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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

"Revival" by Selena Gomez

I always love Selena Gomez. Believe me, I do. She's the kind of girl who externally looks nice and maybe comfortable to hang around with. Never meet her in person, but this is what I believe to become of her if I'm able to meet her one day. But yeah, I had other inspirational people to meet as well, mostly book authors and several actor/actress - not to mention, a couple of dead people who if they are still alive, I would love to ask some question as well and they will probably provided me with an answer. But, then again; that's not why I'm here. No. I'm not here to talk about those people, I'm here to talk about Miss Gomez, and her new album called 'Revival', which had successfully been released a couple of days ago.

For starter, I been following Gomez career for more than eight years. Funny, even though she started her career as a child actress, I never liked her acting. Hardly cares about her on/off relationship with JB, either. I mean, who cares about who the girl dates or shags, right? It's her personal life, and she could do anything she wanted with it.  Funny, despite getting more buzz from acting than her music, it's the one thing that's keeping my interest on her. Every year, I found myself looking forward to see what her new album is going to be like, aside from waiting for new ones coming from other artist such as Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande and yep, you guess it - Justin Bieber... (I know, yikes right but you gotta admit that the kid does have talent). There's something about her voice, music, themes... something about Gomez that is differentiating her from other artist and that is, I think... her ability to change her sounds every time she dropped a new album. From one album to another, all the girl ever do is evolving and maturing as an artist. 

And there's nothing you can do to stop her from summoning her own 'Revival' this time around.

Truth to be told, when she finally dropped her album a few days ago - I'm relieved. No more teasing, no more waiting; here you go, this is my album and the titled is 'Revival'. Now go and listen to it. Yes, Gomez, I'm listening to your album and so far... I'm loving what I heard. What a wonderful transition you seems to be having, changing your sound and taste for music, and what a blessing it has been for us all that you even put it out there to be shared with the world. This is a great gift of surprise indeed coming from you, Miss Gomez - and fans like us really appreciates it. And to show you that appreciation, I will even share to you guys a few of my own selection from her new album, the one that you should looking up for when you purchased and listening to it. 

Album Track list

1.) Revival
2.) Kill Em With Kindness
3.) Hands on Myself
4.) Same Old Love
5.) Sober
6.) Good for You
7.) Camouflage 
8.) Me & The Rhythm 
9.) Survivors
10.) Body Heat
11.) Rise
12.) Me & My Girls
13.) Nobody
14.) Perfect 
15.) Outta My Hands (Loco)
16.) Cologne

There you have it. My full list of selection for Selena Gomez new album 'Revival'. Hope you guys enjoyed her new album and be sure to leave behind some comments and tell me what you think about these choices. Have a nice day and happy listening!

It's Outta My Hands now: Mimi Said

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Myself: 'The Diet Master'

Hello everyone. How you all doing? Mimi's here....

My my... what a terrible haze we seems to be having in Kuala Lumpur in this couple few of days and as a result; my eyes and throats are getting irritated like most of the time. Hopefully the open burning they had in Indonesia will soon died and fades out cause I don't think I could tolerate it anymore if this continues to goes on... :( (wearing mask is not an option).

Anyways... putting haze aside cause it's not going anywhere soon (as far as I know off), let's get back to the main title of this post.. Hehehe... Myself; The Diet Master.

Well well well... as a starter, before I start going into this topic too deep; let me go around by giving a little bit history about myself. Call it a 'confession' if you will, but growing up - I used to be fat. Like super duper, chubby-kinda-fat. I can't remember when the last time my weight was below 60, and yeah it seems like an ages ago - but that's how I used to spend throughout my adolescent year. This unhealthy distribution part of my life continuous to go on until I turned 21 years old when something 'miraculous' finally took place...

It's when I went back to my hometown (Malacca) and proceed with my internship for one semester...

By then, it has been almost 1-2 years since I stayed at home for a quite long period of time (almost 6 months). The last time I ever had was before I went to UKM (after Matriculation) and quite honestly, I could say that I'm not thrilled being back again. Don't get me wrong, staying in college definitely had its perks and all, but it also had been a while since I felt free to do whatever I wanted (eating and cooking whatever and whenever I'm in the mood) so I quite miss it. Being at home again, surrounding myself with familiar stuff, eating good food... yup, that's almost like a dream of mine when I was alone and all by my own in UKM.

But then, the internship started and along with that, the illusion of a good life, are slowly and steadily being ripped off...

Now, lets me start by telling you that to prepare a good breakfast every morning and go to work afterwards, well that proves to be a little bit challenging for the three of us (mom, dad, and me) as all of us need to be there at certain hour to serve towards the company/institution that we're obligated to. So, the first illusion of 'I'm going to have my mom to cook me meal every morning is actually...
FALSE!'. My mother didn't have time for that as she and my dad are both working and have to go to work early (besides they can have their meals at their office/school) and that's left me, the new-kid-in-working-environment to have breakfast on my own every morning which also accidentallly resulted in bringing me to the kitchen closer than ever...

And this is where it all started. Me, trying out recipe in order to prepare the best-tasting and fulfilling breakfast for myself and selecting my ingredients.

I don't know what it's, but not long after I started doing this - I started to grow some conscience over everything I ate. For example, how many sugary drinks had I taken in this morning and today? How many scoop of rice had I put into my plate and onto my mouth? Had I had my little snacks today? What about fruits? Did I ate any vegetables today? You know, those sort of questions that could make me look like a nutter health freak... Haha, I even start being calculative about the amount of fast food that I ate during that month! This might have been strange for people who knows me as a big eater (based on the previous size of my body) but my parents seems to be strangely oblivious about this. Even my brother didn't see much of the difference when he saw me, but my friends certainly could see the differences when I went back (UKM) to finish the remaining of my studies and pointed out to me.

Truth to be told - I was initially surprised. Was it really that obvious? Did my body really had change? Why didn't I notice anything? And most importantly, why didn't my parents and bro say anything about this before? Why does someone else had to say this to me? Hehehe...

This feels so strange, man (0.0):

But, either I really had lose my weight or not - I honestly feel just the same. If anything else, I feel a little bit lighter if I start doing anything physical (jogging, dancing). In a way, dropping weight had thought me to have less appetite or any cravings after you had eaten something. Like no more sugar and salt if you already put them in earlier, or add some more fiber and fruits if haven't already. I think this is all had something to do with the mindset. If your mind knows that you had already have enough food for today, it will also teach your body to not taking in any food or indulge in binge-eating. I think that's what it all is... No diet pills, no crash diet... just a plain calorie count, enough water, physical activities routine (exercise and dancing), and strict discipline that you already had enough meal to get you going for today. And also, a little treat/cheat day to reward yourself with and keep you motivated throughout this new, healthy lifestyle changes wouldn't hurt either ;)

So, that's it guys... A little story about Myself; 'The Self-Proclaimed Diet Master'. Haha, I know that I'm not really that thin if you happened to meet and see me in person, but I can definitely tell you that I'm proud with my current weight because I haven't feel this healthy in years. Even my BMI, blood pressure and urine are on the right track and I couldn't be happier. Hopefully my health and yours reader will continue to flourish and if there's anything from my suggestions are worth saving, be my guest to save and applied it yourself. Thanks for reading and have a nice day!

