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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Down the 22 Road - World in My Point of View

This is where you heading, kid. 
Man, I am turning 22 in 10 days.... Whoa, totally don't want that! Haha. But I am happy for the fact that I'm still alive and been living pretty well these past 21 years. Praise Lord for still giving me this opportunity to keep breathing and receiving HIS generosity. I am truly grateful. That's why, I'll try to make sure that my brief life in this world worthwhile.

22. Well, what else can I say about it except that again I am getting older by a year. 2014 had it coming and prepared for me, so there is no way I can dodge the bullet and not accepting this truth. Man, I wish I had done everything I should have done when I was 21. I really do. In my memories, I guess I can call it as pretty hectic and stressful. But since that will be over in ten days, I guess I will make a recap and short description on what are the thing that I remember the most as a 21 year old kid. Do you guys want to hear and on board with this? If you are, here we go.

  1. My University: 3 full semester in a year . Can you imagine that? How hectic and tiring it was. Plus,with that internship thing going on... burgh, don't even let me start talking about that...
  2. The first time in three years, I drove a car by myself to work.
  3. I had a minor operation. Nothing serious though but still... the experience. F*ing nightmare.
  4. First Airplane Experience ( I went to Sabah with the rest of my family)
  5. Plagiarism Checker. You have no idea how much I break my nerve from using this tool.
  6. I reread and recollected Detective Conan comics.
  7. I got an air-conditioning and a comfy sofa in my room. Plus, some makeover along the way.
  8. For twice row of semester, my pointer is above 3.5 (Well, it's about time. Shame on me if I never did this.)
  9. I got my second smartphone for my birthday, and it matches with my mom. 
  10. My bro leave the house to further his studies, and me ransacking his room afterwards. I even make a private video about it. Haha, thank God he never saw it.
  11. Having my regular teeth check-up. And the dentist being a big asshole about it. Well, f**k her!
  12. My first taste of Pineapple and Green Tea Mochi ( a type of japanese dessert). I still remember how well it tasted.
  13. Redecorating the house as a token of my appreciation to my parents for letting me stay at home during my internship.
  14. Improving a mother-daughter relationship with my mom. But, yeah - we still have some old arguments reheated.
  15. Pissing off my dad quite often and making him worry about me. (Yep, I am a nasty kid with a high level of stubbornness).
  16. Arguments with my bro about who and what's right - basically about everything.
  17. I watch foreign movies a lot. Some of them come from the country that I didn't know existed.
  18. I am proud to say, that I am a classic movies biggest fan. But some people thought that as weird. Why would I wanna watch a black and white movie when we had CGI movies coming out every month?
  19. Aside Horror, Surreal movies and books were my new favorite. 
  20. I had a new blog at Tumblr - and had 69 followers to date. (Score!)
Well, those listed were some of the things that I remember the most about being 21. Alright, I know.. I know... I should had put something like.. 1.) I had a new boyfriend... His name is.... on the list. Why haven't I thought of that? I should have done that. Seriously. But, well I have no intention of lying to you guys so there is no point of putting some false information like that just to confuse others. Plus, I'm in no rush of finding a boyfriend right now. I wanna take things slow, achieve my life goal and mission first before start thinking about those things ( those things? Why did I make it sound like a disease or something?). So, that's why it wasn't there.

Anyway, thanks for reading these list. I love making list aren't I? Well, what to do. This is how I simplify things. Hope you guys don't mind. Take care and bye.

Mimi says: I don't know about you, but I am turning 22

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