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Sunday, May 15, 2016

My Anime Crossed-off List for the Half 2016 & Review - Part 1

[This post is rated-R for language and bluntness. Read at your own risk! This list may also contain spoilers of certain anime. You all had been warned.]

Hello, hello there. How you all doing? Mimi's here.

Okay, it's May 2016 already and looks like almost half of the year had gone. Like the hell? Where did the time goes, I wonder? Hehe, never mind that. I know where all of that time went. It's a question that needed no answer. Silly me for even saying it at the first place.

So, with the half of year almost gone, I guess the time has come for me to step-on this post. Yup, it already stated up there, right on the title. Anyone who are interested with what I'm about to unravel, then please - sit back, relax and enjoy scrolling, but if any of you lots out there whom not only non-anime fan, but also hate anime or anything in general - then what the fak man? What the hell are you doing here? I got no room for people who're not interested in what I have to say. So, leave, please.... (while I'm still asking you nicely).

Anyway, enough with blabbering sh*t - let's get straight to this post. Yeah, My Anime Crossed-off List for the Half 2016 and some short review about it. Mind you that this is only coming from my own opinion as a 24 years old, single, female otaku who enjoyed watching anime in her spree time and had nothing to do with peer pressure nor mass favorites. Also, it's not like I'm getting paid to write this or anything - I just wrote it because I want too.

So, with that being clearly said, I hope you enjoy my list and review. Hope you guys would also enjoy my laid-back style of writing it, yeah?

(Just so we're clear, the numbering on this list had nothing to do with how much I like the anime or whatnot. I just listed them in no particular order.)

1.) Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae wo Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai / The Flower That We Saw That Day

Image credit:

Year Released: 2011;
Date Watched: March 2016  

Reason Why I Watched This:
I was bored and the main character (the girl in a silver hair, her name is Menma, btw) kinda captured my attention (I thought she's cute). I have no freaking idea what this anime is all about, except for the sole knowledge that one of them is probably dead. I didn't look further though, fearing that it might spoil everything. Since the only character in here that's wearing white dress and have funny hair color is Menma, I just assumed it was her. I was right, though.

Memorable character:
I'll be too nice for saying it was Menma, but since everyone else in this anime are pretty much forgettable character and freaking annoying - hell yeah, it's this is weird-looking girl alright.

My Review:
Hah... What more can I say except I think this anime is pretty lame. Among all the character shown over here, the male lead, which is the guy in the red shirt - probably irritates me the most. I gained nothing from this guy except for his lazy-bum-hating-school attitude and weird connection with the dead girl because he sorta, kinda, maybe liked her when she's still alive. Believe me, as the story progress, you just couldn't help but looking at this little shithead, feeling like slamming his head on the table a couple of times and then says - 'Dude, the fak are you thinking? Let the dead stayed dead. Go to school already you little piece of waste!'... Yeah, I know that's pretty mean, after all the guy is still pretty much grieving for his dead friend, but that's not the reason to avoid school and being a reclusive bum! Heh, what an annoying character indeed... 

Other than the bum, there's also other annoying characters such as Anaru (the pigtail girl), whom secretly harboring feelings towards the bum (his name is Jintan, btw) who existence contributes to nothing except from being a sad, forgotten third wheel, Yukiatsu (cool, brown haired guy) who perfect in every single way, but like the bum, also unable to move on from the dead girl (Menma) whom he likes when he's little (mottainai), Tsuruko (the glass-wearing chick), who also like Anaru, a third (maybe fourth?) wheel and harboring feelings towards Yukiatsu and last but not least, the fatty boy, Poppo, a simple minded guy who even though a school dropout, are doing so much better than the bum since travelling around the world while working and paying for it.  

Okay, despite of some shitty character, to be fair - the story itself is quite nice. What will happen to a close-tight group of friends, after one of them left the world for good (or in this case, stills lingers around)? Will he/she be remembered or completely forgotten? What will happen to people who gets left behind and if he/she couldn't moved on, how that will effect people who're still living? Yup, the story built itself based on these questions and as much as it had its brush of with real life; this anime would probably do better with more interesting characters. 

Rating: 3.1/5.0 (thank God for Menma or the story will suck ass...)