Lots of Love: Mimi Said  

Friday, September 4, 2015

The Secret Side of Me: Ian Curtis and Joy Division

Approximately, about one and a half year ago, I was strolling around the The Guardian post when an article about Ian Curtis, the front man singer from the former post-punk band called 'Joy Division', suddenly caught my attention. The article was nothing in particularly interesting, it's about the late singer kitchen table (the one he had at his home when he first moved into the house with his wife, Deborah being auctioned on e-bay or whatnot), but later this one single line caught my interest and made me continue to read until the end;

"The late singer kitchen table sold in online auction for £8,400"

As a normal person would usually react; my first impression when I read this was ... Well, this is NUTS! 8,400 euro? For real yo? 8, 400 Euro? Are they nuts?  I mean, why would anyone paid for large sum of money over some singer stupid kitchen table, right? Give it to me for free and I would asked them to keep it. And the table kitchen wasn't anything grand either, just a normal kind of table that people use to have their meal on it... So what the deal? Buy a new table cause it really wasn't worth the trouble...

And so, that's what I thought....

But, as much as I want to argue about the pricing being reasonable or not; I still try to suppress that kind of thought and avoid passing any judgment before finish reading the whole article. All for my love to The Guardian, the online site I declare as legit (at least to my own standard) aside from The Huffington Post, Telegraph and WikiLeaks (lolz). So, I thought - what the heck, right? Let's finish this article and see what's all about. It wasn't after reading, that everything started to become apparent to me. This isn't just like any usual story about making fast money by using celebrity fame (related, though not something I want to stress here), but I'm actually about to discover something else here. It's the fact that this particular kitchen table seems to have a history embedded upon it.

And it wasn't a very happy, cheerful history or anything like that either. This is something else...

Apparently, on 18 May 1980 around early morning - Ian Curtis killed himself inside of  his home kitchen. He was all alone when he did it, but guess what... the table was also there to witness the whole thing. Now, for someone who may not have encounter with such topic before (suicide), this can deterred their spirits to further reading, but it's a different case with me. Rather than closing the browser and try to find something else light to read; I was intrigue with all sorts of questions. Among of many is who's Ian Curtis, what's Joy Division, and why does people bid to buy his kitchen table to the extent of paying a whole good money for it? Other related questions includes, what's the reason that made him so famous (cult icon), and the impression of him and his existence last even after more than three decades of his death?  Well, these sort of questions my friend, are nothing but fascinating and irresistible to me that I can't help but finding out more about him on the internet as the night drags on...

To dig the story and event that happened to someone famous from the past is not so difficult nowadays, as it might have been twenty years ago. That's what internet are there for, right guys? And so, with that knowledge on my mind - I managed to find out a little bit stuff about this band and the tragic demise of its front man. Videos, Pictures, Books, Movies - those were a good start. A good start to get to know something that you never had laid your eyes on, and what later brings me to fall in love with this band and its ethereal music despite manage to release only 2 albums before being disbanded.

Below are some of the music that I enjoyed from this band;

1.) Isolation (Closer, 1980)
2.) She's Lost Control (Unknown Pleasures, 1979)
3.) Atmosphere (Licht und Blindheit, 1980)
4.) Dead Souls  (Still, 1981)
5.) Digital  (A Factory Sample, 1978)
6.) Disorder (Unknown Pleasures, 1979)
7.) Love Will Tear Us Apart
8.) New Dawn Fades (Unknown Pleasures, 1979)
9.) Shadowplay (Unknown Pleasures, 1979)
10.) Transmission  (Transmission, 1979)

To think of the origin of how did I came across with this band could seems a little bit grim, but rather to think it that way - I would happily say that thanks to that Guardian article, I also manage to gain a new interest on the other type of music; punk. This is a new territory to me for sure, but after listening to the songs time after time - I could say that my interest are really genuine and it wasn't just for show. I usually don't like rock and roll or techno, let alone punk - but for this, I'll have to make an exception because the songs produced by this band are far too awesome to ignore that even after a year and half later - I'm still pretty much in love with them.

Joy Division members. From left, Morris, Hook, Curtis and Sumner.

The late Joy Division front man: Ian Curtis
1957-1980 (RIP)
Also, aside from the music, I have to give a credit to this band for allowing me to meet one of my current favorite actor; Sam Riley. For those who don't know or don't care enough to know - Sam Riley, a British actor who had starred in movies such as Thirteen (13), Brighton Rock, On the Road, Maleficient and so on, got his first taste of becoming an actor from playing Ian Curtis in the 2007 Anton Corbijn biopic, "Control". Winning almost eight awards in total after more than a dozen nomination from this film alone, Sam Riley become a fast-favorite actor on my list (which not so easy to achieve since I'm very picky with my choice).

Imitation or not - this guy is AWESOME!!
Since I'm a huge book lover, I also had read a couple of books written by people who're directly involved, either personally or professionally (music) with Ian Curtis. These two books are among few that I recommended to get to much deeper insight on Joy Division and Ian Curtis.

A book written by one of the ex-member of Joy Division, Peter Hook (Hooky, Guitarist),
and a memoir of Ian Curtis written by his widow, Deborah Curtis. 
When I look back at how much I (secretly) like this band and level of awareness that I had for them - you can easily say, that the evidence is overwhelming. To be frank, I'm almost as half-obsessed with them, but not to the point of travelling to Macclesfield to meet the remaining former member itself (I'm just too shy), Anyway, to sum it up, it's the kind of obsession that come from time to time, caught me when I'm totally unaware and vulnerable. Loneliness, is quite one way of putting it. Anyway, truth be told - the secrets is out now. For those who're interested, THIS IS THE SECRET SIDE OF ME.  Ian Curtis and Joy Division and I put it on this blog for everyone to see.

This has been one of my humble confession: Mimi Said.   

Friday, August 28, 2015

The Denied Right for a Wi-fi Privileges

Man... life without wi-fi totally and completely - SUCKS!

There's always a little hidden agenda that at some point of my life - I'm entitled to experience. Sometimes I realize the storm coming before it even gets to hit me, but more than often; I remain oblivious about it. Talk about being observant and perceptive, I think I'm just a lost cause. To be frank, I'm quite an adventurous person and typically like experiencing new stuff, but when that 'stuff'' happens to also caught me off-guard - it enrages me. Things that mainly could be fixed or avoided but I happened to blow it due to my own inefficiency to wait-for-a-minute-and-think-about-it; well, let's just say that it enrages me even more.

