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Sunday, April 12, 2015

The Act of Acceptance & Redemption - Part I

5 Months in Silence

I woke up today and found myself lost
Lost in translation
Is what some people say
Funny thing is - I don't even realize the moment passing by,
but I'm the happiest I can be

When masses and hype, get blown out of proportion
The buzz is too deafening,
So, I decided to turn away
Come back for a while, just to leave a smile
also so I, could come and say 'Hi'

The Final Farewell

Fun and joy, those two we do have
Countless of hours, how can I forget?
Money and time, wasted away
We had our good times, needless to say

For every meeting, there's always goodbye
but I never regret it, you're once in my life.
Time to grow up, no longer I'm a child
I need something solid, for that I won't cry


Another year, another day
I tried so hard, pretend I don't care
Yet the longer it came, the older I feels
Wasting time that couldn't be killed

Youth and Young - feels just right
Another reason, to stay up all night
But there won't be more youth, once I've decided
Finally doing, no more reasons to hide

Simple Retreat

I dream it all day, control it all night
some of the days, I feels like to write
Can this be real, can it all be true?
The sense of freedom, if only they knew

Lots of peace, less of drama
A price of redemption, if you believe in karma
I know some place I want to be
Hiding in plain sight, no one could see
I'll be just fine, I'll be just great
As long as I'm happy, I've no regret

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