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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

2012 trip to Genting Highlands: Indoor Adventures

Hello. How you guys doing? If you ask me, i'm doing rather well on my own. I had so much activities going on around me that I didn't realized I haven't meet my friends for about a month! Crazy right? But with the internet things going on, sometimes you just forget some stuff. Like people who are usually around you. But no worries, that's why we got Facebook right?

Well, I would like to kick-start my July entry with some news. I went to Genting Highlands couple of weeks ago. About 3 days after I set my feet at home. Yup, I haven't posted any pictures yet in the Facebook but it'll come around soon. Or maybe not. Still, I want my Miserer and blogwalkers to be the first one too caught the glimpse of the pictures. You know how special you guys in my heart.

As the old sayings goes, a pictures can hold 1001 stories, so I uploaded some of them here and let you guys tell the story. Enjoy!

My brother and I on our way to Genting Highlands.
Look at my brother sleeping... isn't he cute?
Now, like our last time trip to Genting Highlands (2009), we stayed at the same place: Selesa Hillhomes apartment. My mom was the who made all the reservation and said that she prefers living in the apartment because we can cook there. As a guest to this apartment, we received the visitor pass for the car and went to Genting Highlands the very next day.. Since we had been to the outdoor theme park before and barely could even catch one rides (T.T), we decided to go to indoor ones this time around (in hoping that the same trouble wouldn't arise again) (-.o)
Hello Genting... Long time no see...
My favourite moment: because all of my family members
are here. 
Inside the First World Indoor Theme Park.
You can see a whole lot of Hollywood
references thrown all over the places.
Exemplary one: This Giant Golden Ocsar Globe up here. 
Taking a ride with my mom.
Watching the views so intently...
Let's get something to eat!: My family and I on our ways to
eat some delish chicken at Marrybrowns...
"Where's my chicken... I want to eat them now!" demanded
my mom. Haha, just joking... my parents were browsing
through the menu's.
Genting Highlands Strawberry Leisure Farm:
One of the most popular attraction in Genting Highlands.
We come here for the strawberry's and picture like
this... Hehe..
My brother and I.
Same place, different position - that's all.
At the lavender farms: my mom really enjoyed it
in here. And so does my brother from this picture.
I found my My Secret Garden!
Well, no so much a secret anymore, isn't?
Look what we found! An enormous cabbage.
I wish they had this for sale but since
I haven't seen them on the market -
it must be for display only. 
The end of our trip. Thanks for reading!
So everyone, that's the end for our Genting Highlands Trip (2012). I do hope that you guys enjoyed reading this entry and hopefully get beneficial from it in order to plan your own vacation. Have a nice day everyone and wasalam...

Sincerely: Mimi Said

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