So, what's life had been going for me lately? Hmm... there's so much to be listed, but lack of ideas nor enthusiasm to begin with.. Okay, maybe I should start it like this. Right now, I'm temporarily moved out from my house (Malacca). On what ground you ask? Simple. I moved out to further my studies. Where? Let's just keep it a secret for a now but I'll leave you a little hint; the campus is around KL. How am I liking it so far? I honestly don't know since it's too early to tell. But, whether I'm liking it or not, or whatever the hell it means to me; moving out and starting a new life should never be something to fear. It's intimidating, sure I couldn't agree more - but what's there to fear? This is freaking life, man... you want it or not, it keeps on rotating anyway. Rotating in a way unimaginable....

Better hold myself together and get my grip tight....

I had no problem actually moving out since I pretty much had expect for it to happen. Anticipating for it, even. But that's not an issue here. The main issue is actually my now-denied privileges ak.a Mr. Wi-Fi connection... This is real shi*ty man. I mean, when I was at home - wifi connectivity was never an issue. Seriously, never! But now, even thinking about it pisses me off. Like really... For starter, the area where I had rented the apartment had zero level of mobile/line connection. In this case - subscribing any amount of data doesn't matter, cause you still won't be connected anyways. Hah, what a lame way to start your master degree program, really. Luckily, it's near to where my campus is situated so it wasn't a total loss. Transportation is pretty good, just a stone throw away from the apartment and accommodation is also pretty comfortable. The upcoming classes are only 3 days per week, so I have a lot of time left to study and conducted my planned research afterwards.

Anyway, truth be told - being totally and completely alone at the age of 23 in the heart of KL is pretty scary. I won't lie about that. But, luckily I had 3 years of practicing to be half-independent and now I'm just begining to apply myself everything I had learned. Seriously, at the time like this - I start thinking about my friends and previous life as an undergraduate student. What I'm doing right now sound like a typical everyday life of a student; going to classes, meeting lecturer/supervisor, probably doing some coursework sometime later - yet, somehow feels different. I wonder what that could be?

Is this what we called as part of growing up and alienation? I think it's.... (-.-):

Myself, as in Aug 2015

Yours truly: Mimi Said  

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Raya Lunch Date @ Seoul Garden Makhota Parade & My Little Korea Addiction

Psstt... Hello and assalamualaikum. Is anyone there? Mimi's here... (^.^)

Hehe. I know that I just love to update nowadays, don't I? Everyday seemingly like a day for some new post from me. Hehe, sorry but not sorry, guys... Otoke (what to do), my life had been pretty eventful these days, so there's a lot of story to tell (hence, this post). Well, I know that I'm not some kind of celebrity or famous actor, so nobody really cares either I post anything or not, but since this is MY blog and I'm the one and only proprietor, then I have too care anyway. I have to care, so that this blog won't start gather some dust again like it has about seven months ago when I'm in blog hibernating mode... hehehe...

Hmm, is that sounds like a reason for you that I'm constantly updating? I think it is...

Anyhow... since I'm just starting to write and uploading some pictures again on this blog - I do hope you'll find this next entry to be not only fun and enjoyable, but informative as well. If you guys have something to say right after this post, then feel free to drop any of your thoughts and comments on the comments box below. I'll also read through any of your suggestions if you had any so, feel free to do that as well...

Ehem ehem... are you guys still here? Have you made yourself warm and cozy yet? If you had, then can I resume my writing now? (just teasing, I don't need anyone permission actually).Yes? Okay, thanks then.

So, here comes the story...

Last Saturday, I went to Seoul Garden Makhota Parade with my bro for a scheduled Raya Lunch Date. The two of us went there by car (he's driving of course, not me). Huhu, I know what you might thinking once you hear this.... What do you mean Mimi, when you write going to Seoul Garden (SG), a restaurant where they mainly serves Korean food for your so-called 'Raya Lunch Date' and whatnot? Are you even for real, girl? I mean what the heck? Why don't you just go to a place where they serves ketupat, lemang, wajik, dodol and all (i.e open house) - instead of throwing money to eat at this place? Are you forgetting that we're still in Raya mode, so what with this Korean food lunch date nonsense? Can't you just be normal and eat the usual thing people does during Hari Raya?

Why do you gotta be so 'kekwat' ma?

Haha... I dunno man...  I dunno why me and my bro are like this. All we know is that if it's still Raya and we still haven't gone anywhere else to eat - then that place needs to somewhere that serves a food that doesn't includes Hari Raya staple dishes (i.e SG). Personally, if I am to be given these three choices; Western, Korean and Japanese food  - I would prefer the Korean ones better since I ate western style food every other day, and Japanese food doesn't sits well with my taste buds. So you see - this is why out of all hundred other eateries out there, I choose to come here (SG)... It's because this place understands my needs so well, and that's what attracts me to keep coming back for more.... (^_^)

Arrival at Seoul Garden
Taking selfies first before starting out with our food binge....
Where to Seat?
Since there wasn't a lot of people in here yet, we got to select our own table! (Yihaa~). I pick the one near the corner so we could eat, laugh and talk in private. Thinking back to what it must appear when I choose to do this, the two of us must seems like a young couple who didn't want to be bothered by anyone else. Laughing and acting so casually to one another, that's must be quite 'eventful' to watch when the fact is - this guy is ACTUALLY my bro. (=w=): And a little bro at that, too... Haha.... imagine the weirdness it will bring, if only they know the 'truth' (not that I try implying anything, so don't start having any funny ideas).

The Bowl and the Grill
Well, skipping ahead to the food, this is how the grilling part looks like. You put the bowl on the top of the grill and when the soup started to boil, that's when you start dropping everything inside... The one you see in this picture is our favorite choice whenever we came here. The "Tom Yam soup (extra spicy)". 

Oh hello there. 
I'm just taking a sip from my Mango/Orange drinks.
It taste like a jello btw, in case you're wondering...
My Handbag & Grocery bags
For those who lives in Malacca, I'm pretty sure that you guys are pretty well-aware about the 'no plastic bags' rules for every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, right? This rules have been greatly enforced by most of the big supermarkets since late 2010 and it had been going steady over the years that next year (2016), it will be perfected by not handing a single plastic bags at all (they suggested you to bring your own grocery bags, instead). Well, I don't know how other people who lives here are feeling about this, but I'm willingly to comply with this idea of using less plastic bags and start 'going green' - if it could meant leaving for a healthy impact on saving the environment. 

