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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Mimie's Picked Songs: 'My Everything' by Ariana Grande

My... my... She had done it again!

Ariana Grande had truly, madly and deeply evolved her sound and music on her second album - 'My Everything'. Seriously, for you guys who haven't checked this album yet - you guys just need too. Because this is one hella of album, I tell you! Worth your time and dime to be spending on. Go ahead and don't hesitated.

In all honesty, just like her million other fans - I been waiting for this album to come out in such a long, long time. Right after her debut and Christmas album, 'Yours Truly' and 'Christmas Kisses' in fact, that I had been pinning for her next album to come out, truly anticipating the date to come around. I just couldn't wait to see what her next song would sound like, and after that long, long wait - it's safe to say, that I wasn't disappointed at all. 'Amazed' were more likely the words that I wanted to use for this album. And despite being released no longer than a week and the number of sales for this album hasn't come down yet- I hope it wasn't an exaggeration to say that this second album had already become another success for Ariana Grande. A lot of positive and glowing review were on about this new album of hers, if you don't believe me.

I think this success had a lot to do with the snippets that she already given to us, the fans - a few weeks prior before the release of her album. This is where I first caught to hear a glimpse of what this new album is gonna to be like. At the first sound of it - I instantly feel in love. I'm pretty sure her other fans were thinking the same things too. Call me crazy or in sync with Ariana, but among other songs on her new album - I was keen on hearing what 'My Everything' (one of the song in the album that she later chose to become the title) would sounded like. The snippets sounded really amazing. And the result is... yes, my hearing hasn't failed me.

 I do loved hearing what I heard.

It was my favorite song on her second album so far, besides 'Be My Baby' feat Cashmere Cat and 'Break Your Heart Right Back' feat Childish Gambino. By the time I'm writing this, I already been hitting the repeat button like crazy for these songs and hoping that the volume for my headphone could gone higher. But, enough with my ramble and shambles anyway - let's get done to the business. This is where I showed you my picked songs form Ariana Grande new album.

Ready? Let's go, guys!

[Note: Watch out for the bold ones only, they were my favorite picks. And the list are from her deluxe album.]

01 - Intro
02 - Problem (feat Iggy Azalea)
03 - One Last Time
04 - Why Try
05 - Break Free (feat Zedd)
06 - Best Mistake (feat Big Sean)
07 - By My Baby (feat Cashmere Cat)
08 - Break Your Heart Right Back (feat Childish Gambino)
09 - Love Me Harder
10 - Just a Little Bit of Your Heart
11 - Hands On Me (feat A$AP Ferg)
12 - My Everything
13 - Bang Bang (feat Jessie J and Nicki Minaj)
14 - Only 1
15 - You Don't Know Me

That's it. Remember to watch out for the highlighted ones.Highly addicted I think, so be careful when you were listening to them and suddenly wanted to venture to another songs - as you might not wanna leave that particular song just yet! Okay, this is where I ended my post. Have a nice listening to this new album from Ariana Grande and have a nice day.

My Everything : Best 2014 album so far..... but still curious with Taylor Swift new album though.