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Friday, September 5, 2014

Fun Self-Photographing Pictures.... Part 2

Hello, guys.... How you doing? I hope everyone were doing fine in their life, as I am - right now.

Gosh, I can't believe it that almost two years had passed since I made this post. Talk about how times flies. Oh, dear... I still could remember, the moment and time that were spent during the first batch of photography session. How joyful it was and how remarkably inspirational it's to me. And having Audrey Hepburn as my major inspiration at that too - added more point as a great memory for me to keep. I don't think I'll will ever forget about it...

Since two years had passed, I had this tingling feelings that those sweet memories should be revisited again. You know, just to refresh it a little bit in case some of the delightful details had been forgotten. Oh, how I do love taking pictures - especially taking selfies. No, I don't think it conceited at all - people do it all the time. It had been around in a long time, that even recently - they already decided to add the word inside the dictionary. Pretty cool, don't you think? So, now it's official. Selfie is a thing.

I seen a lot of people nowadays had taken selfie into a different level. Not to be judgemental or anything, but it used to be just a picture of you and friends. Your face and their face. Now, even the picture of your (censored) can get a selfie moment. I really had no idea, on why these people choose to do this? Does it have to be the picture of your (censored)? Like really? Can't they just take a normal selfie pictures like a normal person does? Huh? (sigh).

Talk about what the world had becoming...

Anyway, let's just cut with the bs before we gotten into this selfie matter too deep, shall we? As for me, I considered selfies as not only a reason to take a picture of myself, but also as my personal growth indicator. To see how much had I grown over the years. For example; the 16 year old me wouldn't look the same as the 22 year old me. Nor will I be wearing the same outfit or being on the same place. I guess that's the same reason as everyone, huh? Anyway, it's safe and clear to say - I wasn't doing it for money or fame. I'm doing it as a favour to myself. Because I really love photographing. So, please - ENJOY!

Well, I guess that's it everyone. My second part of 'Fun Self-Photographing Pictures'. I hope you guys enjoyed with this second post. It had been so much fun, and pleasure - doing this session with all of you!

Remember to have a nice day: Mimi Said. 

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