But, let's put that thought on hold first and leaves these bag in here since right now -  I'm deadly starving.... hehe

The Lamb Shoulder and all-kinds of marinated beef you can eat
There's a little trick that I learn about going to this restaurant that I wanted to share with you guys if you're planning to come here for the first time and that little trick is; never went here on 'weekdays'. Either you're coming with your friends, family or love ones; just don't. Why you asked? Cause that's when you got the least selection of food. Notice that there's a slight differences on the price between weekdays and weekends? Well, that differences my friend; wasn't for nothing. It's due to this reason. So, if you want a broader selection of food when you come here, more food to stuff on your mouth - then make sure you pay attention to this. Honestly, this is no time to start being a cheapskate to yourself or other people you paying for because; what you paying, is what you going to get...

The other food...
I picked fried chicken, fries, fruits, kimchi, spring onion, sausages and eggs as starter. Even though there are so many options and they mainly provided a lot of stuff that I love to eat - I'm a little bit disappointed why didn't they offer carrots... (-.-): If you happen to read this post, then you'll know how much ❤ this one particular vegetables.

Western Lovers
Never tried this fried chicken before and how much I regretted of not doing so! This chicken is totally daebak!!! The texture is so crispy, tender and sweet that the moment it entered my mouth I feel like I just.. melted awayHonestly, I don't know what I was doing the last time I was here except I'm totally missing out! This chicken is perfection!!

Eat This Kimchi and Fruits
Another thing that I'm missing out is this Kimchi and fruits. To went to a Korean food restaurant and never even trying out a single Kimchi -  if that doesn't seems like a disgrace to you then I don't know what is! Hahaha... Luckily I remember to try it this time around. It taste pretty normal, edible to say at least - but I wouldn't say I'm much fan for it. Those fruits however, are different story since they are my old time favorites!

Me, and my  for Eggs     
Actually, Seoul Garden wasn't the only BBQ and steamboat places that I love to visit. I had another favorites as well.  It's called See U BBQ and Steamboat restaurant, and its located at AEON Bandaraya Melaka. I went there a couple of times with my bro and the food there tasted pretty good too, though you can't have it buffet style like SG (everything is ala' carte). One of my habits when I went to ate there is, I will order a raw egg. It cost me about 0.80 cents or so. yet still -  I  want it! Then, the next thing I'll be ordering guess it - carrots! Huhu... Come to think of it, it surely feels like a big waste of money to eat there since SG also offers the same thing but with the unlimited excess all eggs you could eat....  Oh yeah~ (0.0) *drool*  

My Brother's Choice.
However, the 'true' champion for eating a real steamboat should be rewarded to my bro.... Yes, this kid ate anything from fish balls, crab stick, fochuk, tofu - you named it, he ate them all. Can you believe it that he even ate dim sum? (I don't and avoided it like a weird person). Well, this is why this kid is a polar opposite of me... He's taller, I'm shorter... I'm righty, he's lefty.... He's pro Swifties, I'm pro KatyKats... He likes things that I hate, I like things that he hate.... I have no idea on how we managed to stay as siblings after all these years with our different taste and likes... Maybe this why they say the opposites attracts? Haha, I don't know much about that but I surely knows that any type of 'bloods should runs thicker than water'... Don't you?

(Don't forget to say your prayers, guys...)
Somebody seems eager to start. Hehe....
Anyway, why don't we switch on the timer first
brother dear before we start eating?
Let's starts boiling down these 'babies'!
See my eager face?
That's because I had totally starved myself earlier .
So you understand why did I deserves to eat 
at least this much....
Looking good, isn't?
That lamb taste delish, btw...
Cooked like a boss.
This is how a good food should look like (complete with nutrients).
We got a lot of carbs goin on, a lot of protein, fibers.. not to mention
the wonderful color of taste...
Hehe, this looks good, chef....
What's with the face?
My face when I'm hungry and trying to look thrilled.
Instead, I just look annoyed.
Sorry bro, I know you want to take picture and I might
be the one who asked you and all - but 'now' doesn't seems like a right time~
My bro enjoying his meal.
He surely ate much less than I am, didn't he?
"You had fight long and hard, soldier... 
I think it's time for you to put that tongs and fork down now.
You need to catch your breath again."
Aftermath 2.0
Gamers will always be... gamers...
Care for a cup of Milk Tea?
In case you always been to SG but never heard of this - there's another small hidden service that you can use but never really get too since by the time you want to use it; you're already be too full and stuffed. It's a little service that is called as,'trade-your-glass-for-cups', and it's only applicable for those who ordered refillable beverages. Don't worry guys, it's called as 'trade' - so you won't have to pay anything except to send your glasses over counter for the change. This means that you'll have to walk a 'little' (hopefully not a problem) to get the taste of this hot drink. I had my change so I could drink my Milk Tea and Mocha comfortably... hehe

"Can you wait here first, sis?" - my bro.
Well, nearly at the end of the meal - my brother stated his desires to go somewhere. And that 'somewhere' happens to be; the restroom... Being the good sister and support I am; I told him to go away and finished what he must. In his absence, I was left stranded alone with a full stomach, unsure of what to do except too...

Taking selfies.
So yeah - this yellow cup is my new partner-in-crime now...
And making faces...
This is not how duck face supposed to look like, okay?
And MORE faces....
Getting bored of waiting already....
The weird thing is that when he did come back - I still insisted on taking selfies. Like I still wasn't bored yet from taking countless of others before.... So, this is a good prove that, despite of feeling stuffed and bloated - I still got time for one or two pictures...

Lolzz.... [Liar]
When talk about my love for Korean BBQ and grilling - this also reminded me of something else that I like which also comes from this country - Korean Drama. Man, I had a strange impulse for suddenly wanting to watch a Korean drama after my brother pointed out to me (weird connection). Anyways, I know better not to let the time between eating meal and entertainment from being intertwined together because like it or not - we still going to have more time to watch them later....

Cause watching one drama wasn't enough....

That's it guys. Hope you have fun of reading this entry. Till we meet again, wasalam.

Mimi says: Every Good Times will soon comes to an end....

