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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

PICOMODA Review: 1st Online Buying Tryout

Hello everyone. How you guys doing? Hope everything went well in your life. 

As for me, I'm doing just fine. In case any of you're wondering .. ;) 

Hmm. This post might be so sudden, but I've something interesting that I want to share with you guys out there today. Hopefully my super-zealous post updates lately wouldn't bother you that much (to read) because I'm currently in the mood to write something in this blog.

So, before we get down to business; I would like to ask you something. This question is specifically directed towards girls (I had a feeling that boys might not be interested with this post, anyway), so you can respond to this one now and truthfully... Are there any of you girls in here who are reading this come from Malaysia and loves pretty clothes? Have you often get your clothes from the source (shop), but now already grew tired with the expensive price tag and uninteresting designs? Have you ever think about getting them online (cheaper, easier) but didn't know where to start? Then look for no more, because this post might be the answer for your dilemma... 

I recently been wanting this one specific of cloth (which is often super expensive per piece if I try to get it at normal shop) and it later got me thinking - maybe I should start looking for it online. Since I was pretty determined, I started to do some search on the internet and found a couple of interesting bargain. Haha. To be honest with you, I wasn't the type of girl who trusted online stuff so much, but after my past experience dealing my purchase with this website, I decided to put my trust on this one too (glowing reviews by satisfied customer, kinda does it for me) despite of having no past experience of using it, nor so much hearing word of mouth from anyone. 

And since I'm making a review (unpaid, of course) about this website - does this means that it's good and can be trusted? Well, I wouldn't say that just yet. Not before I start telling you my experience of using this website first, anyway. Since this blog is my public confession, and I intended to keep it that way by writing down with this experience I had, and share it with you and only YOU. Just make sure to stay tuned right 'til the end, okay? 

The website that I had picked to make my purchase is called PICOMODA. Don't ask me in details about what it means, I had no slightest idea at all. All I know is that this website seems quite elegant and simple, that anyone could understand it even in once glance, as you can see from this picture below;  

The welcoming page that will introduce you
to plenty of beautiful dresses, shirts, bags, pants....etc
that surely gonna left your hand and heart shaken
This button will tell you what kind
of new clothes that will be provided by this website.
All you have to do is wait for 30 minutes, refresh
the page, and see if what they offer suits for your
WOMEN Selection
Fulfilled your womanly heart desires by
clicking any of these links.
You simply won't regret once you found what's
Worried about no able to get any sweet bargain
while shopping from this website?
Well, fret not my dear friend.... 
This website also will offer you these 'Daily Deals'  
clothes to keep a regular/prospect customer
like you constantly happy!
Confused or unaware of what kind of
trends that's in right now? Look
no further but to these 'BestSeller'
selections. There's no way
you could go wrong with this...
Worried if your purchase will take longer
time to arrive on your mailbox/doorstep?
Then, try this 'Ready Stock' option.
You may not have to wait that long to
start wearing your new favorite clothes...
FREE SHIPPING Policy (Above 6 Items)
They even have this free shipping
policy if you brought more than
6 items from their website.
It's quite rare to see an item exceeds RM100++ shown in this website. From my observation, they only had the ones that's below that price range. But, since I came here looking for only one item, my final order didn't come out that much from I expected. I got 3 (same) items with total RM79.00. Each cost me about RM23.00 or so, and since I made this order during Ramadhan period - I even got RM10 off (TENOFF) ak.a free delivery for 3 items. So instead of needing to buy another 3 unnecessary items - I still get the free delivery service. Well, doesn't this sounds like a bargain to you? I think it's... Haha

I order from this site on 05/07/2015.
06/07/2015-19/07/2015, was when they pre-order the item,
waiting, preparing....etc...
They start shipping my stuff on 20/07/2015.
My purchase arrived on 22/07/2015.
It took almost 2 weeks for my purchase to arrive, mainly thanks to time taken by the pre-order items to arrive and delivery get halted (Hari Raya reasons). Talk about waiting, I was this close of cancelling my purchase (I was growing impatient) but thinking how important this purchase meant for me and my current lifestyle; I decided not to. And once the purchase arrived at my house and the person delivered it with a smile - I think it's definitely worth a wait. 
Here it's. My long-awaited purchase is finally HERE!
Feels a little bit reluctant to rip this out
but I'm dying to see what's inside.

Okay. That's it guys for my post and review about this website. Despite of the delay in shipping, I can say that I'm pretty satisfied with the smooth process of transaction. Maybe this experience should make me think twice, if I ever wanted to order a pre-order items of clothes again. That long wait just... I dunno could drive anyone crazy and relentless, I guess. Anyway, that's all I wanted to say about this post, and nah-ah - I won't be showing you what I brought from this website (private stuff), However, I can assure you that the quality of the item, the fabric and everything that I received from this site- are pretty good and I like it so much (seems like the customer review wasn't lying, after all). 

Thanks for reading, guys. Till we meet again on my next post. Wasalam and chiao.

Mimi says: The only way I can enjoy buying something is when I realized that I got it cheap and it's a quality stuff.  Tee-hee

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