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Monday, January 28, 2013

Langkawi Trip 2013: 2nd Island Time....

Apa khabar dear Miserer's and blogwalkers... Hope korang sihat-sihat saja. (^.^)

Bila tengok balik post-post, aku realize yang dah lama jugak aku tak post apa-apa dekat blog ni. Bukan tak mau post lagi ke apa, tapi baru je lepas exam ni - so aku ingat nak lepak-lepak dululah, Kasi rehat-rehat otak dulu baru update... Plus takde cerita best pon nak disampaikan. Takkan nak cerita pasal belajar pulak? Boring.....(sambil angkat jari, letak nada omputih sikit).

Oklah, cam biasa setiap kali sem break mesti aku akan keluar somewhere for release tension. Last time, keluarga aku ke Genting Highlands, but this time destination adalah ke Pulau Langkawi. Huhu, dah lama tak jumpa Pulau since last time aku ke Pulau Pangkor (2008).

Bila sentuh pasal Langkawi ni, teringat aku masa first time pergi sini. Time tu umur aku baru je 3-4 tahun. Memang tak banyakla yang aku ingat pasal tempat ni. Then, masa aku 8 tahun, aku pergi sekali lagi but without my family. And masuk this time, dah 3 kali aku pergi. Really, time selalu berlalu macam tu je, kan? Waits for no one.

Komen personal aku mengenai trip kali ni adalah memang best. Banyak tempattempat yang sebelum ni aku tak pernah jejak pun time datang dua kali tu yang aku pergi. Puas hati sungguh dengan trip kali ni. And banyak gak menda-menda yang aku beli... haha (Fav).

Hmm... tak mau bebel bebanyak and as they all say, a picture can say thousand words, so korang scroll jelah picture-picture dekat bawah ni for more info about my trip. Enjoy! (^o^)b
Perjalanan ke Pulau Langkawi kami di mulakan dengan
menaiki feri. Family trip kali ni kami ikut rombongan bas je.
 Naik plane memang lagi convenient but leceh pulak
nak cari tour guide. Combo kasi jer agak lebih mudah
 dan tak menyusahkan. Meet my family again, guys! 
Sampai-sampai je, terus tour guide tu bawak kami
heading ke Kilim Geoforest Park. Katanya di sini
ada banyak helang dan ikan. Permandangan memang superb.
Bagi yang berminat nak visit sini, fee masuknya bolehla
check di sini...
1st time menaiki cable car di Langkawi. I know benda ni
dah lama di bina, but masa aku pergi dua kali tu,
cable car ni tak bina lagi. Dah sampai sini, kenalah
cuba kalau tak keempunan.
Kalau dah melawat Pulau Langkawi tu, memang tak
sahlah kalau tak melawat Dataran Helang (ak.a Eagle Square)
More pictures at Eagle Square.
Underwater Wold Langkawi:
Skodeng ikan-ikan and habitat haiwan yang lain.
Oh yeah~
Dekat jeti point.
On the way nak balik rumah.
Souvenir time!
From left top: Policeman Teddy bear, new clothes,
special key-chain (from my brother) and
tons and tons of chocolate....
Overall percutian kami kali ni sangat best dan amatlah memuaskan hati. Puas hati sebab banyak barangan yang kami beli, okay. Baiklah, sampai sini jelah dulu coretan aku. See you guys again, next time around. Wasalam.

Sincerely: Mimi Said

Friday, January 11, 2013

New Year, New Girl

Ok, before I start with everything.. let me reminded you that I meant what I write. Literally.

Recently I am pretty hooked up with 'New Girl' TV show. The more I watch it, the more hooked up I get and I trun to love each and one of the characters in the show. Especially with Jess and Schmidt. Alright for those who don't know, the show is about four people (three guys and one girl) sharing an apartment as a roommates.  Jessicca Day, a school teacher caught her bf cheating on her and cause her to move out from their house and seek another apartment to stay. From Craiglist, she answered an apartment ads and finally accepted as a new roommate of Nick, Schmidt and Coach (later replaced with Winston). Despite her cute looks, quirkiness and some other things she did, Jess and the guys getting along pretty quick and they soon starts to understand each other. I find it truly enjoyable along watching this show as the shows is kinda like a my dream show. I always dream for a day when they make a show about a girl living with a guy ( or in this case, guys) as a roommate. Making me to like this show even better than any other show (even HIMYM). Anyway, I would love to bring a lot of info about this show but really, only one season have been aired and the second one still running - making it still early for me to say anything. But I have been liking the first season so far. And now, I'm suggesting you to watch it too... Believe me if you like relationship, friendship, comedy,  and more goofiness, this is your show. Ok, I gotta go now... don't remember to watch this show, alright. Have a good day everyone.

Mimi says: The New Girl in 2013