2.) Death Note

Image credit:

Year Released: 2006/2007;
Date Watched: March 2016

Reason Why I Watched This:
For years, Death Note had always been one of the anime that I know, deep down inside of my heart - I need to watch before I die and luckily enough; I'm able to do it this year. I finished this 37 episodic anime with high hope that I shall be entertained for every single episode and sure enough - I got what I bargain for. Funny enough, I only watched the live action when it first come out and I know that the anime will be equally good once I could get down and watch them. Sure, I wasn't left disappointed...

Memorable character:
The two characters, which is Yagami Light and L, are truly the star of this show. 

My Review:
So, you got two equal geniuses fighting against each other for the good and evil. One side wanted to banished (other words, killed) evil people left in this world using the power of God from the notebook he received (that can kill anyone who name are written in it), while the other side is trying to stop him. Yeah, that's pretty much sum up what Death Note is.

You see, I don't really understand the hype of Death Note when this first come out, why people talking about it, praising the anime and whatnot; but now, at 24 years old - I think finally gets it after watching it for the first time. Though the years may gone by and the anime/manga had celebrated its 10 year anniversary only last year; this series are pretty much still brilliant that for a moment there, I almost regretted for not watching this one sooner. I must say, the writer and drawer are absolutely fantastic and they done a great job in making all the elements in Death Note works together without too foreshadowing the other. I know a lot of people might be saying how much they hated the ending because it's too PG-13, but let's get real for a second here.... Don't you guys at least think that in the end, Light get what he deserves? Anyone?

Rating: 4.67/5.0 (Awesome show, must watch for anime fans)

3.) Boku dake ga Inai Machi / ERASED
Image credit:

Year Released: 2016; 
Date Watched: March 2016  

Reason Why I Watched This:
Great rating from MAL and curiosity mostly. No idea how this anime is going to be and just follow with the flow. I thought the art is quite good but never thought that its going to be a serious kind of anime.

Memorable character: Kayo Hinazuki and Satoru Fujinoma. Damn, doesn't Hinazuki-chan tragic life story just make anyone cried a bucket and makes me think hard about my own upbringing. (sobs)

My Review: 
One of the best murder-mystery, psychological anime series I had encounter in my life so far.  I swear that I was so intrigue with this anime, that finished the 11 episodes (out of 12) in just a day! Man this animu was addictive and I love it!

So, we have some time travel going on in this anime where the main character, which is Satoru Fujinoma who can turned back and forth through time to fix tragedy around him from happening. Satoru-kun, who is a 28 years old mangaka/part-time pizza delivery man had always had some guilty-feeling upon a tragedy that happened about 18 years ago to one of his classmates, Kayo Hinazuki, a selected victim in a (unsolved) serial murder case in his town. Unable to save Hinazuki and two others; Satoru have been guilt-ridden for years until he's unexpectedly given an opportunity to travel back in 1988 (after a tragic thing that happened to his mom which served as a key to a crucial detail for that 18 year old case). Knowing that this time he probably have a shot in saving Hinazuki and others, Satoru immediately grabbed this opportunity and guess what: he even got to rock his investigation in a body of his 10 year old self! Yeah, quite fascinating, isn't? Thus, began a game of cat and mouse where one side have the upper-hand of knowing the future and fixing the past, while the other side keeps on waiting for the right opportunity to carry out his/her heinous and diabolical plan.  

To be honest, I usually enjoy watching psychological movies, but when it comes in a form of anime - my reaction towards it are mixed. Yet, I finished this anime with a huge satisfaction playing on my face and thinking - 'Boy, isn't that a good anime for 2016?'.  Man, I got no words to describe how much I love this anime. The powers to travel back through time, the tragedy, and suspense.... Everything is vital in delivering this anime series to where it supposed to be. Some people hated the ending, but I thought that was quite okay and understandable. Anyway, I like it so thumbs up for this anime series!
I think I'm going to re-watch this again! Hehe... 

Rating: 4.5/5.0 (For great story-line, character, and art style)

4.) Mirai Nikki
Image credit:

Year Released:2011/2012;
Date Watched: April 2016

Reason Why I Watched This:
This anime had been sitting on my hard-disk for almost two years, so I figure it's about to time for me to watch it and figure what this anime is all about. I heard some hype about it during my first year in university (yeah, 2011/2012), but I was stubborn, so I don't really give a damn so much back then. Anyway, so I finally get down to watch this anime this and yeah, I think I like it much to even watch the OVA's that comes out about a year later (2013). Well deserved coz I'm a sucker for happy ending.