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Focus Point: A Long-Awaited Haul

Oh, hello there! How's everyone doing? Hope you're doing just great in your life, no matter where you are... ;) 

Huhu, starting ayat aku ni macam lah nak tulis this entire entry dalam English, but no my fren - not for today. Hari ni saya tulis dalam Bahasa Melayu, okey? Hmm, even itu pun bunyinya cam tipu je... Heh I mean, pernah ke ko baca entry-entry yang sebelum ni fully written in Malay? Tak kan? Bukan ke aku selalu main campur-campur je ala-ala rojak? Rojak apa ko tanye? Apa-apa rojaklah yang ko suka... Macam aku, aku suka makan rojak mee jer - yang lain suma tak pandang. Bagi free pun aku tak mo... Cewah tetiba lak aku~

Mulalah tu... mukadimah bicara ku yang semacam nak mengarut.... :B

Tapi itulah.... Kalau korang tengok kat sebelah kiri blog ni, kat bahagian 'highlighted group' aku tu - korang akan nampak yang entry between English and Malay aku sememangnya ada yang berat sebelah sikit. Entry English lebih banyak dari yang Melayunya. Tak pastilah nape jadik begitu, rasa time tulis cam bahagi adil dan saksama je.... Hehehe....Tetiba terasa plak cam orang Melayu tak sedar diri disitu kan, syok je sensorang menulis dalam English walhal grammar nya ntahkan betul, ntahkan tidak... (=.=): Disebabkan tu - terasa aku nak committed sikit untuk menulis post kali ini dalam bahasa Melayu. Ceh, 'komited' lah sangat ni... Nampok bebenor menipunye tuu... Kalau ye sangat komited, takdelah nak guna version Manglish like this kan?

[Subtext: Kasi kedish kat kepala sekali...]

Ohohoh... mengapakah tetiba laju je tangan aku menaip untuk mengutuk diri sendiri ni? Selama ni tulis dalam English ke, Melayu ke - tarak nak kata apa pun. Not a problem you said, janji evelibaldi can understand... Alih-alih arini, nak emotional pulak bagai. Adakah ini bermakna aku takkan tulis dalam English lagi, ataupun semangat patriotik ku dah sampai, memandangkan kita ada almost sebulan lebih lagi sebelum menyambut Hari Kemerdekaan yang ke-58? Well, jawapan bagi soklan-soklan itu adalah - ya dan tidak.

Ya, aku memang ade feeling-feeling nak jadi lebih patriotik tahun ini dan tidak, aku takkan pernah berhenti menulis dalam English. Sebab untuk kedua-duanya, biarlah kita tolak tepi dulu sebab aku rasa macam sudah menyimpang daripada tujuan asal aku menulis post ini. Sorilah ye, terbuang masa korang pulak membaca perenggan ini dan sebelumnya. Abaikan-abaikan...

Okeylah, demi tak nak membuang masa korang yang precious itu lagi, let me terus shoot straight to da point. Tujuan asal aku menulis post ni sebenarnya kerana aku nak share story pasal cermin mata yang aku buat itu hari. Hah? Cermin mata? Asal tetiba je ni... Itu hari bila itu hari? Bile masa you pegi buat? Tak tahu menahu pun... Well, rileks la guys. Ni nak citer lah ni (cceh macamlah ade yang tanya lak, kan?)....  Perasan letew~

Well, sebenarnya timeline aku start buat glasses ni taklah lama sangat pun - adalah dalam hari Ahad lepas and decision untuk buat ni pun bukannya tetiba je - sudah lama sangat ni 'memendam rasa' (since habis FYP last year). Korang pon tau aku ni mana kerja, so untuk berjoli-jolian secara extreme ni semua - memang yak adonya nyolah kan? Sayang duwet ler wei... Dari bazir-bazir tu, lebih baik aku wat menabung untuk sambung belajar jer... hehehe. Nampak tak skemanya aku di situ? Orang lain kalau ade duit lebih sudah sibuk-sibuk pikir nak gi bercuti, aku sibuk pasal tabungan belajar lak... Apa kes? Huhu, apa lagi boleh ku katakan - semua orang ade cara memasing untuk buat/dapatkan sesuatu... (myself included). You buat cara you, I buat cara I; no hal. Yang penting, kita sesama happy, tak gitu my fren?

There I go again, ranting over nothing... Pishh... asgfgjjgffhhhjkl... Okeh, let's forget my bebelan itu tadi, yeah? Tak penting pon. Jom kita terus masuk main story...

Dek kerana pemakaian dan cara penjagaan cermin mataku yang agak ganas dan cuai selama ini, habis kedua-dua belah lenses aku tu tercapik sana-sini. Sekali tengok dah macam kanta curi pun ada. Memang terbaik. Padahal baru buat time internship dulu (2013). Ni you pakai cermin mata ke, wat main lastik burung ni? Huhu, tak taulah nak cakap camne but aku admit, memang my fault pon pasal selalu sangat jatuhkan (ter- okay, ter-jatuhkan) cermin mata sepanjang 2 tahun tuu... 

So, after a year waiting - I finally made a new glasses. Nasib je rezeki ku murah tahun ni, Kalau tak, daydreaming sampai ke sudah la jawabnya... Previously, kalau nak buat glasses baru je - mesti kedai cermin mata Axis yang menjadi pilihan. This time awal-awal aku reject, nak tukar angin lak. Aku pilih kedai Focus Point (FP). Aku fikir bagus aku pilih FP ni, since frame and lens banyak pilihan and skang ni tengah ade promo. Mujur rajin je Chinese boy tu layan kerenah aku yang jenis memilih frame je, sudah makan masa berjam-jam ni. In the middle of selecting,  aku bagitau dia yang aku nak pakai contact lenses jugak. Monthly punya. Dia pun tunjuklah kat aku contact lenses jenis Acuve Clear tu. Honestly aku tak pernah pakai contact lenses jenis ni (daily tu ade la) but, lepas bla bla, terang itu ini - terus aku confirm nak beli. Then, bila dah confirm tu - terus dia bawak aku ke kaunter untuk settle payment pulak...

But wait... cam ade yang tak selesai lagi ni... Frame glasses yang aku dah pilih tadi tu, camne lak?

Rupa-rupanya, Chinese boy tu ingatkan aku cuma nakkan contact lenses je. Tak mo beli glasses tu dah. Haisy, camtu pulak... Dah tentu-tentu je aku pot pet pot pet dengan dia pasal lenses tadi kan, citer pasal power ape kejadah tu semua - of courselah aku dah plan nak beli sekali. Maybe sebab aku kata yang aku ni student kot (chance untuk dapat student price) masa aku baru datang kedai - dia ingatkan I tarak $$$ agaknya untuk beli dua-dua tu sekali. Huu - sedey tau aku camni. Penat je buat budget segala bagai untuk beli glasses + contact lenses tu, sampai setahun sanggup tunggu... itupun masih fikir I ni tak mampu ke? (angkat-angkat jari sikit tanda marah). Berani sungguh kamu....

