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Friday, December 16, 2016

5 Must Try Products from The Body Shop Store (2016)

Hello there! How everyone doing? Hope everything went well in your life. As for me, I'm feeling pretty good and as always, thanks for clicking on this post.

So, as you can read from above title - today I'm gonna talk a little bitty about one of my current favorite shop; The Body Shop (TBS). I am quite into bath products lately and I think some of the product from TBS are real good. I'm going to share a couple of them in here today and I will try my best to make it as simple and informational as possible. If you never been to this store or check out the online one yet, you will quickly realize that there's a plenty of choices offered by TBS and for first timers ( trust me, I been here before), making the right decisions can be a little bit overwhelming. Therefore, to ensure that your first experience buying from this store are the happy ones and worth it, I'm listing off a couple of my favorite product from this store. Now, I know that I'm just a stranger and there's no good reason for you to be listening to my suggestion, but you click/found this post... My guess is that you must be at least interest to know about the must try products from TBS. Anyway, putting that thought on a high note - I certainly hope that my list could be inspiring to you and surely, I'll be happy if it helps you out to make the decision. ;)

Alright, as promised - so here's are a couple of my favorites ones that you should definitely try out if you are new to this shop. I fall in love with the products, right after I first testing/applying it out. I'm sure, other TBS products work very well too, but these are my all-time-favorites. Trust me, they are the best! You definitely won't regret it!

1.) The Body Butters

Shea, Strawberry, Coconut, Raspberry, and Olive, and are just a couple of my all-time favorites.

If this is your first time trying out body butters from TBS, there's no way you could do wrong, especially with the first two. I really love the natural and nutty smell from shea body butter every time I applied it on my skin, and deeply smitten towards the fresh strawberry scent emitted every time I applied the strawberry one. Both are real good. However, having just two body butters can be a little bit boring so I like to mixed it up a little. My three other favorites had to be the coconut (they ran out this quite often so make sure you grab it the moment they had this in the store), raspberry (also quite hard to find, considering that it's a season kind of thing), and once in a blue moon; olives (because what could ever go wrong by putting olive on your skin?).

Anyway, what I like about these body butters how moisturizing it feels every time I applied it on my skin and how long the smell last (some even lasted 48 hours). I also like that they had two sizes for every scent (50ml and 200ml) and how it fits for any occasions when I need them (50 ml for travelling, 200 ml for daily use). However, I often buy it in the small size (50ml) and try to make it last for about a month, maybe more. The reason for me sizing up on the travel size is to ensure that by the end of the month, all my body butters are gone so that no germs can starts building up inside my body butters (not like I'm a germ freak or anything, but...) and I'm free to try out other scent again. ;)

2.) The Shower Cream

Again, just like the body butter, I also have an unexplained fondness for certain scent for my shower cream. However, since I usually prefer to use soap bars instead of shower cream - I didn't have a wide range of favorite, but the scent coming from these three shower creams; Strawberry, Shea and Mango are absolutely gorgeous! Refreshing (strawberry), natural (shea) and ever-so-yummy (mango), these three are definitely worth trying out because I had used them before and I like it.

3.) The Facial Cleanser

Well, when it comes to facial cleanser, there's no easy answer to my problems. For starter, I had an oily type of skin which only gets worse as the day continues. Now that is not really appealing so, naturally - I had to get rid of them somehow, right? Thank God that I finally found these two products; Seeweed Deep Cleasing and Tea Tree Facial Wash. I used the Seeweed facial during the day to help me control those nasty oils on my face and I finished it off by putting on the Tea Tree to get rid of the scar and unwanted blemishes for the night. So far it's working so good. I'm so happy that I finally find these two little savior! 

4.) Soap Bar

So, as I already mentioned above - I absolutely loveee all of my soap bars. I prefer them more than the shower cream, obviously for many personal reasons. I like using soap bars so much, that I can't wait for each and one of them to finish off so I could use the new one. So what are my all-time favorites from The Body Shop? Well that definitely had to be Wild Argan Oil, Shea, Strawberry, Olive and Mango, my friend.

5.) Hands and Foot Cream/Spray

There's no way I'm leaving this list entry without telling you what my favorite hands and foot cream/spray are. No way! So, here comes the solution for one of the most hard-working parts of your body (hands) and one of the most neglected parts of the body (feet)... I mean, guys - you should know that hands and foot needs love too and this is where my list is gonna come handy. Anyway, so what kind of hands and foot cream you should be hunting if you're planning on buying from The Body Shop? Well, I got a couple of suggestion for you guys so please - brace yourself... I highly recommended Almond Hand and Nail Cream, Strawberry Hand Cream, Argan Oil Hand Cream, Honey and Beeswax Hand and Foot Butter, and last but not least, Peppermint Foot Spray for the first spin. I know that's pretty a lot but trust me, you don't have to get all of them - just one for each (hands or foot) are enough. After a week or two, you will definitely start seeing the difference. You will immediately realize how moisturizing and healthy your hands/foot had become from using one or all of these products.

So, I guess that's it guys.... My 5 must try products from The Body Shop. Now, of course, I'm not encouraging you to buy everything I had listed in here, nor I'm being an advocate/getting paid from TBS. I'm just stating you my preference with a high hope that in some small way, it could be beneficial for a person out there who had never buy any products from this shop before or didn't have a clue on what they should get on their first buyout. Anyway, I really hope you enjoyed this list, please leave a comment if you feel like doing so and most of all, thanks you for reading this entry! See you soon.

Mimi Says: Taking bath/shower will never feel the same again after experiencing The Body Shop.

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