Memorable character: YUNO GASAI (need I say more, fellas?)

My Review:
Imagine a battle-royale RL* set of game, a phone diary that can tell you your future, 12 unknown contestants, and a single throne seat in Heaven that could be yours if you win this game. Then, add on a strong-headed, crazy bitch/stalker female character, a weakling/helpless male lead, BL*, and some other side characters who are willing to go the mile in order to become God. Also, add on some more weapons, gun, explosive or whatever necessary to make the story more gory and exciting and..... 

YOU just got yourself a total glimpse of what Mirai Nikki is, fellas... Congratulations! Isn't that exciting?

So, if you like even one of things I just mentioned, then maybe you gonna like this anime too. Like myself, after watching a couple of episodes - I don't really care about what this anime is really about or how its going to end, as long as my Yuno wasn't the one who is dying. Man, I love this crazy bit*h so much!! Haha... I guess this is the weird side of me is talking (sorry about that).

Well, since I already talked about the plot, let's jump into the characters a little - shall we? Okay, let me introduce to you to the badass female protoganist in this fucked up anime first. YUNO GASAI. Yes, our beautiful little pink haired lady, Yuno.

The one I would proudly called as my ultimate waifu*....

You see, my waifu here is the kind of girl who will do anything for her man, although the same couldn't be said about her man(child) Yukiteru "Yuki" Amano who sacrifices towards Yuno had so far accumulate to nothing but a mere ant-pee contribution (can this guy get any lamer per second?). Man, I had no idea what my waifu sees in this weakling... Ughh, looking at how he's hiding behind her in every freaking fight while scared to make any important decision by himself (not until at least the end of the series, anyway) definitely makes me cringe and wanna punch myself in the face (not literally guys, so please...). Time and time again, I found myself saying, "Man up, Yuki! You pathetic wuss, you! Quit hiding from behind my waifu skirts, you bakayaro*!" Well, I was hardcore screaming back then. Like totally!

But, yeah... Yuno my waifu doesn't care what I have to say... I mean, if you had watch this series yourself then you know how she keeps on running and coming back to this 'ant-pee' (what the fak did I just write?) anyway. Still, it's quite unfair to keep talking about my waifu choice in a detrimental relationship without taking any consideration towards other awesome character such as Minene Uryu and Akise Aru as well. I mean.. have you seen these two? They rocks and bombs in the show! Well, you must know...right? Why? Haven't you watch this weird sh*t yet?

Oh my... Sorry then about that spoiler that I put up there.

Rating: 4.4/5.0 (Oh, Yuno... You deserves so much better man, my waifu!)
i.) RL - Real Life;
ii.) BL - Boys Love (Shonen Ai/Yaoi);
iii.) waifu - a fictional character that anime/otaku fans considered as their wife/husband in anime culture;
iv.) bakayaro - Vulgarish ways of saying 'Idiot' or 'Fool' in Japanese.

5.) Sakurako-san no Ashimoto ni wa Shitai ga Ummatteru
Image credit:

Year Released: 2015; 
Date Watched: April 2016  

Reason Why I Watched This:
I thought this anime series would be similar to Bones or True Detective or whatever, so yeah - I thought I just give it a try first and see how I like it. Well, the cases presented in this anime is pretty good and the character was interesting too, so I decided to stay until the end.

Memorable character: It's in the title: Sakurako-san.

My Review:
So, the basic story-line of this anime series was quite simple; a boy named Shoutarou Tatewaki realized that there's a mystery woman living in a big ol' mansion which existence seems to be hiding from the world and he got curious (yeah, that's also one way to start an anime story except high school settings or perverted teacher-student relationship). Anyway, since his curiosity and raging-boy hormones are getting the best of him, naturally Shoutarou decided to stalk this woman (in non-threatening ways, of course) and after a while, suspected that she's possibly a serial killer (wow, what a turned out).

However, as the series progress, this is revealed not to be the case and this woman, named as Kujou Sakurako or Sakurako-san, wasn't really a murderess. She really is just a normal woman who exceptionally have some weird fascination/knowledge/fetish towards bones (yes, you heard me... BONES). Not only that, Sakurako-san also have a knack to solve the mystery surrounding dead person/bodies (like what again?). Anyway, corpses and bones seems to be piling around this woman so much (though she have nothing to do with it), that in a way, she kinda reminds me of Edogawa Conan from Detective Conan series where murder keeps on happening around him coz really, like he's the only one who can solve it. (sad, but true).