Haha, takdelah... memain jer. Mana ada aku marah pun. Ko fikir aku peduli sangat orang cop muka aku ni jenis berduit atau tak? Hey, takde I kisahlah itu semua... Lagi ko tak dapat teka, lagi aku suka sebenarnya. But tolak tepi itu semua kerana ia tidak penting... Apa yang penting adalah hati aku bahagia sekarang ni, sebab aku dapat beli apa yang aku idam-idamkan macam kat bawah ni ha;

Meet my new friends, guys...
(p/s: Teddy bear is not included within purchase)
Haha. Happy gila aku time dapat my new glasses nih. Dah la besar cerminnya (suka sebab mata ku jenis besar ala-ala anime, so full coverage), frame ringan (no pressure inflicted on my nose), harga pon murah sebab ade promo. Part last tu yang buat aku tambah sayang kat FP ni... Tak sia-sia aku datang sini. Plus dengan contact lenses tu lagi yang memang within my budget... Lagilah aku tambah ❤❤

My new baby.
Lepas ni kita lepak sesama yer...
I janji takkan jatuh-jatuhkan you macam yang lenlain tuh...
Hahahaha... (hakpuih)
Dream Team
Oh baby~ Will you marry me?
(Ceh, tangkap feeling lak aku tetiba...)

Masa aku pergi KAISON itu hari, aku ada beli bekas kecik yang comel ni. Harga dia murah, baru RM1.90. Gambar nak teddy bear warne cream gebu-gebu je pasal I memang minat bear (ahahakss). Box ni sesuai sangat kalau ko nak letak pills ke or anything small inside because penutupnya yang ketat. Tapi itu biasanyalah... Cuba teka aku guna box ni untuk aper?....

Yah, untuk inilah. Bekas letak kain pengelap cermin mataku... Okay, confession. Selalu kan kalau ko gi kedai, dia mesti akan bagi ko box yang besar gedabak pink macam kat gambar atas tuh. Ko tak nak pun dia bagi gak sebab leh letak glasses ko sekali kat dalam tu. But, aku tak suka. Dah la leceh sebab lebar dan berat, burokks lak tuh - sah-sahlah aku malas nak carry dalam my beg. So, bila dah beli box kecil comel moleks macam ni ha, takdelah aku malas-malas lagi~ ye tak? Hehehe....

Evolusi Cermin Mataku
Kenapa makin besau je ni?
Adakah ni bermakna powerku sudah naik?
Good news bila aku check mata aku adalah power sebelah kanan yang dulunya mencecah sehingga -4.00, kini sudah plummet ke -3.25. Left eye masih sama lagi; -3.50. Okeylah tu kan? Berhasil gak aku jadik rabbit hari-hari, menghabiskan saki-baki carrot di rumahku itu semua. Yang panasnya cuma, bila my bro nampak - dia akan buat muka. Part buat muka aku leh tahan gi, but then boleh lak dia kata 'eww'? Kurang asam sungguh. Tak tahu ke ko budak yang carrot itu selain manis and lazat rasanya, ia juga kaya vitamin A yang boleh tolong to improve your vision? Selambe ko je nak kata eww, eww eh?... Pelangkung sekali, baru tau...

Haha, alrightlah semua. Dah banyak gila aku tulis ni, so baik aku stop sampai sini dulu. Karang muntah hijau lak korang membacanya kalau aku terus menulis berkajang-kajang. For those who had read this post until the end, thank you el mucho! Banyak je masa you olls ade ye ntuk baca entry I yang seberapa ni. Still, thank you so much for your time. Really appreciate it!

Peace out, yo! Wasalam.

Sincerely: Mimi Said

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

PICOMODA Review: 1st Online Buying Tryout

Hello everyone. How you guys doing? Hope everything went well in your life. 

As for me, I'm doing just fine. In case any of you're wondering .. ;) 

Hmm. This post might be so sudden, but I've something interesting that I want to share with you guys out there today. Hopefully my super-zealous post updates lately wouldn't bother you that much (to read) because I'm currently in the mood to write something in this blog.

So, before we get down to business; I would like to ask you something. This question is specifically directed towards girls (I had a feeling that boys might not be interested with this post, anyway), so you can respond to this one now and truthfully... Are there any of you girls in here who are reading this come from Malaysia and loves pretty clothes? Have you often get your clothes from the source (shop), but now already grew tired with the expensive price tag and uninteresting designs? Have you ever think about getting them online (cheaper, easier) but didn't know where to start? Then look for no more, because this post might be the answer for your dilemma... 

I recently been wanting this one specific of cloth (which is often super expensive per piece if I try to get it at normal shop) and it later got me thinking - maybe I should start looking for it online. Since I was pretty determined, I started to do some search on the internet and found a couple of interesting bargain. Haha. To be honest with you, I wasn't the type of girl who trusted online stuff so much, but after my past experience dealing my purchase with this website, I decided to put my trust on this one too (glowing reviews by satisfied customer, kinda does it for me) despite of having no past experience of using it, nor so much hearing word of mouth from anyone. 

And since I'm making a review (unpaid, of course) about this website - does this means that it's good and can be trusted? Well, I wouldn't say that just yet. Not before I start telling you my experience of using this website first, anyway. Since this blog is my public confession, and I intended to keep it that way by writing down with this experience I had, and share it with you and only YOU. Just make sure to stay tuned right 'til the end, okay? 

The website that I had picked to make my purchase is called PICOMODA. Don't ask me in details about what it means, I had no slightest idea at all. All I know is that this website seems quite elegant and simple, that anyone could understand it even in once glance, as you can see from this picture below;  

The welcoming page that will introduce you
to plenty of beautiful dresses, shirts, bags, pants....etc
that surely gonna left your hand and heart shaken
This button will tell you what kind
of new clothes that will be provided by this website.
All you have to do is wait for 30 minutes, refresh
the page, and see if what they offer suits for your
WOMEN Selection
Fulfilled your womanly heart desires by
clicking any of these links.
You simply won't regret once you found what's
Worried about no able to get any sweet bargain
while shopping from this website?
Well, fret not my dear friend.... 
This website also will offer you these 'Daily Deals'  
clothes to keep a regular/prospect customer
like you constantly happy!
Confused or unaware of what kind of
trends that's in right now? Look
no further but to these 'BestSeller'
selections. There's no way
you could go wrong with this...
Worried if your purchase will take longer
time to arrive on your mailbox/doorstep?
Then, try this 'Ready Stock' option.
You may not have to wait that long to
start wearing your new favorite clothes...
FREE SHIPPING Policy (Above 6 Items)
They even have this free shipping
policy if you brought more than
6 items from their website.
It's quite rare to see an item exceeds RM100++ shown in this website. From my observation, they only had the ones that's below that price range. But, since I came here looking for only one item, my final order didn't come out that much from I expected. I got 3 (same) items with total RM79.00. Each cost me about RM23.00 or so, and since I made this order during Ramadhan period - I even got RM10 off (TENOFF) ak.a free delivery for 3 items. So instead of needing to buy another 3 unnecessary items - I still get the free delivery service. Well, doesn't this sounds like a bargain to you? I think it's... Haha

I order from this site on 05/07/2015.
06/07/2015-19/07/2015, was when they pre-order the item,
waiting, preparing....etc...
They start shipping my stuff on 20/07/2015.
My purchase arrived on 22/07/2015.
It took almost 2 weeks for my purchase to arrive, mainly thanks to time taken by the pre-order items to arrive and delivery get halted (Hari Raya reasons). Talk about waiting, I was this close of cancelling my purchase (I was growing impatient) but thinking how important this purchase meant for me and my current lifestyle; I decided not to. And once the purchase arrived at my house and the person delivered it with a smile - I think it's definitely worth a wait. 
Here it's. My long-awaited purchase is finally HERE!
Feels a little bit reluctant to rip this out
but I'm dying to see what's inside.

