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Monday, December 12, 2016

Mimie's Picked Songs:Triple Album Reviews - featuring Bruno Mars, The Weeknd & Ariana Grande

Hello there. How you all be doing? Mimi's here.

So, it's been almost a year since I last made my feature artist of the month/year. I can't believe that a year had gone off like that without me making any reviews about the latest album that I'm currently/had been loving. Well, to be honest, that's because I haven't got into any good artist lately. All the songs on the radio sounded the same to me, all the mainstreams junk and I couldn't be bothered to catching up with the rest of the world.

However, just because I hate most of the mainstream songs and would avoided it at all cost doesn't mean that there weren't any out there that is good. I know that there's and I'm not a total hater, alright? So, this post is going to be all about that. I do hope you guys enjoyed the rest of this list. ;)


1.) Bruno Mars - '24K'                                                                  Date Released: 18 Nov 2016

Alright, so I wasn't exactly a fan of Bruno Mars when he first come out (2009/2010). Seriously, I'm not a big fan and certainly never hope to see the day where I'm gonna like this guy and his music. But, fast forward to seven years later - I'm now singing a 'different'  tune. Yes, I definitely like this guy now. Haha. So, it took me his third album to finally understand what people are talking about this guy and I can't believe that t took me this long... Seriously, this guy not only great, but phenomenal! I like nearly half of the songs from this almost and that's really saying a lot. I guess it's true what they said - third time is a charm. I know who Bruno Mars before, but this new album certainly makes me feel like discovering him again. This album is so great, I don't think I have a word for it. As Bruno said so himself - he drawn his main inspiration while writing for this album was to write it like a movie, imagining all them girls screaming out his name and.... you know what, let me just stop myself right there. I'll let the album speaks for itself.

Below are the tracklist from Bruno latest album '24K' and the one highlighted in black are the ones I'm digging right now. So, let's check it out yo!

Album Tracklist

1.) 24k Magic
2.) Chunky
3.) Perm
4.) That's What I Like
5.) Versace On The Floor
6.) Straight Up and Down
7.) Calling On My Lovelies
8.) Finesse
9.) Too Good To Say Goodbye

The Weeknd - 'Starboy'                                                                       Date Released: 25 Nov 2016

So, it was during last year when I first found out about The Weeknd and the song was 'Earned It'. Yup. You heard me right. Most of you people probably know this by now, but if you don't - 'Earned It' is one of the official soundtrack from 'Fifty Shades of Grey' movie and boy - was I real excited about that movie last year or not (hence this song). Hehe. Anyway, so that song get me to hearing Abel ak.a The Weekend musics at the first place and my curiosity only grew from there. But, as it turns out, 'Earned It' it wasn't enough to earn my love for Abel and it become the only song I seem to dig in from this upcoming Canadian born singer. However, just like the story with Bruno Mars and 24K, then 'Starboy' come out. And boy, how my opinion and preference had changed. I found myself beginning to dig The Weeknd, again.

Alright, I don't have much to say except that almost similar like '24K', I can feel like Abel is telling his own story in here. Not in the way how Bruno Mars envision his, of course (with them screaming girls, like a movie...etc), but more honest and direct story-telling of his past life. Now of course, I don't know a lot about Abel and his past life - but a lot of the lyric in his songs feels like it hit the homerun to me. Honest, Compelling and if I dare to say - a bit SAVAGE. Haha. Well, I really like it when musician starts putting a piece of their life into their songs. Makes you become less wonder and starts to understand where these musician is coming from because if there anything to know about them celebrities and musicians is, not a lot of them were born with a silver spoon on their mouth (except Adam Levine, Taylor Swift, and Lady Gaga, maybe). I mean, everybody had their own humble beginnings, am I right?

So, below are the tracklist from Abel latest album 'Starboy'. The one highlighted in black are the ones I'm digging right now. Scroll down and check it out!

Album Tracklist

1.) Starboy (feat. Daft Punk)
2.) Party Monster
3.) False Alarm
4.) Reminder
5.) Rockin
6.) Secrets
7.) True Colors
8.) Stargirl Interlude (ft Lana De Ray)
9.) Sidewalks (feat Kendrick Lamar)
10.) Six Feet Under
11.) Love To Lay
12.) A Lonely Night
13.) Attention
14.) Ordinary Life
15.) Nothing Without You
16.) All I Know (feat Future)
17.) Die For You
18.) I Feel It Coming (feat Daft Punk)

Ariana Grande - 'Dangerous Woman'                                               Date Released: 20 May 2016

So, this is my 2nd picked songs from album entry for Ariana Grande. Love this gal, she is real great. Her songs most consists from RnB, Ballads, and Pop and I'm just a huge sucker for RnB. No song is as sexy and laid back as RnB (in my opinion, at least). So, after almost a year touring and promote songs from her second album 'My Everything', my gal had finally arrive with her third album, previously titled as 'Moonlight' and re-titled as 'Dangerous Woman'. She said she changed the title because 'dangerous' sounds more like her and her life progression, to which I say - do whatever your heart tell you gal, nobody stopping. I honestly have no problem with that, as long she keep on releasing these awesome tracks on her album. However, after been left hanging for almost a year, I was left with a bit of disappointed feelings with this new album. 

That's because, despite of many of her singles are making at the Billboard chart, not a lot of them become my personal favorites (remember when I said, I didn't like mainstream music? Well, a lot of them are in this album :( ). And don't let me start talking about the cover art she uses in this album... A woman wearing a latex mask in a shape of bunny? Is that supposed to be cute or sexy? Or both? I don't know, but I don't think it look good on her at all. In fact, I feel like it's a little bit disturbing. Like we had this petite singer in a latex mask that almost resembles things that BDSM community might like to wear and as a girl and semi-fan; how am I supposed to react to this? Should I like it for it's artistic representation or should I freaking walk away and not make this review at all? Anyway, I choose not to be dramatic and carry on with this review anyway cause I still feel some of the new songs from this album deserves some praise and love.

So, are you guys ready? Those highlighted are the one that I used to dig. I might not liking it so much but don't forget to check this album out...

Album Tracklist

1.) Moonlight
2.) Dangerous Woman
3.) Be Alright
4.) Into You
5.) Side to Side feat Nicki Minaj
6.) Let Me Love You feat Lil Wayne
7.) Greedy
8.) Leave Me Lonely ft Mach Gray
9.) Everyday feat Future
10.) Sometimes
11.) I Don't Care
12.) Bad Decisions
13.) Touch It
14.) Knew Better / Forever Boy
15.) Thinking Bout You
16.) Step On Up
17.) Jason's Song (Gave It Away)
18.) Focus

And that's a wrapped, I think. Thank you for reading this entry. I really hope you enjoy this list, leave a comment if you want to but most of all - do have a real nice day. Goodbye and see you around, guys!

Mimi Says: As the year is wrapping up, I'm so glad that I have all of these nice albums that I can listened too. What a great way of ending my year. 

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