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Friday, September 28, 2012

Fun Self-Photographing Pictures....

Audrey Hepburn has always been my source of inspiration when it comes for a self-photography. It's true that she didn't take the picture herself they way I do but she had a perfect poses for each of them. I compared her to many other actresses and singer but none could pull it off the way she do. Her smile, her grace and her personality is totally admirable. Her talent in acting is another blessing to her great looks. I already watch a couple of her well-known movies such as 'My Fair Lady', 'Breakfast at Tiffany's, 'Charade' and 'Funny Face'. So far, 'Funny Face' have been one of my fav classic movies. Her natural ways in representing herself in every pictures really amaze me and I adore her so much.

Now, I know I'm NO Audrey Hepburn but I do know that everyone needs some inspiration of their own to do their favorite things. For me, Audrey it is. So, I hope you will excuse this amateurish photo that I had taken by using digital camera's and acknowledge my skills rather than the camera. Good picture or not, I had so much fun taking it and I hope you would feel the same way too...

-Happy scrolling!!-

No matter what you do, just remember to have some fun while taking pictures... I hope you will have a good angle of yourself after reading this post. If you had any inquiries whatsoever feel free to drop me your question in my comments box. Have a nice day! (>.<)

Sunday, September 2, 2012

My Final Week @ Home... What's awaits??

How are you guys ?. Hope you're doing great!

This is my final week at home so post kali ni nak citer sket mengenai itu.. Hope that's fine.
Thinking it closely, what awaits for me after this final weeks ended?? Here it goes...

UKM: 2nd Year, 1st Sem, dah jadik senior aku nih. Rasa cam muda je lagi ( memang pon!). Half excited nak tgk junior-junior.. Hopefully none of them kawan lama aku.. Mesti awkward... :b

Residence College: Dapat for another two sem tapi dh naik level sket: from 2 ke 4, dan di blok lain. Syukur, rummate same. Huhu, penat sket nak daki level 4 tapi takpe, dpt exercise.

Subject: Kena blaja Java lau tak silap sem ni. And 5-6 subj lain. Be strong, Mimi-Chan!

Friends: Kalau takde yang tukar U or course, Insyaallah jumpa balik... :)

Home: Tinggal skejap la... Jemu dah mengadap bilik everyday and living room. Week 1-2 kat UKM pasti akan merindui katil. Haha... And my baby brother as well. 

Lecturer: Heharap semuanya masih sihat belaka =)

Aktiviti Kolej: Akan join tapi limited kot? Heharap lengkapla LC this year... 

Mom and Dad: Hope they will take care of themselves and get along well... Be sure to eat on time. 

Baby Brother, Syahmi Said: Dia akan ada big exam hujung tahun ni... SPM. Good luck to him and remember to study no matter what get in the way. Hope you score perfectly too and take a good care of yourself. Eat well, Play well. :)

Boyfriend: Masih tak ada laa... Jangan excited sangat la dengan perkataan ni.. I'm still single.

Itu jelah simple description aku mengenai life after aku balik UKM. So predictable, right? Well, what do you expect, I am just a regular teenage kids yang sedang menyambung study kt U. Normal la kan? Haha. Anyway, thanks for reading and hopefully korang enjoykan diri walau di manapun korang berada. Good day and wasalam.

Life after Sem Break of Mimi Said.