Okay. That's it guys for my post and review about this website. Despite of the delay in shipping, I can say that I'm pretty satisfied with the smooth process of transaction. Maybe this experience should make me think twice, if I ever wanted to order a pre-order items of clothes again. That long wait just... I dunno could drive anyone crazy and relentless, I guess. Anyway, that's all I wanted to say about this post, and nah-ah - I won't be showing you what I brought from this website (private stuff), However, I can assure you that the quality of the item, the fabric and everything that I received from this site- are pretty good and I like it so much (seems like the customer review wasn't lying, after all). 

Thanks for reading, guys. Till we meet again on my next post. Wasalam and chiao.

Mimi says: The only way I can enjoy buying something is when I realized that I got it cheap and it's a quality stuff.  Tee-hee

Monday, July 20, 2015

Raya 2015 dan Rumah Terbuka Story

Hello guys! Apa khabar? Harap semuanya sihat-sihat walafiat jer...

Haisy... dah lama sungguh tak mengupdate blog guna bahasa Melayu camni. Terasa agak kekok dan berkaratnya menyusun atur ayat-ayat mukadimah bagi title post ni. Ah, takpelah kan. Karat ke, sarat ke... janji diri ini tak lupa daratan and readers out there faham apa yang I cuba sampaikan, amirite? (ceh, tetiba main I-I pulak, apa kejadah?)

Okey. Since aku dah ada rasa sedikit kemalasan bertapa di dalam hati tatkala menulis ni, baik aku terus shoot straight to the point. Aku nak bercerita pasal raya tahun ni (2015). Why? Sebab ada banyak story nak mari sedikit tahun ni. Last year aku tak update pasal diri aku boleh dikatakan tak beraya. Mana taknya, dengan final year project (FYP) yang menyerabutkan kepala hotak, thesis writingnya lagi, evaluation from lecturer lagi - ade ko selera untuk beraya? Kalau ade memang jiwa mu kental. Aku tarak so baju raya pon aku malas beli. Hik hik. Sampai begitu sekali penangan FYP dekat raya aku tahun lepas... Ini bukan main-main. Nampak sangat kegusaran aku disitu jika terpaksa repeat one more sem sekiranya tak pass, kan? Alhamdulliah, berbaloi rasanya sebab sekarang dah pun graduate. Cuma kerjanya yang belum pasal I nak gi sambung study lagi :")

So, memandangkan fasa kritikal itu telahpun berlalu, adalah baiknya jika aku tidak memboikot Hari Raya lagi. Cukup-cukup sudah. Nak cerita riang-gumbira raya je right now. Since last year cuma beraya dengan baju time internship dulu (2013), tahun ni aku beli kain (online). Lepas dapat, baru tempah dekat orang. Biasanya bila dengar jer online, hati aku mudah je nak reject. Yelah, benda takleh tengok depan mata, kan? - banyaklah pra-sangkanya. But then, bila tengok pulak website - mulalah tu kan, nak rambang mata pulak. Namanya pun perempuan. At first bajet-bajet 'tak mo membazir itukan amalan syaiton' la, apa la - but then, terbeli jugak aku 3 pasang. Acamne tu? Terasa berdosanya aku kerana telah melakukan 1 pembaziran but then datang la pulak my mom said;

"Tak apa, mi. Tahun depan kan boleh tempah baju raya lagi. Gunalah kain yang lain tu pulak."

Ha - iyalah tu. Takkan la asyik-asyik nak pakai kain sulam jer, mother ku? Tak ke bosan rupenya nanti? Balik-balik tu je pesen baju kurungnya. Nak gak ku merasa pakai baju kebaya ke, baju kurung moden ke, peplum ke, apa ke.. untuk tahun-tahun lain tu. Tapi ni semua hati kecil aku je, Tak cakap pun kat mak camni. Sebab? Dosa you know, and I pun sebenarnya agak die-hard-fan kain baju sulam... So, tak lah jadi isu actually tapi masih saje-saje mau bangkitkan.

Ngadelah, katakan.... (>_<)!

Jadi, selain cerita pasal kain baju raya, tahun ni raya pun sebenarnya agak special sikit. Setelah hampir bertahun-tahun tak officially menjemput sesiapa datang ke rumah due to health reasons, my mom buat jugak rumah terbuka tahun ni. Taklah jemput satu kampung ke apa, just sedara-mara terdekat je. So, bila once dah jemput tu - haruslah dilakukan dengan bersungguh-sungguh kan? Ingatkan dia nak buat 1-2 hidangan je, sekali sampai 4 dah... Terkezut gak bila dengar menu mak aku tu. Ayam, daging, sotong, sayur... Hai, mak - ni nak balas dendam ke apa ni sebab dah lama sangat tak buat open house dulu? Getus hati kasarku...

Anyway, dah puas aku membebel kat atas tu, tetiba terasa nak drop beberapa keping gambar lak. Yelah, apelah namanya raya kalau tak di hujani dengan pose-pose dan selfies, kan? Sekarang ni raya bukan duit raya je penting, gambar-gambar tu pun aku tengok sama je importantnya. Tak sah raya kalau takde gambar. Mana taknya, even 1st syawal pun aku tengok dah ramai orang Melayu yang beratur di kedai apek gambar just for raya photoshoot. Penting sangat la tu kan sampai dah ke kedai. Aku sendiri if nak merasa ke kedai gambar pun time amik gambar passport dengan graduation jerr...

Alritelah, sebelum aku start bombarding blog aku ni dengan picture-picture yang maha banyak, lebih baik rasanya aku bagi tahu something dulu. Aku kan bahagikan picture ni semua kepada dua part; part I - raya punya citer, part II - open house punya citer. Okey? Kalau dah okey, meh layan pic kat bawah ni.

