Confessional Preface

Thank you for choosing 'Angelic Confessions' as one of your online reading materials. I'm your host, Mimi. I hope you'll enjoy your visit here and if you could spare some time, please leave your suggestions or recommendation on the comment section below. Thanks again and have a nice day! P.S: This is a personal blog... No profitable ads/spam are allow in here!... I won't appreciate it so please behave...(Mimi Said)...

About Me

Myself, as in April 2017
Hello there, it's Mimi...

Growing up, I always been fascinated by the idea of becoming a different person than the others set you to be, and see how far it would take me in life. A mysterious person by nature and pretty observant - I could spot-tell, if I met any pretentious people within a radius mile. A self-proclaim and incurable hobbyist; I took pride on every little thing that I do, and always had a time to appreciate the beauty of nature as the moment passing by. 

'Rain' and 'Tea' are two of my favorite things in life.

'Angelic Confession' is my first serious 'personal blog' and it mostly circulate around my life, experiences, things that interest me and others. Hope you guys will enjoy reading all my post and feel free to drop some comment if you want too.

Fav Personal Quotes: 

"I don't always played by the rules, but when I did - I show it like I mean it."
"We may takes a different paths in life, but we still walk on the same pattern..."

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