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Friday, April 14, 2017

How I Celebrated My 25th Birthday (ALONE & With My Family)

Hello guys. How you all doing? Hope everything went great in your life. :)

Guess what? It has been my 25th Birthday yesterday!! Whaaat??....

So, 25 years old. Still single and alive. Yup, that's come into my head right in the morning of my 25th birthday. I don't know what it's about birthday, but always, and I mean it (always), I feel like I'm more single than ever (as Chandler Bing would've say; could you be any more singler???, lolz. Not funny? Ok). At times, I found that birthday is one of those annoying day where you're reminded of who you are and at which points of life you're currently in which in my case, it doesn't really strayed much because I'm still at the same point I had always been... Single and alive.

To be fair, with myself getting older - I can almost feel that my youth is slowly leaving me behind (not like I really care, but I would loove to keep my youthful appearance as long as I can) and the clock is ticking out for my exit. Heh, what a lame realization to have on your 25th birthday (I know), but I can't help it. Awareness, another annoying thing I had and sadly, couldn't live without, but that a story for another day.

Anyway, since yesterday was my birthday and I'm kinda celebrating it alone, how would you feel if I take you on a little journey throughout my day? Are you interested? FYI, I never done this in any of my blog post related to birthday before, so this is going to be a special one. If you think celebrating birthday on your own is quite pathetic and lonely, then maybe you're *half-way* right. But I wouldn't say that it doesn't have it's own perks as well. Don't believe me? Well, just continue scrolling through this post. 

So, are you guys ready? Here we go!

13 April 2017, Thursday (My Actual Birthday)
10.16 a.m - Just another morning with my mom. She's driving. XD
p/s: Did you notice the uncle on the motorcycle *sort of* photobombing us? 
11.01 a.m - Mom usually dropped me off around here before going to her dialysis treatment.
I decided to tag along because it's pretty depressing to celebrate a 25th birthday alone at home
(my bro already went back to his uni and my dad is at work) and I would continue to worry about my thesis.
Anyway, so glad that I decided to take a little break or else I would have missed
this *flying* umbrella at Malacca Sentral. Pretty neat don't you think?
12.49 p.m - Hanging out at Starbucks alone (sob...sob). But that's okay
(I plan to meet my homie (bro) around this week anyway), and hey, what a birthday would have been
without a cake, right? (I'm glad that Starbucks also have Red Velvet cake or else I would
have to go to somewhere else to have it.)
p/s: Oh, and excuse the e-book cover. That's just have been my light reading. Ehem...ehem...
12.49p.m - My 1st selfie as 25 years old. Not bad, huh?
It's all about that lighting, guys (and some filter, haha)... ;)
12.57p.m - My view outside of Starbucks this morning. It has been pretty quiet morning
though you can still see people passing by sometimes.
5.19 p.m - Home at Last. I keep on thinking  about planting at least two new plants
(preferably green) on my birthday this year and so HERE THEY ARE! I'm going to plant
the left one outside and put the right plant inside of the house. 
5.21 p.m - Conversation with My Dad, Mr. Chain Smoker. :))
It's always nice having a little chit-chat with my dad after he come back from work.
5.43 p.m - Having some light snack in form of cereal, low fat milk, and fruit.
To be honest, I wasn't a big fan of cereal, but somehow it always tasted 2x better when I'm hungry.
8.26 p.m - Dinner with my parents. So, for dinner we went to Marrybrown at
Freeport A'Famosa since it's the closest with our home. So sad that my bro wasn't here.
Dinner does get lonely when we're missing one of our family member. :(
Close view of what we ordered. Despite of the look, it's actually quite delicious.
10.25 p.m - Home Again AT LAST! - I didn't really ask my parents anything for my birthday this year.
Silently, I feel like being able to *still* see them every single day, talking, cracking jokes and sometimes
 being mad at each other, (overall just being around them) is a great gift enough for me.
I don't think that there's any presents could ever beat that! But, hey,  if your father ask you "do you want anything
*daughter* for your birthday?" - then who am I to decline, right? (͡o‿O͡)
And since my mom already brought me 3 pairs of jeans that I just love to death, I did ask my dad to
buy me these clothes from ESpirit to match (above picture). Good thing they have 20%  off if your purchased minimum 3 piece of clothing or else this is going to cost him a bit. $$$ saved. Thanks Mom and Dad for buying stuff for me.
You guys are AWESOME!!!

14 April 2017, Friday (The Next Day After My Birthday)
Just because your homie wasn't around you on the day of your 25th birthday, who says that you can't go out there to reach out to him? I, for one, see the importance of meeting people I care about and it didn't really matter to me if it's yesterday or today; as long as I can meet them. Better late than never, I always say... Knowing that my bro won't be home during my birthday, I had decided early on to set a time and have a belated birthday lunch/dinner with him around the area of his university and since The Mines among the closest one; we had chosen there to have a our meal and just hang out together as a fam. :). But, since it's also coincide with Friday prayer's, I took the 11.30a.m bus and we're able to get together around 2.40p.m. :)

3.25p.m - Yep, right there is my homie :)
My bro just got a new haircut. Handsome boy.
3.26p.m - Right here is me with my Peach Tea.
3.28p.m - And right here is our meal. Two sets of Sundubu Jjigae with Spicy Korean Chicken.
3.29p.m - Taking a moment for selfie before eating despite feeling starving!
5.08p.m - After lunch, my brother also treat me to the Secret Recipe cake.
This one is called New York CheesecakeDelish!! We even got free tea (Darjeeling) since we dined in 
(if you dined around 3-6 p.m in here then you can get the drink for free).
6.00-ish p.m - More selfie with my bro after tea. This is the last picture before we pretty much decide to
wrapped up the day. 
6.00-ish p.m - Here's another ONE. Haha. 
Aside from hanging out with my bro to celebrate my *belated* birthday, there's also something else that has been happening. But, for the sake of privacy and people involved, I had decided to keep the story to wrap up. Let it be a secret that only I and those who are there knows. XD Anyway, it had been a long-two-days report. Thank you for spending your time reading this entry. I hope you have a great time.

Mimi says: 25 years old now. Time to make serious adult decisions. Tough love, even more tough choices. 

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