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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

"Revival" by Selena Gomez

I always love Selena Gomez. Believe me, I do. She's the kind of girl who externally looks nice and maybe comfortable to hang around with. Never meet her in person, but this is what I believe to become of her if I'm able to meet her one day. But yeah, I had other inspirational people to meet as well, mostly book authors and several actor/actress - not to mention, a couple of dead people who if they are still alive, I would love to ask some question as well and they will probably provided me with an answer. But, then again; that's not why I'm here. No. I'm not here to talk about those people, I'm here to talk about Miss Gomez, and her new album called 'Revival', which had successfully been released a couple of days ago.

For starter, I been following Gomez career for more than eight years. Funny, even though she started her career as a child actress, I never liked her acting. Hardly cares about her on/off relationship with JB, either. I mean, who cares about who the girl dates or shags, right? It's her personal life, and she could do anything she wanted with it.  Funny, despite getting more buzz from acting than her music, it's the one thing that's keeping my interest on her. Every year, I found myself looking forward to see what her new album is going to be like, aside from waiting for new ones coming from other artist such as Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande and yep, you guess it - Justin Bieber... (I know, yikes right but you gotta admit that the kid does have talent). There's something about her voice, music, themes... something about Gomez that is differentiating her from other artist and that is, I think... her ability to change her sounds every time she dropped a new album. From one album to another, all the girl ever do is evolving and maturing as an artist. 

And there's nothing you can do to stop her from summoning her own 'Revival' this time around.

Truth to be told, when she finally dropped her album a few days ago - I'm relieved. No more teasing, no more waiting; here you go, this is my album and the titled is 'Revival'. Now go and listen to it. Yes, Gomez, I'm listening to your album and so far... I'm loving what I heard. What a wonderful transition you seems to be having, changing your sound and taste for music, and what a blessing it has been for us all that you even put it out there to be shared with the world. This is a great gift of surprise indeed coming from you, Miss Gomez - and fans like us really appreciates it. And to show you that appreciation, I will even share to you guys a few of my own selection from her new album, the one that you should looking up for when you purchased and listening to it. 

Album Track list

1.) Revival
2.) Kill Em With Kindness
3.) Hands on Myself
4.) Same Old Love
5.) Sober
6.) Good for You
7.) Camouflage 
8.) Me & The Rhythm 
9.) Survivors
10.) Body Heat
11.) Rise
12.) Me & My Girls
13.) Nobody
14.) Perfect 
15.) Outta My Hands (Loco)
16.) Cologne

There you have it. My full list of selection for Selena Gomez new album 'Revival'. Hope you guys enjoyed her new album and be sure to leave behind some comments and tell me what you think about these choices. Have a nice day and happy listening!

It's Outta My Hands now: Mimi Said

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