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Saturday, February 5, 2011

A Boring Chinese New Year Holiday ~

Hello there ;) Mimi's here.

Eat, movie and sleep.... I done nothing except those three mentioned in five days of holiday. Haha, sound boring right? Besides gaining some weight and oversleeping, there not much to tell. BTW, my little bro is going to boarding school. Well, I hope he can survive on his own bcoz his big sister wouldn't be around anymore to give him some free advice. Good Luck bro.. I hope you survive boarding school. Don't let it get to you...

Haha, nasty ol' me...

I don't know when my UPS result will come out but I'm pretty sure i'm not GONNA LIKE IT! If I did not bad on my 1st semester, this 2nd semester I kinda drifted away. I feel lost. Absorbed into my own world. There only 2 months more to carry on so I had to prepare myself, mentally and physically. Frankly, I can't wait to finish matriculation. Just can't wait...

I brought 5 pair of jeans only for this month... isn't that crazy? My MUM asked me, why did you brought so much? Is not like u can wear them over there. I just smile and said nothing. The truth is I always love wearing jeans. My mum said that it is not proper for a girl, but I defy her cause I don't think it really my style. Maybe when I get older, I'll think about wearing those skirts and baju kurung to make my mom happy. Funny, I'm almost turned 19 this year. I should have my own style by now and not let other people (including my mom) dictate me what to wear.

Anyway, although I brought 5 pair of jeans, be with my family, had a good time watching movies and keep on eating lots of delicious food... I still feel like something is missing in my life. I wonder what could it be? Love maybe? After all, 5 pair of jeans are still poor substitution for a love :( Maybe I should made up my mind soon about to find a boyfriend or keep my single status.

Thank you for reading this entry. See you soon!

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