Confessional Preface

Hello, Mimi's here. My confession starts in 3, 2, ....

Sunday, March 7, 2010


Hi. I am Mimi Said, the one and only OWNER of this BLOG. If this is your first time of reading this blog, then I welcomed you on board - to your first journey across Angelic Confession; the ever-changing blog based on a summarized reflection of my life. 

'Angelic Confession' is like a public journal for me; where everything I had experience in life and if its deemed interesting enough to me - you could find it in here. In a way, it sort of signifies a period of growth in my life, because so far - there hasn't been a year that wasn't important for me.

After investing some quality time to find a good name for this blog, I finally settles with 'Angelic Confession'. Why did I choose this name, you ask? The reason for is simple. You see, for every post that had made it through here - you can say or see it as sort of a confession that I had make, not just to myself, but also to the whole wide world. It's not always easy to admit to something, you know (online or offline), which kind of made me wanted to believe that there's something pure to account for such an act....

Hence, the name - 'Angelic Confession'.

Most of the entry in this blog will be equally written in Malay & English - and apologies in advance, if there shall be any unsatisfactory or misleading thoughts upon my grammar. English is not my first my language, but I feel comfortable of using it and think that it shouldn't have been the reason to stop me, especially in writing.

All I wanted is for you to take a bit of your time, have this quiet journey with me and little peak in my life.

So, let the confessions begins.

Yours Truly,
Mimi Said