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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Vague and Vulgarity: In My Life

Good day dear readers... May your day been blessed with great things.

This topic just come in my mind quite recently, and I thought it is as interesting topic to share.
Between vague and vulgarity ~ Now, what it has to do with me? Or anything particularly?
The first thing that come into my mind is this;

"Looks can be deceiving, so does words and senses."

That's one way I look at it when I was reminded of these words. And here's the solution that I come up with;
The best way to avoid of being fool is to aware of what state are you at. Try looking into it deeply, and you will found what your heart is looking for. But be careful, again you can be sucked into the insanity of vague and vulgarity. And that's just terrible. Plainly terrible.

The first word that I introduced in this topic is about Vague. It can be defined in many of relationships that I had build; among family, friends, teachers and others. Want proves? Well, I better not be providing any or someone might ended up getting hurt. It's simple to say that I found relationships are so fragile, at any moment it can break. I try not to have so many relationships in my life, and so far I was happy with that but according to the Wikipedia and other sources from internet, that only makes me a nerd/introvert. Well, as much as I love Wiki and other internet sources; f**k them. I don't care.

The second words is Vulgarity. For me, vulgarity is a different perspective of power. It gives you confidence and makes you feel strong but prepare to be misunderstood. Nobody likes people who is too vulgar. Bear it in your mind that it doesn't make you look brave, it only makes you sad to be look at. I had once encountered such person who is so vulgar, speaks only his mind without even slightest giving a thought of the others; and my remaining opinion about him was - What a blabbing idiot? Shut up already and go suck it at some corner where nobody cares." That's what I thought. Mean- I know. That's another example of vulgarity, ONLY it's coming from me.

Well, you had read what 'Vague' and 'Vulgarity' means to me. So, why don't you give me your own opinion about these words? I know it is somewhere inside of you, everybody have their own side of vague and vulgarity - But do they aware of it or not? I am not sure myself.

Mimi says: That two words today, maybe more tomorrow.

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