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Friday, January 11, 2013

New Year, New Girl

Ok, before I start with everything.. let me reminded you that I meant what I write. Literally.

Recently I am pretty hooked up with 'New Girl' TV show. The more I watch it, the more hooked up I get and I trun to love each and one of the characters in the show. Especially with Jess and Schmidt. Alright for those who don't know, the show is about four people (three guys and one girl) sharing an apartment as a roommates.  Jessicca Day, a school teacher caught her bf cheating on her and cause her to move out from their house and seek another apartment to stay. From Craiglist, she answered an apartment ads and finally accepted as a new roommate of Nick, Schmidt and Coach (later replaced with Winston). Despite her cute looks, quirkiness and some other things she did, Jess and the guys getting along pretty quick and they soon starts to understand each other. I find it truly enjoyable along watching this show as the shows is kinda like a my dream show. I always dream for a day when they make a show about a girl living with a guy ( or in this case, guys) as a roommate. Making me to like this show even better than any other show (even HIMYM). Anyway, I would love to bring a lot of info about this show but really, only one season have been aired and the second one still running - making it still early for me to say anything. But I have been liking the first season so far. And now, I'm suggesting you to watch it too... Believe me if you like relationship, friendship, comedy,  and more goofiness, this is your show. Ok, I gotta go now... don't remember to watch this show, alright. Have a good day everyone.

Mimi says: The New Girl in 2013

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