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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Visiting Kota Kinabalu, Sabah and First Airplane Experience

Gosh, it's it February 2014 already? My, my... please forgive me. I really didn't realize this. I have no entry for January 2014 whatsoever. My deep apologizes to you guys out there who has been waiting for any new post from me. If you aren't, then I'll just pretend that you do. Easier for me, and easier for you as well. XD

To tell you the truth, I been busy planning for my 3rd episode of '80's Summertime' on the Deviantart (DA), submitting artworks to Gempak Magazine and writing new short stories. Plus, I even try to learn new skills in shading and coloring my artwork using pens - so there goes my time and lame excuse. I know. But, that's how my life rolls, you know? Keeping myself busy all the time. That's what I am living for.

Okay, here's some interesting story to tell you guys. Almost a week ago, my family and I went for a trip to Kota Kinabalu (KK), Sabah. Frankly, it wasn't a trip that I am looking forward to go (my brother and mom are the only people who been planning this), but I went there anyway since 1.) the ticket had been paid, 2.) never been to East Malaysia before, and 3.) this is my first time, EVER setting my foot inside a plane. Honestly, unlike all the other vacation I been on; I have a serious  love and hate feeling towards this trip. It's getting so serious, that I even had a thought of not making this post due to that, but considering that I spend one month not making any post - I have to do this!.

So, as usual here's a few pictures that had been taken along the trip to KK, Sabah. And I'll be a bit nice for explaining a little bit of what am I, or my family members doing in each of the pictures. Ok, are you guys ready now? Here I go ~

Waiting for boarding time. A lot of people around. Yeah,
I hate the crowded place and try to avoid it at any cost.
During our trips, we stayed in
 Promenade service apartments (something like that).
It's quite nice but you really don't wanna know where
it's situated,  more or less what happens at night. (0.0)
Day 1: So, this trip took us almost an hour and
 we didn't exactly get in... (Lame, I know). But here's
some pictures from outside of Kinabalu Park. Such a
shame we come all this was and not even entering
this place. That why this trip pretty much su*ks to me...
Sabah Tea Farm Pt 1: Okay, this is where the trip gets
a little bit better. Much to do with my love
(or better say, addiction) to Tea.
But the journey to get to this place sure aren't easy.
Got some bumpy road ahead of you if you wanna
come to this place. Well, if you are tea lover like myself,
you'll just have to endure, I guess. 
But it sure worth wait. We took some of the lovely picture
in this place. My brother and I got a new T-Shirt and two months
stock of tea. So yeah, me and this trip are now on a GOOD terms :)
When I was browsing on the internet about
tourist attraction in Sabah, I come across the
page where they tell me about a place
call 'Strawberry Garden' near Kundasang, Sabah.
Not really sure where's located, so the first time
we came across - we missed it! But since it's one way
road, we stopped by just in time to take this picture.
Admittance fee: RM1.00 per adults, free for hotel guest.

Nice picture, right? Well, let me break it up to you.
Half of this farm is empty. Yeah, you heard me...EMPTY!
Unlike my trip to Strawberry Farm in Genting Highland,
this place is only half of it. Su*kish~
Day 2: From the maps and directory we received on our first day here,
 there's a museum called 'Sabah Museum' nearby so my dad
decides to drive and took us there. I was quite excited to be in here
 myself after  browsing my dad's tablet the other night and
found this same place.
This visit are highly educational and informative. I learn
a lot of stuff concerning Sabah history before and after independence,
 cultures and rituals, and also the economy done by its people.
Tell you what, one thing for sure is that almost everything
that I learned from my History textbook were ALL right here. 
We ate dinner for twice day in a row  in a place called
'Pasar Kraftangan' or used to be called as 'Pasar Filipina'.
My mom really wanted to taste some fresh seafood so
we came here and get lucky after finding a stall that sell
fresh seafood. Yummy... yummy... :) 
Crabs, baby kale, sweet and sour fish.... and hot piping rice.
That's all I ever need to have a taste of Sabah. 

Day 3: Our flight back to Kuala Lumpur is around 5 p.m, so in
order to kill some time we went to post a postcard in Sabah post office
(my bro took the picture but I haven't extracted from him) and to
Tanjung Aru Beach. It is quite a lovely beach and
wasn't really contaminated such in Malacca.
Anyway, it was nice. The breeze, the weather... everything.
Here's some picture of me.

And my bro. XD

Ok, this is where our journey to Sabah ends. Around the
airport waiting for the plane to land. Thanks for reading
this post guys... Love you.  
Sincerely: Mimi Said

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