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Friday, July 2, 2010

Perfect Jazz Singers In My Ears: Norah Jones, Renee Olstead, and Melody Gardot

Okay, so I gotta admit, when I'm bored or lonely... I found music as a great way to break free. Thus, its no wonder for an eighteen year old like me to have her own preference in music and musician. Lately, I found myself listening to these three musicians. Here they are....

1.) Norah Jones

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Born: 1979 (American Singer & Actress)

Beautiful, super talented and a Grammy-winning artist.... That's what I could come out with when I think about this first singer; Norah Jones. I been listening to her since I was twelve years old and I never could quite forget about that beautiful big sister who plays splendidly at her grand piano before she starts singing her songs. Actually, forget her great piano playing - her soothing singing abilities alone can sway you for miles and miles away. As an avid fans of JAZZ songs, I would say, she's by far - my absolute favorite. p/s: Do you know that not only she can sing a good jazz, she also acted in a movie called 'My Blueberry Night' (2007)? Check it out, the movie is sweet just like her!

2.) Renee Olstead

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Born: 1989 (American Singer & Actress)

As a new addition to this list, I didn't know know that Renee Olstead is a talented jazz singer! Sure, I seen her act in a sitcom "Still Standing" many years ago (acting her part as an obnoxious teenager) but never, in a million years I would take her as a serious singer. Therefore, it's mind-boggling how this talented actress-turned-singer doesn't become a singer first. Her voice is amazing! If you take a time to hear her voice, you know that she sounds like a legit jazz singer. If you don't know where to start, than seek for a song called 'A Love That Will Last', an OST from Princess Diaries 2. She surely doesn't disappoint. 

3.) Melody Gardot

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Born: 1985

Sultry voice, incredibly luscious body and sweet whisper, there nothing that Melody can't do that wouldn't make me fall more in love with her.  Her first video music ever, "Baby I'm A Fool" really are one of the first songs I like which showcase me a different type of kind of musician she is. I had heard two of her albums so far, and many had become my favorites. I'm looking forward to see her drop next album and fall in love with her again!!

Thank you for reading this entry. Goodbye for now.

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