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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Next Step: Pursuing studies in University...

Do you ever asked yourself, where do I go from here? Like literally? Coz that is something that I would like to ask myself like two or three times a day. I mean, where did you actually go after finishing your high school or in my case; matriculation? I made many stupid mistakes while I'm growing up but there is one thing, a wise decision that I made that I could never, ever regret; choosing Matriculation over a Diploma program.

I always consider myself as a bit of stubborn/'carefree' when it's about to make my own decision. Making it and suffers from it - it's something that I do quite often. I hate it when people trying to 'show me the way/the right path'. They should aware that this is my life we talking about in here. Not theirs. People can tell you what to do, and how you had to do it but at the end of the day; the consequences is on your own to bear. Something that I learn in a hard way, unfortunately.

As for me, I'm quite happy with how my life is going on. I finished my highschool, went to matrix for a year and now, I'm about to pursue my studies in degree at The National University Of Malaysia (NUOM). The reason why did I choose this University as my next move is because of two things; my childhood fantasy and brochure. As innocent and simple as that. There is something about NUOM that caught my interest (weird, I still can't figure it out till now), but the interest was there so I'm just kind of go with it.

As for my life now, nothing much is happening: just the usual- doing chores, eat, sleep, watching movies, facebooking etc etc... that's it. However, every weekend (Saturday especially) I went out with my family and just hang out. It's much better than stuck around the house for all day (weekdays)... Really it is... I get to enjoy myself a little bit here and there.

Alright, I guess that is then. That's all for now and till we met again in the next post. Bye bye...

Yours Truly,
Mimi Said

Friday, July 8, 2011

My Passion for Manga...

It wasn't easy to be separated from something that you 'LOVE' for most of your adolescence life... at least for me. I always had a passion for Manga/Anime; in fact I had an entire Detective Conan collection on my bookshelf as a prove(and other manga as well, you name it Naruto, Bleach.. etc etc)that I never thought someday I'll be abandoned it all. Not a clue! It's one of the hardest thing I ever did in my life. I been drawing cartoon ( way back then I don't know it was called "Manga") since I was five. And when I looked back, I realized that I had many memories with drawing and it seems impossible for me to suddenly 'overlooked' it.

There a magazine sell in Malaysia named "KREKO" magazine that accepts their readers artwork to been "show-off" in their magazine. And I still remember it well when I get my first artwork shown when I was 14.

I know it's a good moment after I saw my artwork been published! The feeling is so good (although my drawing wasn't that great back then)and for the first time I feel like my effort in practising drawing (not everyday, just when I felt like it) ACTUALLY worth it. My dad didn't really approved this particular interest as he think is just a waste of time (probably) but how come you can feel it's a waste of time when you're having a good time doing it? I know I like drawing and it sort of my thing...

Well, the sad part comes when I had to pursue my study in Matriculation college and my passion to draw had to be 'buried'-(now it's be revived!), I had to quit drawing for a whole year just to concentrate on my study. It's nonnegotiable considering my SPM result (5A/ 9 subj) wasn't that great. So I stopped drawing and when I almost forget about it, the last month I'm in that college I started to draw back. Old HABITS die HARD right? Huhu, I must admit it feel so great doing things that you love and care about for most of your life.

I guess my point is, never let important things been taken away from you cause (this is what I think) really shows who you really are. For example, don't stop eating only because you think you will gain weight (try eating healthy), stop playing soccer cause you think you suck at it ( you can always practice, remember practice makes perfect) or stop studying cause you feel like it ain't going anywhere (your future might be depended on it). What you can do instead is to start enjoying your day by doing something that you like and don't stop believing in it!!