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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Around 2nd Mid-Sem Break Corner...

Untuk entry post aku awal bulan 4 ni biarlah aku start dengan dua perkataan yang guarantee every student like to hear; Semester Break! Haha, gerenti ramai yang looking forward for this thing to come. I'm pretty sure of that sebab aku pun sama...

Alright, this 2nd Sem break, things are little bit special for me sebab aku ada masa seminggu cuti untuk celebrate my 20th birthday (born April 13,1992) dengan family aku. Last year aku tak lucky sangat sebab terpaksa ambil final PSPM (nama exam di Matrikulasi) on my birthday and some friends even forget to wish me as they are too soaked up dealing with their finals. So, in summation - I spend quite lonely night on my 19th birthday (T.T) sobs... sobs... My ex-roommates only realized it after 3 days, and she made a belated birthday cards for me (so nice of her) as an apology for forgetting.

 For 5 years, I haven't had any birthday cakes - I think that I am too old for any birthday cakes after turned 12 but this year, I might consider having one. I'm still feeling resentment on how my birthday are celebrated last year (=.=). But we couldn't turn back time, so let just leave it to that.

Speaking about this 2nd Sem Break; that reminds me of something that coming along after it, oh dear...Mid-Sem exams. Ah, and I got 3 of subject (or is it two?) to cover too. I am pretty nervous and slightly feeling remorseful right now. Great another exams (sarcastically) - here we go again!. That also means I had to spend a week celebrating/studying. Whaat, really??? Again? Why.... Can't I just take celebrating instead? Baby, how everything comes with price these days?

Anyway, that's how I feel about my 2nd Sem break, how's yours? I hope it will be better than mine. Wishing you all a nice week-without-stress Sem break.

Sincerely: Mimi Said

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