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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Mimi-Chan Top 10 Favorite Japanese Singer

Hello guys! How you doing?

Phew... What a week! Try to hit 100 anime on your list and see what happened? Almost lost my life back there (joking). Although I'm currently on a break (not for long), I'm dying to see that (100) happened. Right now I'm on 70/100 anime track record, just to be clear... Oh well, you don't have to say it out loud.

I know what you must've been thinking. Don't even try to hide it from me.

You probably had been thinking - if it's for anime, then why does that matter how many had I watched so far? An anime is just, an anime. It doesn't really accumulate to anything. A waste of time. It drains out energy and rots your brain. Doesn't make any money... Blah blah and blah....


Speaking like a true Otaku; watching anime is not a waste of time, it did drain my energy a bit but doesn't rot my brain (if anything, I learned a lot more) and it's true - that it doesn't make any money. But it had become apart of my lifestyle now that it's quite hard to deny it's entirety. Doing so (deny), would cause more damage (huh? what sorts?) than good to my life and I honestly don't think that a healthy grown up should hides her obsession like that. Anyway....

So, why do this girl wanted to hit that 100 anime on her list so badly? Is there some special meaning behind hitting 100? Most definitely, I'll say.

In Otaku-dom, hitting 100 simply means;
So, you're really serious about this, huh? Oh, well... you're one of us now! How do you feel about that? Here's what I'll say - tears are swelling up in my eyes. (T.T)

Ha-ha. Just kidding guys... there's no such thing as Otaku-dom. I made it all up. You must think that I'm crazy die-hard fans of anime and manga for wanting to hit 100 anime so bad, just so I could be inside that Otaku-dom group. Well, the answer is yes and no. Yes, I want to hit that 100 anime, but it's not for that Otaku-dom reason. Vanity, its more like it. And as far as Otaku-dom goes, I wasn't 100% sure of its existence so, if I interprate it the wrong way - then please, forgive me.

Enough with the ramble and shambles about Anime, Otakuness and Otaku-dom. Let's get back to the main business. Yup, the title already says it all and it's time for me to imply it;

My Top 10 Favorite Japanese Singer!!!

To save some space here, I even made out a video about it. Just so that you too, could listen to why did I choose these lovely songbird babes as my favourite Japanese singer. Therefore, please enjoy!

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