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Thursday, April 13, 2017

The Act of Acceptance & Redemption - Part II

25 years she been on this earth
All heads had turned, yet she walks alone
25 more, she could cease to exist
Hoping for duet, yet solo she gets.

Came and gone, all of those years
In all the silence, she still able to hear
Think it once, but throw it twice
And all she got is just a wasted time

All little stardust and wishful thinking
Shut off the evil and let her dreaming
There'll be a time to let her decide
She loves you dearly, so be on her side

In every secrets that you had tried to hide
For each and one of them had been spread and apart
I wish you well and I wish you luck
Enjoy this last bit, before it get sucks

Born as a child, raised as a mother
Every small details could drive her madder
Said it's okay, but then do the other
How can anyone have loved you better?

She loved you then, and she still do now
Leaving you for better, don't ask her how
Kind-hearted angel, you'll always be in her heart
Always in her thought, even though you been living apart

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