So, the pair later struck a friendship/partnership in investigating strange cases (in one of the most sisterly-brotherly ways I had ever seen in an anime for a while), as they began to unravel the mystery and truth behind the victims death. Quite unlikely pair since they are not related whatsoever, but their chemistry is what keeping this series alive and in one way, making me watch it until the end. 

Rating: 4.2/5.0 (I like it, but not to the point that I'm willing to sit down and re-watch the whole series again coz you know, bones and dead people are kinda ewwy....)

6.) Himoutou! Umaru-chan
Image credit: google image

Year Released: 2015; 
Date Watched: April 2016  

Reason Why I Watched This:
One of my favorite Youtuber recommended this anime in one of his videos and I was instantly smitten by the main character, Umaru Doma

Memorable character: U-MA-RU.( Duhh!)

My Review:
So, lookie here lookie here.... Look at what we got but a cute little sister by the name of Umaru Doma! Umaru, a beautiful and perfect high school girl to the eye in her school and world... From studying to sports, or beautiful girl to a helpful citizen -  this girl looks like she could do no wrong. In a way, her perfection becomes the solid reason for people to keep their interest in her, even though none of them really know who or what she is, outside of the school.  

It's pretty understandable that like any other animu character or human beings in general; in reality, nobody is really that flawless and boy, don't Umaru know it better... Yes, despite of the perfection image she projected outside and positive attitude towards everything; this perfect girl is living a secret lifestyle that could even make Hannah Montana jealous! You see, the all-around, perfect Umaru here is actually just a lazy, anime/geimu (games) and cola addict, junk food loving, borderline hikikimori (reclusive) little sister. This personality easily submerged when she's at home where she's reverted herself into chibi version and had a child-like manners towards her big bro, Taihei Doma (also known as 'Onii-chan').

Well, well... did I just wrote Umaru is living with her big bro just now? Like really? Only the two of them in the same place? Hehe... don't you guys out there have a dirty mind now... This animu is not that kind of animu, okay? This is the clean vers. and adorable kind of anime. Go search on hent*i site and type (fill in the blanks) if you're interested on that sort of things. Go now! Nobody is stopping you, you crazy sick ped........ 

Anyway, a lot of reviews from people who already watched this anime have their mixed feelings about Umaru... Some thinks that despite of her laziness and spoiled act; she is still adorkable, while others seems to think that Umaru selfish behavior here at least deserved some beatings with a stick... (No... not that kind 'stick' but uh...) Well, if you asks me... if there shall be anything that Umaru deserves to be receiving is probably the title as the 'Most Useless Little Sister in The Anime History'! Yeah, she should have that title if it does exists coz she surely would win that one by default! Hehe...

Anyway, to be fair - I do love Umaru. I don't have a little sister in real life (not like I intended to have one), but if I'm a big brother who is busy working all the time with no dating life; then I would probably love to have a little sister like Umaru too whom I could scold every single day if she become lazy.  I mean... after a long day at work, Umaru would do great as a stress relief for me. Well, at least that's one of the perks that  I could think off if I'm in Taihei/Onii-san shoes.... (I dunno about you...)

Rating: 4.4/5.0 (re-watch value is surely high on this one!)

7.) Jigoku Shoujo/Hell Girl
Image credit: google image

Year Released: 2005; 
Date Watched: March 2016  

Reason Why I Watched This:
So, about 2 years ago, one of my otaku friend suggested this anime to me. The only problem was, despite of this being a well-known anime series, I never really got a chance to watch it and to say that I never heard it will be me be a freaking liar coz you guys know how big this anime is back on the days. Anyway, I finally got a chance to watch it this year and it took me almost entire month to finish the 26 episodes from the 1st season alone. It's quite good, I gotta say but phew... this is one hellish* anime to finish (no pun intended).

