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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Mimi's End Of Year : Artwork Countdown !

It's sad to see every year gets replaced and as the end of year approaching, I realize that most of my goal has been fulfilled and thus leads us to this post: Mimi's Artwork Countdown!

As you all know ( if you don't then I tell you now) that I am a competent artist. I loves to draw my own Original Character and gets credited from that. I used to send my artworks in various of magazine but as for now, you can only see my artwork @ Gempak Starz magazine ( I'm trying to win the special prize, so wish me luck!). The reason I didn't send my artwork  anymore is due to the time constraint. There's nothing I could do about it, but I promised to myself that even though I didn't send my artwork at the magazine, I'll be drawing a single-art whenever there's time.

I started drawing again around February 2012 - present and so far I had collected over 80 single-art. Haha, I know that I said earlier that I had a time constraint but you should know that drawing single art are much easier than comics pages. All you need is the main character and that's it. When I compared my earlier works and present, I'll say I can see a lot of difference. For example:

But after a lot of practice, revision and yeah... more practice....

See what practices can turn your work into? I couldn't believe that my artwork have went through changes so much. Sometimes, I do miss the old version but looking back is not gonna help me improves my drawing skills. So, I better stay with this style for a while and who knows after tons and tons of practice, I could be a master in drawing my own Original Art? God willing. 

I guess that's all I had to say for my 'Artwork Countdown' post. Sorry if the title is misleading, I never intend to do any of my artwork countdown, it's just in the title.. Have a nice day and Happy Holidays everyone! 

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Thursday, November 1, 2012

A Horrifying Talks: My Style

Helo guys! How you been doing? I'm hoping that everything you planned went well in your life...
My life had been pretty usual.. and as much as been predicted (according to schedule).

Now... what's my story this time? Is it about my education stuff again? Or Music? Let my answer surprise you. I sure get a very good one to kick-start this Nov 2012 post.

Do you have a weird fascination of anything? I mean the kind that always make you go for it no matter how much you try to avoid/deny? And when you done, you only carving for more... That isn't good, wasn't? As for me, I have my own fascination and for this post I'll be writing on that. So bear with me and please enjoy :3 hehe...

For the past 2 years, I discovered that I had an incurable fascination about horror stuff. Okay, maybe my fascination is not that weird but wait till you hear this. It barely even three weeks ago when my fascination turned a little bit 'wild' that I had to ransack the whole website around just to fix myself with enough dose of horror. As if watching compilation of short-stories of Japanese horror such as Dark Tales of Japan, J-Horror Anthology: both Underworld and Legends, Tales of Terror, Tales of Terror from Tokyo and others wasn't enough - (I had watched over 100 videos altogether and it still in counting)... and I'm still craving for more. Well I'm not a brave person nor trying to say that I'm not that easily scared but why I love horror so much is because of the lessons I had learned from it.

Why did I say so?

Well whenever I watch this kind of genre (Japan horror movies especially), they always included a hidden message, the moral of the story which you will need to think on your own. Some of you might get scared when you see a ghost jumping out from nowhere, or a strangely beautiful woman tails you wherever you go but for me, I consider a self-realization of the horror itself is the scariest thing of them all. By self-realization, I'm saying about the underlying meaning, the one that you couldn't see or hear but comes when you think about it. Realizing how scary and creepy the situation in that particular horror movie is surely will leave you with hundreds of questions lingering on. I know that everything is fictional, created by the writer and most unlikely to happen in a real world but getting a taste and glimpse of it; Well that is SCARY enough!

 I admit that I almost shit my pants a few times, and had a minor heart attack ONCE but so far my experience with these horror videos have been great! Sometimes, I even think it as a close friend; always there and ready whenever I need a good scare. Lol. Exactly what I needed to cheer up my dull and monotonous life. And of course, I have been watching all these videos online (Youtube), because I don't have a guts to download it all and keep it in my hard disc. It sure will unsettle my nights.

As my broadband grew slower, I had to find another alternative in still getting the taste of horror. My ideal solution is: Manga. Horror Manga. Yup, it's easier and cheaper to find. Like I did with the horror stories, there's a lots in the web provided with the scanlations. One of my recent fav is by Junji Itou (sorry, no picture on that Manga here- it might gonna scare you as it did to me, besides I don't want to have anything to do with copyright issues) and his work, Tomie. The comic book is under the name of Museum of Terror: Tomie. Apparently, there are 2 volumes for it, and each volume consist up to 20 chapters ( if I'm not mistaken). And ALL are as scary as hell. So, be careful when reading, you might need to catch your breath. Or getting any sleep afterwards.

Alright, I guess that's it then for my early Nov 2012 post. For horror fans out there, be sure to catch the names of videos and comic that I have mentioned. You won't regret it, I assure you... Last but not least, thank you so much for spending time in reading this entry and I really hope that you are greatly benefited by this. I surely hope I didn't waste any of your precious time... Thanks again and have a nice haunting, err I mean a nice day! Chow.

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