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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Everyday is a mother's Day...

I know that with Mother's day coming along, people who loves their mothers might be thinking that "Well, it's mother day. What should I get for my mom this year?". For those who are still fortune, they might get their mother's some flowers, candy, card...etc... This are to show appreciation and gratitude for their mothers who had been raising, nurturing and loving them all this time. And for those who don't, they might be remembering their mother when she still around, sweet memories... memento that they had with her. Luckily, and by God-Will, I still have my mom around. So here's are my story about Mothers day with my mom.

For few years now, I been giving my mom Mother's Day and Birthday presents. Her reaction whenever she received them are, well should I say - she seems 'content' about it. Now I know that I didn't have much money ( I'm still a student) and living with my parents hard-earn money; still, I wanna show to my mom that I do remember those important days like Mothers Day and wanted to give her something to remember me by. So for this year, I had chosen a very simple present; a small bouquet of flowers (not alive) and a small teddy-bear key-chain with a big heart in it's body for her. I know, these kind of present does look cheap and easy to get but I keep thinking about mom when I brought it so, it's a bonus there. Mom's gift + my love. And, it didn't hit me that she will receive it happily and seems more than content with such small presents. Never before I had seen her as happy as I seen she received her 2012 Mother's day present. When I look at her happy face, I realized something. Mom doesn't care how do this present cost me (she doesn't even ask me the price) but the way I remembered. So the lesson to be learned here ( I guess) is never judge things from it's size. We never know that when even a small things like (present) this could had an effect on us. Judging from my mom reaction, I finally learn something valuable. I'm gonna love her more (in my own way) and thinking the best of ways to me us happy with each other.

I love you mom, and no matter what you do @ how you behave I always will. 

Mimi Said: Love from a daughter  

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