Memorable character: Enma Ai (Jigoku Shoujo)

My Review:
So, this anime.... Where to began? Okay, lets start by revealing the main proto in this anime, Enma Ai, also known as 'Jigoku Shoujo' first. Man, this girl... I'm not even sure if she a good guy or bad guy in the series. I mean, I'm already at the 2nd season right now (Jigoku Shoujo Futakomori), still I don't know which sides she really on. Does she really wanted to help people or just toying with them? I'm not even sure myself. Anyway, despite of not knowing what Enma Ai really thinking or feeling; there's one thing you could certainly expect from her and that thing is; if there shall be any revenge or grudge that needed to be carried out, then she is willingly to accomplish that task for you with a price. Yes, and that price my man - is that you would willingly spend your eternity in hell with the person you've cursed. That simple. 

So, to make Jigoku shoujo relevant to the series, the viewers (like us) are shown with different characters for each episodes with all sorts of problems in the world. Some of them are important, ordinary and others are like... eh?? Making me think is that even legit to be taking a 'revenge'? If it is... then what a funny world we seems to be living in. Anyway, my point is... up to the offering and taking revenge - then this show was great and could do no wrong. But to say that it have more substances or content then what is were, then that would a lie. I don't think this series have anything more to offer than revenge but then again, I'm probably reading too much in this. I guess, when it comes to a series like this; to each its own. So, as my final two cents of review - if you're the kind of people who likes revenge and retribution kind of show, then this anime could be the one you been looking for. Just make sure that you're not get too carried away though... I don't think there was or will be a site that could carry out your vengeance... (though assassins or hit man for hire still exists somewhere IRL).

Rating: 3.6/5.0 (Good)

8.) Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma
 Image credit: google image

Original Year: 2015; 
Date Watched: May 2016  

Reason Why I Watched This:
Accidental video viewing from Youtube while searching for this exact keywords: Anime Food Porn (yeah, aside from the real porn, this kind of thing exists too, you know?). I mean, what can I say - I was a little bored back then and in the mood for some delicious shiii... (ughh, I mean to say treat... TREAT...). To be frank with ya, I don't have high expectation of finding any good food-related anime but this turned out to be one fruitful search indeed coz once I found it: I just couldn't turned my head away. It's the kind of anime that manage to reel and seek you in the moment you get down to watch it so, good luck in trying to get away coz I surely can't. From torturing your eyeball with glorious delicacies, to getting you 'moan' and 'ahhs' at every dishes served, to 'ooh-ing' at some timed/casual fan-service (you know what I mean); just make sure you prepared yourself to be served by our cheeky chef, Yukihira Souma and his friends. ;D

Memorable character: Yukihira Souma (the amateur/semi-pro chef), Nakiri Erina (the God-tongue goddesses) and.... that's it I guess... Oh, oh... Isshiki-senpai! Isshiki-senpai! The semi-nudist chef. How could I forget about him? (droolz)

My Review:
Whenever anime and food are mixed together, then you need to be careful. There really only two ways to come back from this; either you go hungry along watching the series, or you slowly became addicted to the show (like you're with food!). Each episodes offers a lot of delicious-looking plus mouth watering delicacies that is surely hard for you to turn your head away from. Anyway, so what Shokugeki is all about? Well, this anime brought in the struggle (or was it really?) of an amateur/semi-pro chef, named Yukihira Souma while trying to achieve his dreams of becoming a head chef at his family diner (a position is currently held by his father, Joichiro Yukihira) and so far that's it. This 16 year old boy mainly eat, sleeps, shower and probably shit too by the name of culinary expertise and it hardly even a prob to him cause this kid does have the talent and quite wise for a boy his age (years and years of practicing cooking and experimenting) so, its no surprise that he'll likely ended up becoming a great chef one day just like his old man.

However, despite of his dreams, daddy Souma didn't think that his son was good enough to continue their restaurant business. So, what he did was to close down their diner (for indefinite of time) in order to work overseas and enrolled his only son to a cooking school called 'Totsuki Culinary Academy'. The father and son had been fighting against in cooking challenges for a while now, and it's very important for him that Souma go to this school and learn more about cooking world and horned his skills. Although Souma is left unclear with his father intention at first, he soon realize that Totsuki is a great place to improve himself (considering that he is still 16 and there really is a lot of things he still doesn't know about cooking world). Also, what more interesting about this academy is that they have this thing called as 'Shokugeki', a one-on-one food duel that had become a part of the culinary culture in Totsuki for years. Now, this part right here can be considered as crucial as its what intrigue our Souma over here as it allows him to challenge himself while fighting a better and worthy opponent the next time he wanted to challenge his dad again.

