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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Mimi's End Of Year : Artwork Countdown !

It's sad to see every year gets replaced and as the end of year approaching, I realize that most of my goal has been fulfilled and thus leads us to this post: Mimi's Artwork Countdown!

As you all know ( if you don't then I tell you now) that I am a competent artist. I loves to draw my own Original Character and gets credited from that. I used to send my artworks in various of magazine but as for now, you can only see my artwork @ Gempak Starz magazine ( I'm trying to win the special prize, so wish me luck!). The reason I didn't send my artwork  anymore is due to the time constraint. There's nothing I could do about it, but I promised to myself that even though I didn't send my artwork at the magazine, I'll be drawing a single-art whenever there's time.

I started drawing again around February 2012 - present and so far I had collected over 80 single-art. Haha, I know that I said earlier that I had a time constraint but you should know that drawing single art are much easier than comics pages. All you need is the main character and that's it. When I compared my earlier works and present, I'll say I can see a lot of difference. For example:

But after a lot of practice, revision and yeah... more practice....

See what practices can turn your work into? I couldn't believe that my artwork have went through changes so much. Sometimes, I do miss the old version but looking back is not gonna help me improves my drawing skills. So, I better stay with this style for a while and who knows after tons and tons of practice, I could be a master in drawing my own Original Art? God willing. 

I guess that's all I had to say for my 'Artwork Countdown' post. Sorry if the title is misleading, I never intend to do any of my artwork countdown, it's just in the title.. Have a nice day and Happy Holidays everyone! 

Mimi says: My Art, My Style

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