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Thursday, April 4, 2013

I finally found you, Miss Lindsey Stirling - The Dancing Violinist

Okay, as you all know... this is one of the post where I talked about my new beloved artist. I had told you many before; Norah Jones, Melody Gardot, Ellie Goulding, Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato, Justin Bieber, David Archuleta so now, let me introduce you to the energetic and lovely Miss Lindsey Stirling! ( I respected her so much that I even put 'Miss' in front of her name ;) )

Everyone, meet the talented Miss Stirling....
Sadly, I just found her about a week ago, when I was visiting my friend in her room. I was asking her help to reinstall my Java when she showed me this beautiful video clip of Miss Lindsey (it was her 'Crystallize' video, the one that had gained over 55 million views so far) while killing the time before the Java completely installed and I was completely hooked; that I managed to ask my friend to copy it into my laptop. That night, after went back to my own room, I play her video - watching carefully and intensely as Miss Lindsey played - she is pretty amazing I thought, to be able playing the violin and dancing at the same time! After the video ended, I reply again and again until I decided; I can' get enough of her! Next thing I know, I been downloading every single video she had made (she been active on Youtube since 2012, only I didn't know that). Very amazing video, I must say so kudo's to her. They way she modernize the typical violin performance are totally mesmerizing, and if not too bold - mind blowing. And also for everyone who had been making it possible for her. I don't know how or why, but somehow she made me warm up with the whole idea of dubstep music and dancing, two territories I never been before. In other words, she opened up my eyes to new possibilities and turning it as my new favorite music. So thank you for that, Lindsey!

I would write a lot of stuff, including her early childhood if I could but looking at the time, I better took off first. Still got early class tomorrow. Anyway, thank you guys for staying with me until the end of this post, I really appreciate it. Okay guys, bye now and don't forget to catch Miss Lindsey latest performance on Youtube! Bye!

Here's her link:

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