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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

My Shoes Collection Story

Hello everyone. How're you guys doing? Hope you're doing well in your life.

As for me, I'm doing pretty great too - in case any of you're wondering.

Hah. It's been a while since I last written in this blog. Surely feels a bit awkward now to start up again. The last post I had was on April, and it wasn't really a post anyway; just some kind of poem/haiku/something that I managed to put together concerning of my life. So, with that as a fact, this also means that my actual last post was 8 months ago. Lol. Sorry about that. I have no other reason of not writing, expect for my grandiose level of laziness.

Anyway... For this sort-of-comeback post, I decided to share something fun. You know, just to break and shake the ice a little, you know? The matter I'm about to share wasn't really that special or important, but it will have to do for now. Hope you guys will enjoy this post as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Okay, before I get down with my post - I better start with a little bit of confession first. For as long as I could remember, maybe about 9-10 years now; I always had a little bit obsession/fixation with the color of black. Honestly, I like this one particular color so much, that almost every personal items I had (i.e; phone, camera, mp3, bag..etc), will be dawn under this color and I don't know why. It's like, I had an early idea of what sort of color I want (on the back of my mind), but for somewhat reason - it manage to become distorted and changeable that later on - it ended up becoming black as it usually does (sigh).

Talk about diversifying, I think I had got some problem. (=.=);

So, cutting short to my confession and putting together the relation of this post; I was actually talking about my color preferences. And more specifically, my SHOES color preference. Yes, I love the color of black so much, that it also started to interfere with my shoe color choices, as clearly be seen on this pic below;

Yup, as you guys can see up there - this is how my shoes collection gets divided into two nation. A bit of embarrassing actually when I put it side-to-side like this, but for whatever its worth - I hope to rest my case. Yes, I realize how tacky my taste looks like and double yes, I'm a fan of black color shoes and this is the prove of it. Irretrievably, unfortunately. Gosh, I really wish that something could be done with this selection. Maybe a little splash of color next time, Mimi. You know, some pink, red, yellow or blue, somewhere in there? No? Haha...

Then your shoes collection will look like this...     

This how a discrimination against the color hue looks like, people.
You know, I don't really know how or what exactly that triggers my decision to own almost 85 % shoes-with-heels; but I'm pretty sure that it all started on the late 2012. Back when I just start knowing this one little shop called as Payless. Nobody introduced this shop to me, my bro and I just walked in one day out of boredom and we're instantly smitten, once we saw what's inside.

This is how Payless shop looks like, in case you're wondering...
And this is what it looks like inside. [face-palm]
Pic credit:

Unlike my bro, I don't buy a lot of shoes from this shop. Only two, as far as my recollection goes. One of the main reason is that, even though the name of this shop is Payless, I always felt like I have to pay more for every shoes that I had brought upon my visit. Like RM100++ or something more, when the average price for each shoes in here are usually around RM60-80. But, I guess it couldn't be help either when the shoes that I choose happen to look like this;

Oh yeah...

And yeah...

You see what I like the most about this shop is that they have this one rules that you could never find in any other (as far as I'm aware) and that's - there's only one size for each shoe design. Meaning, if you happen to be size 8 1/2 or whatever, and there's other customer who come and snatch a shoe with that exact size right before you; then there's a high chance you might not be finding the same kind shoe again, hence applying to these rules: first come first serve and you snooze, you loose baby.

But, putting Payless aside - I don't just buy my shoes from one shop and then that's it let's call it a day. No, my friend. I also brought some from other store as well. For a non-committal branded item person like me, I don't really care what kind of shoes it is; as long as they're comfortable to wear around my feet and most importantly, affordable. Below are some of my other shoes that I got from various shoe shop all around my Malacca and KL.  

Got this baby on my 23rd birthday.
My current, lovable style.
KL Times Square brought me to this shop.
Love that cute bow and to me this shoe worth every penny.
When I wanted to do a job interview, I thought about
wearing a low heel shoes so I brought one. Sadly they
only had this in size 8, not 8 1/2 that
 my feet used too. 
Since the first heel shoes that I brought from Payless,
I been thinking about adding another one so naturally this
baby come afterwards. This shoes is one
of the shoes that I love to wear whenever I go out since
it offers me balance and additional height. 
I don't know what was I thinking when I brought this shoe.
All I know is that I accidentally snapped my wedges
shoes straps and now I had to find another shoes to replace it.
From one glance, this shoes may look cute and the design
might be nice, but try wearing
this shoes comfortably is a different story.  
So, I guess that's it then for my shoes collection story. I know it still need some work on color department and I'm quite looking forward for my next purchase. Hopefully I won't be purchase another yet, black shoes or the rest of humanity is doomed (JK). That's it for now. Thanks for reading.

Mimi says: The next shoes I ever going to have will be in pink or violet - or I'll have nothing at all!  

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