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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

2016 Trip to Genting: Pine Trees,Cocoa Boutique, Awana Genting Hotel, Snow World & more!

Hello guys. How you all doing? Mimi's here again. ʕ→ᴥ←ʔ

Last Friday, my family and I went on a trip to Genting Highlands for the third time. The last time we're here; its was on 2012. I can't believe that it's already been that long. Since it's technically a mid-sem break for my bro and I and it's been a while since any of us been anywhere beside KL, we thought, what the heck right? Let's go to Genting! Even though we been here twice before, why does it matter? Let's go on this trip anyway if that means we can have an escape from our usual busy and hectic daily life schedule, hehe...

So, we had set our goal on this Genting trip to go to the Snow World. Yeah, I know that's sounds childish and lame, but we never got a chance to go here on our previous trip (renovation issues). Iki tai na... Thus, we brought the ticket early on from the site to avoid missing out and get a reduced price in return. Isn't that cool? For those who are planning to go here but don't feel like paying more, take a look at the reservation page below. Believe me, the price is total legit and you don't have to pay anything accept to leave your like on their fanpage @ FB.

I also included the link in case you're interested *wink... wink* :D 

You can make your own reservation in here
But, before we go any details the trip @ Snow World Genting, let's talk about something else first. Hmm, the place where we're staying sounds like a good start, but... ah, there's so much things to tell I don't even know where to start. Oh, well..  I think I'll just do it like this. As they say, picture can hold a thousand words, so please - enjoy scrolling for more insight on our Genting trip this time around. Are you guys ready?

Let's begin!

Day 1: Friday, 15 April 2016

Selfie Time!
2 hours journey wouldn't feel complete
without any selfie taking involved.
Pine Trees Revisited
The first time we're here, the pine trees around here are still green and growing.
Now, deforestation and man-interference with the nature ruined everything.
This sucks man. We kinda look forward to see all of these pines again.
Hello, Genting Highlands for the 3rd time
We had arrived!!
My bro and I playing around after our arrival while my dad having a smoke somewhere.
I was talking to my mom about the breeze and scent of flower in the air.
Hehe, this feels totally different from Malacca, man.
Strawberry Strawberry Park (Half-way) Revisited
They charged this place RM8.00 per entry these days.
Since we had been here before we didn't think it worth it.
Better use that money for food or else. Still, the outside of the park have
 some nice view and since it's free - knocked yourself out for the pic. 
Cocoa Boutique
Are you a fan of homemade choco? Look no further then this place.
It got all kind of choco lover to cater your taste buds.
Since we're Malaysian, we got ourselves some
 local taste - Durian flavor and several others.
For the third time of coming here, we decided that we want some change of air. No more Selesa Hillhomes Apartment, but hello Resorts World Genting - Awana Hotel. To secure the room, my mom had booked this place a month beforehand so that once my bro arrived home for mid-sem break, we'll be ready.... 

Due to time restriction and my own ignorance, I had forgotten
to take picture of the resort. But, hey I still manage to capture some.
Here are the views...
Awana Hotel Resort Garden
I strongly feel like this is a Japanese Garden.
Feeling the Zen vibes, anyone?
Inside of the hotel room
Chocolate Haven!
Cause the taste its too sublime... (●♡∀♡)
RnR Genting Sempah
Having dinner here and restocking midnight snack food.
Oh, and this drink is called 3 Layer Ice Tea, guys.

Day 2: Saturday, 16 April 2016

Having breakfast first before heading to Snow World.
I ate some bread, sausages, red bean and 2 half-boiled eggs.
That pink-looking drink is a guava juice, not strawberry milk.
2nd Day Selfie
Oh, Yeah!
We're excited to go to Snow World, guys...
Here we are!
This is around Car Park First World Hotel Genting.
40 minutes before our reservation time.
This place was closed around Jun 2012 for renovation purposes.
Now that it's open to the public again, my revenge is served.
RM 19.00 per entry instead of that expensive undeserving price tag RM31.90.
Total $$$ saved: RM 44.10 !!!
Eagerly waiting for our turn...
And more waiting....
 Snow World Locker room and the winter gear
Our time slot is from 11.30-12.10 p.m
We're given 10 minutes to change into winter gear and taking pictures. 
Oh and yeah... personal mobile/camera are not allowed, guys...(-_-。)
Hello, Snow World!
We're here!
Pose 2
Pose 3
After Snow World photo shoot
Luncheon @ Marrybrown.

Finding Sakura in the middle of First World Hotel
After lunch, my mom and I was walking around
when we stumbled upon these Sakura trees. 
No, this isn't a real one. Just a fake ones they put
for Sakura Blossoms @ Genting Highland Events 
from 1 April - 3 May 2016
More views inside First World Hotel Genting

Selfie Time Around Awana Hotel Genting

After Snow World, we head back to our hotel to rest. Around 5 o'clock or so, I was getting a bit bored so I asked my bro to accompany me to walk around the hotel and explore the rest of the hotel.

Nothing to see. Just me and my silly faces.
Hanging out with mah homie.
These plants, those faces, and that smell.
Day 3: Sunday, 17 April 2016

After almost three days @ Genting, the time has come for us to go home. Below is the last picture we had taken before heading back at the Awana Hotel Garden.

Thanks for reading this entry. Have a nice day, everyone!

Mimi says: Best Birthday Week Ever.

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