It's amazing to see how much battles or 'Shokugeki' had taken place in this 25 episode series and what's even amazing is how I can't stop craving for more battles, even after I finished watching this series. Talk about becoming addictive, when is the next seasons coming up? Anyone knows? Please drop down in the comment below if you do and thank you in advance.

Rating: 4.5/5.0 (coz I love food so much!)

9.) Shimoneta (A Boring World Where The Concept of Dirty Jokes Doesn't Exists)
Image credit: google image

Year Released: 2015; 
Date Watched: March-April 2016  

Reason Why I Watched This:
What do you think? Coz I'm a dirty __________ pervert, of course. End of story.

Memorable character: .................. Everyone, I guess??

My Review:
So, I know what kind of anime this one over here is going to be, yet I still take a brave dive into it  anyway cause that's just the kind of person I am (#neverfear). Well, well... Shimoneta - what more can I say about you except that thanks for tons of laughs, eye-covering moments and unnecessary *bleep* of censorship. I mean, this shows probes fun at censorship a lot (and I mean it, like a lot), yet scared of going above and beyond with it dirty tricks (excuse the puns) and dirty jokes it had promised me right from the title. I mean seriously brah... Don't title yourself as a chicken, when you are afraid to admit yourself as being one! (see what I did there? That's a triple puns, in case you haven't catch it yet). Anyway, yeah I have a good laugh - gotta admit, but the deliverance of this anime kinda fall...  flat? Yeash.... So, I came in with a high expectation of seeing some glorious shot and (fill in the blanks) characters, yet I only come out with.... half-baked dirty jokes. What a disappointment this anime turned out to be, not gonna lie. I'm left with a little of unsatisfactory feelings and regret for even considering it at the first place. Ughh... anyway... that's it for my review on this anime. I not even going to add anything nice or even have the energy to bit*h about it. Let's head on to the next and last anime on this post, then...

Rating: 3.3/5.0 (Coz it doesn't delivers, my man! Why should I rated it higher?)

10.) Yamada-kun to 7-nin no Majo / Yamada-kun and 7 Witches
 Image credit: google image

Year Released:2015; 
Date Watched: March 2016  

Reason Why I Watched This:
I can't remember now, but I think I saw some AV clips from Youtube about this anime with some boy-kissing-boy action. Hehe.... gotta see what that all about...

Memorable character: Hardly could think of anyone, expect for combination of random characters kissing one another. But, if I had to choose... then it will be Yamada Ryuu, Shiraishi Urara and Miyamura Toranosuke...Yatta!!

My Review:
Have you ever heard of a game called as 'Kissing Game'? Yeah, its a game where you and your partner leaned forward for a kiss, and whoever hesitated first loses. Charming game, isn't? Except that it have nothing to do with this anime series whatsoever... Haha, but in a sense - it does have some relation to it since this anime pretty much a kissing-trip for every characters involved! Yeah, from boy on girl kissing to boy on boy kissing or even girl on girl kissing, you can expect everyone in this anime to definitely kissing one another. I mean, not like there's anything wrong with that but, if you guys are like me (who after a while watching some lame shoujo high school anime, start becoming bored with the main character and was expecting more 'action') - then this anime may give you the (choose whatever word you deemed suitable) again. Anyway, I wasn't a big fan for magical/witch type of anime myself, so when there's kissing and switching bodies also involved - it's simply hard for me to look away. This anime is 13 episodes long so prepared yourself for many indecencies that might happened along the way. ;)

P/s: This anime is not hentai, just so you know. And the reason for lot of characters just simply kising each other is not because they're some horny-ass teenagers with nothing better to do, but because they're secretly a witches at their school and kissing is one of the method to change bodies and use others powers.

Rating: 3.5/5.0 (love the boy-on-boy kissing scene between Yamada and Miyamura. I shipped these two so much!)

So, with that ten anime reviews in a row - this is where my list ended and I bid goodbye.My fingers are getting sore from all of these writing but I know that it had to be done anyway. Thank you for those who're reading this entire post and I see you guys on the next post. Jya nee!

Mimi says: If you like this review then I'll be happy to tell you that there is also a sequel (2nd part) coming up!! (probably the earliest next month) So, until then, don't forget to follow this blog and stayed tune. 

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