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Sunday, April 30, 2017

10 Perks of Being a Homebody

Hello there. Mimi's here.

Okay, so for this next post...  I think I'm just gonna shoot straight to the point. 

I like STAYING at HOME. 

There I said it. And I mean what can I say. I really do like staying in. Does that makes me a recluse? If it is, then I might have been a recluse for more half a year now. According to wikipedia, a recluse is a person who lives a solitary life and tends to avoid other people. I still live with my parents and go out every now and then if I need to buy something so what does that makes me? Oh well, perhaps recluse is strong word... Perhaps the word 'homebody' is more suited in this situation. Yes, homebody. A person who likes to stay at home, and maybe, just maybe - slightly unadventurous. I think that is more appropriate for my case.

You see, I come from parents who had had a different ideas about family recreational time. While my mom enjoy going on a trip at any chance she got, my dad is the polar opposite. He wasn't a big on vacation, trips, and anything else that doesn't have the word 'education' behind it would completely fell into deaf ears. I guess that's one of the downside for having teacher as one of your parents (though I'm not sure, it could be just my dad). Anyway, I'm not trying to poke any soft nerve here so let me just point it out how his approach on recreational time had resulted me in becoming a homebody.

For starter, I don't think there's anything wrong of becoming a homebody. You stayed at home, do things you like, and it just simply gets better from there... I could've swear that whenever I gone out, my home is all I could think off. That how bad case of homebody I am... I never recognized myself as a homebody before, not until I reach my twenties anyway. I found myself to enjoy my free time alone, staying in at dormitory or at home feels like a close to safe haven to me, and everyday as movie night is a must than hanging out with friends. Seriously, there a lot of the things I got to do as a homebody, more than I could count I supposed. I guess there wasn't any easy way to explain to you how great it's to become a homebody so here's a 10 list that you can scroll down.

Please, enjoy...
1.) I Saved Up More Money By Staying In 

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Tell me, how much money does it usually cost you for going out? If you say below RM10.00, then I salute you my friend. I, for one, could never ever do that... Finding money is sure hard enough, but it's even worse if you're trying to save up.  Luckily, I found a way to save up more money just by staying in. I mean, even if you go out - you still gotta eat, pay for stuff, take a sh*t, and all the rest which if you combined - is almost the same by staying at home. I mean, it's okay to change scenery once in a while, but if I can have a better deal by staying in, I would rather to do just that, thank you.

2.) Everyday Is A Movie Night

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I'm not sure if there has been a day since I turned twenty years old that I have missed exclusively for movie night. Like ever! Being homebody allow this to happen and with the existence of technology, internet and all - it's just a matter of resources and time before you discover old/new movies that might be up around your corner. Anyway, luckily I'm always had a way to get my healthy dose of excellent movies and there wasn't anything  that I would want more than this. 

3.) I Develop An Affinity Passion for Mini DIY Projects

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From painting my home to cupboard restoration to flower arrangement - there hasn't been anything (except some plumbing and electricity) that I haven't try out. Being a homebody allows me to inspect every inch of my home and understand which part of the room being used that often and which one are not. The truth is, I love decorating and this is where my mini DIY projects takes flight. I like planing the space that I want to change and find extreme pleasure in go ahead and do it. Try bringing new life into a room are so refreshing and uplifting. Don't believe me? Try it out sometimes and you'll understand what I mean.  

4.) I Got to Collect More Hobbies 

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Hobbies... There's hundreds, probably thousands of them out there and I used my position as a homebody to expanded it every single year. Now, I don't want to bore you down with the details (I probably have around 10-12 hobbies by now), but having hobbies is what keeping being homebody as interesting. Here's a couple of hobbies that I found as enjoyable;
  • Watching Movies/TV-Series/Drama
  • Reading Book
  • Writing Novel
  • Flower Arrangement
  • Gardening
  • Interior Decorating
  • Song-writing
  • Vlogging
  • Blogging
  • Exercising/Dancing
  • Photography/Selfie
  • Bird-watching (because there's a lot of cute bird around my house)

5.) I Could Indulge in Reading Book and Drinking My Favorite Drink

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Last year I finished around 34 books even though I originally aimed to finish just 25 of them. It may be some extra 6 books or so, but I'm still happy about this accomplishment, nevertheless. So this year I'm aiming slightly higher, which is around 30 books. Though, it has been a very busy year for me, so I'm crossing my fingers on this one. 

6.) I Feel More In Control Over Situation (comfort zone, anyone?)

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Truth to be told, I like to be in charge. I mean, who doesn't? If I happen to have even an ounce of entrepreneurship inside of my body; I already had become my own boss by now. But I wasn't, so we have to settle with the next best thing. Taking control of the situation in my daily life. I hate it when being told what to do by people I don't know, and hate it even more if they somehow try to influence me to follow their lead. What can I say? I just like being in control and being a homebody allows me be in my zone for like - all the TIME. If you think I would be worried about my messed up bed, cluttered dishes and messy book piles - well the answer is, I don't. That's because have my own system to keep everything organized. My solution is; clean your sh*t before you leave. So that also means, make the bed, wash the dishes and clear the piles right after you finish.

7.) Remember That Forever Alone Syndrome? (I Don't Really Feel It Anymore)

Another perks that come with being a homebody is that I learn to get used being on my own. I know it might seem like sad thing to admit but trust me - I get so used being alone that the term 'Forever Alone' doesn't mean a thing to me anymore except just a simple terms used to degrade another human being who may or may not, enjoy being ALONE. I used to be so scared that I will eventually becoming mental over my situation but so far - I have feel nothing but joy. Interactions can get tiring sometimes and that's why I tried to learn to tolerate my own company just in case the crowds are no longer around.  

8.) I Got to Enjoy Little Things More 

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There's nothing I like best than waking up early in the morning in my own bed, then coming across to the sound of the birds chirping, while drinking my morning tea. Call that boring or lame, but I like it. Hell, I LOVE it. I can't think of any other way to wake up now. There's actually something beautiful in simplicity of life, if you know where to look. I used to want bigger things or bigger dreams; now I just want to enjoy little things even more.  
9.) I Got More Time for Plants and Pet
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When I was away during my university days, I found it hard to keep a living plants, let alone pets. Now, those two things are my best friends. I love walking around the garden near my house when I got the time to watch the flower and playing with my pet even though I'm tired. It's really a quality time that I never had before and I'm enjoying every second of it by being close to home.

10.) I Found Rainy Days Are The Best Day of Them All

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Ah, rain... One of my favorite weather of them all, especially if  I'm planning to stay in. Nothing, I feel, could beats the rain and a good cuppa tea. It's almost raining at my hometown now, so maybe I should grab the book and mug close to me and start that reading, huh? 

So, I think that's it for today post. I really enjoy writing down the list of things that I love and I do hope you would enjoy reading it too. Thank you for reading this post and I hope to see you soon (well, maybe not too soon). Goodbye now and have a nice day!

Mimi says: Need a cuppa now. What to do when I'm a tea-addict? XD

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