- Part I -
With my mom.
Gambar ni tarak snap di kedai punya okeh? Sendirik-sendirik je.
Adik I yang tolong tangkapkan. Nak watpe membazir
tangkap kedai kalau ade kamera sendiri, rite?
My bro and mom.
Tinggi budak ni. Gayat plak rasanya bila tengok dia
 tinggi camni.
Yelah, takkan 'selfless' lak?
With sedara mara terdekat yang ramai.
Ni baru separuh je ni. Kalau dah kumpul fully dengan
sedara yang lain-lain gerenti sampai tak muat gambar.
Gambar with my aunt and cousin.
My aunt ni sebenarnya adik kepada my mom (younger by 2 years rasanya).
Then bila dia dapat anak perempuan, anak dia tu pulak 2 years
older than me... Hehe, syok tak syok?
Nilah yang dinamakan sebagai
'twist of coincidence'.
With ma cousin, Atie.
Dalam bebanyak cousin, cousin ni paling rapat
and ngam sebab grow-up together. 
Masa kecik-kecik dulu, kiranya dia ni kira macam my big sisterlah...
Apa yang dia buat, mesti aku pun akan ikut buat.
Even sampai panjat-memanjat pokok sekalipun! Haha.

Gambar tu sebab harus diblurkan untuk dramatic effects... Yaargh...
Sebagai anak dara kan maka duduk haruslah bersimpuh begini.
Barulah kelihatan sopan tak gitu?
Selfie Time Lagi!
Adalah menjadi trend muda-mudi sekarang untuk mengambil
selfie sebagai gambar kenang-kenangan.
Kami pun tak terkecuali. 
With Other Cousins
Sebenarnya ramai lagi cousin-cousin
lain yang takde dalam ni. Samaada diaorang tengah makan,
balik kampung or tak sampai lagi - semuanyalah.
Tapi kalau nak tunggu semua ada
sekali memang takkan adalah gambarnya kan, so
tu yang amik mana yang ada dulu tu.
Jalan Beraya
Kitaorang start jalan beraya adalah dalam
pukul 4.00 lebih untuk melawat sedara-mara sebelah ayah.
Singgah kat rumah nenek sedara, nampak lak mende alah ni.
Saje suruh my dad tangkapkan.
Then tetiba terasa pulak tetiba nak poyonya
 tengok tempat lain. Nasib je dalam picture ni
 aku nampak kurus... hik hik.
Old Habits Die Hard
Ntah kenapa perangai aku dari besar sampai kecik suka main
cucuk-cucuk perut ayah aku.
Nampak plak kurang matangnya di situ kan?
Serius I pun tak tau nape...
Maybe sebab buncit sangat kot?
Ronald McDonald pun nak Raya
Okey. Time pergi beraya di rumah orang, tetiba
terrnampak lak patung Ronald McDonald ni kat luar.
Unexpected sungguh.
Selalu kalau patung camni gerenti akan banyak
bebudak kecik kerumun, kan?
Ni tengah kosong ni... ape lagi?
Teratak Lepak
Ok. Motif mengambil gambar teratak ni aku sendiri pun tak pasti.
Apa yang pastinya, bro aku yang suruh aku pose kat depan ni.
Oklah bro, apa-apa jelah....
Say Cheese
Hmm... kalau nak diikutkan hati ni - aku sebenarnya malas je nak amik-amik gambar ni. Cuma tulah, bila dah make-up and pakai baju cantik-cantik, terasa plak sayangnya kan kalau tak amik. I mean, bukan tiap hari kau pakai baju kurung pun kan? Kalau tak event, raya, kalau tak raya event. Pusing-pusing balik je. Ade sebab lain lagi ke? Oleh itu, termaktub sudahlah alasan aku untuk bergambar cenggini walaupun spot-spot gambar yang di diambil biasa-biasa sahaja. Sekian.

- Part II -

Wokeh. Sekarang jom cerita pasal part II pulak. Part open house ataupun dalam istilah Melayunya; rumah terbuka. Now, part ni aku suka, because hampir 90% dekorasi, susunan perabot, dan idea-idea menyusun atur semua - aku yang plan. Entahla kenapa, tapi aku bab-bab mengemas ni memang laju jer. Masak-masak ni, kureng sikit. Yang tau pun masak makanan western jer. Ceh, camtu lak kan? Haha. Bukan berlagak ke pe wokeh, cuma aku ni manalah reti masak lauk pauk leceh cam kari-mari tu semua. Besides, lagi senang masak makanan western per? Contoh mudah cam salad tuh. Basuh salad, potong tomato, pastu main picit-picit sos one thousand island atas salad tu. Tada. Dah siap! 

Pantry Minuman
Hari-hari biasa pantry ini akan di penuhi dengan
cawan-cawan pelbagai saiz dan bentuk, but
khas untuk raya - gelas-gelas raya jelah.
Saje je aku tambah candy bowl in case
ade children datang beraya.
Appointed Chef for Open House tahun ini
My mom lah kan, sapa lagi.
Dah ku kata kan aku kurang sikit bab masak-memasak ni?
Ruang Makan
Semua tetamu yang datang makan di sini. :)

Main Dishes
Daging masak Asam and Ayam masak lemak cili api.
Side Dishes
Sotong masak sambal, sayur campur, kek lapis
and kek kukus buah
Kuih-kuih Raya
Dalam 11 balang kuih kat sini, cuma 1 je yang buat sendirik.
Itu pun bukannya aku buat, adik aku. Tolong ala kadar je.
Haha. Nampak sangat kuih-kuih lain tu semuanya beli je.
Rumah ni tak kiralah orang datang ataupun tak,
haruslah sentiasa kelihatan kemas dan menarik.
Bunga rose yang bebanyak tu, aku yang pilih then gubah
sendiri. Cun tak cun? Hehe....
Lepas makan, boleh lepak-lepak di sini.
Ataupun sini....
Dah ku kata cousin-cousinku ramai.
Ni lah buktinya.
Pak Lang, Pak Itam and Pak Ngah yang sudi datang
memeriahkan majlis.
Muka-muka happy cousin datang beraya.
Yang paling kanan sekali tu my bro.
Laptop tu berada di tengah-tengah medan pasal
 tengah busy mengcopy movies. 
Side sini sedang leka menatap album-album lama.
Muke my bro setelah selesai majlis.
Nampak kepenatannya jelas terpacar disitu kan?
Terima kasih banyak-banyaklah kepada
sedara-mara yang sudi datang.
Tahun depan, insyaallah - kami jemput lagi.
Sampai sini jelah dulu ye coretan Raya and rumah terbuka aku kali ni. Ni pun dah panjang bebenor entry nya ni. Haha. Takpelah, setahun sekali je pun kan? Kenalah bersungguh-sungguh sikit menulisnya. Kepada yang dah baca entry ni dari mula sampai habis, thank you sajelah yang mampu di ucapkan. Kalau ade yang kenal-kenal tu, tau my house kat mana - jemput-jemputlah datang beraya ye. Tak susah pun nak tau aku ade kat rumah ke tak. Phone kan ade, kol jer kasik tau bila nak datang. Kompem I prepare something untuk korang. Alrite? Okeylah.... Selamat Hari Raya 2015 semua! Semoga bertemu lagi di post-post akan datang.