fun sake. Thanks guys!

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