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Monday, August 27, 2012

Manga & Anime Talk 1: Great Teacher Onizuka

This special post are dedicated to all Manga and Anime lovers =). It's about one of my favorite Manga/Anime of all time : Great Teacher Onizuka or GTO.

About GTO:

GTO is basically a story about a man named Eikichi Onizuka, age 22 who works as teacher. Because of his qualification from bottom-rung University, he hardly get a job on his profession. He struggled to find a place as a teacher and at the same time, to realize his ultimate goal that is; becoming the 'Greatest Teacher Ever'- which explains the title of this Manga. However, there are many obstacle needs to be face before he could become the greatest teacher and that takes us to a journey with Onizuka-sensei; him handling a pretty messed up students in his class (class of 3-4) and embarks on a mission of self-discovery by breaking through to each student one-by-one, and helping them to overcome their problems and learn to genuinely enjoy life.

Why do I love it?

Onizuka-sensei, of course! He's the coolest character in this manga. He smoke whenever he wants it (even in front of his students) and looks like a gangster more than a teacher. Not saying that it's cool to smoke or appear gangster but one got to have a lot's of guts to do so (Cool!).

Unlike other typical high school teacher, Onizuka-sensei hates traditional teaching methods; example, teach new topics, handling assignments to students, grading papers and sorts... and thinks it as waste of time. He didn't care how 'his' teaching method going to reflects on his image as a teacher and willing to do anything to help his students. I know he is a fictional teacher, and writing this might be praising him too much but isn't cool to have such teacher around your school? In that case, you don't have to worry about homework or assignments anymore.

What you should know about the characters?

Holy Forest Academy Staff

Aside Onizuka-sensei, there are others character that you should take note when reading or watching this Manga. Here's a few names that you should know and how they are related to Onizuka-sensei.

Azusa Fuyutsuki 
Azusa Fuyutsuki: She's the heroine in this series. She is an employee at the same private school as Onizuka. She likes Onizuka and they probably like each other but ashamed to admit it and rather claimed that they just friends. Suguru Teshiwara, another male teacher in that school have a crush on her and disapproves relationship / friendship with Onizuka.

Ryoko Sakurai: Director at Holy Forest Academy. She believes Onizuka and his methods can change the school and students in 3-4 class especially.

Hiroshi Uchiyamada: Vice-President at Holy Forest Academy. He's one of the teachers who shows his disapproval of Director Ryoko Sakurai hiring Onizuka as a teacher. The running gag in this Manga series is that Mr Uchiyamada beloved car, his Cresta gets damaged usually from Onizuka attempts to helps saving his students life and he getting injured or assaulted because of Onizuka.

Class 3-4 Students

Noboru Yoshikawa: He is the first student that Onizuka laid on upon his arrival in the school and who, he befriended. Yoshikawa and Onizuka shares the same interest in playing video games and a little (just a little on Yoshikawa behalf), on girls. Yoshikawa is a victim of bullying, often bullied by Anko Uehara and her group. He had a suicide attempts twice, which always end up with Onizuka saving him. He had appear to have a special relationship with Onizuka; more seen as a friend-friend than teacher-student and look up to Onizuka whenever he is in trouble.

Kanzaki Urumi
Kanzaki Urumi: One of Onizuka students and probably the most stubborn one in his class. She enjoys manipulating others and able to manipulate Onizuka (eventhough he is her homeroom teacher) ans use him as a 'slave' as a result of her games. She later enjoys her 'little game' with Onizuka and find him as a funny hobby to spend her time with and starts to come school regularly. Like most of the students in her class, she hated Onizuka at first but later become one of his biggest allies. She also known to develop a crush on him.

Kunio Murai: Another students in Onizuka class. He also have some trust issues with teachers and grown-up's, especially men. This is probably because since he is a baby, he is raised by his young mother. However, Onizuka manage to work on gaining his trust and he also known to support Onizuka when he gets into a trouble. He is cautious about Onizuka presence around his mother ( fearing she would fall in love with  Onizuka and he'll become his step-dad and takes his mother away from him).

Miyabi Aizawa: Her past experience makes her hates teacher so much and somehow couldn't trust them completely. This rage is even worse when she took it to every classroom teacher she have, and that includes Onizuka in the list. She'll do whatever it takes to reach her ultimate goal in destroying the teacher (career) by the help from her friends.

Tomoko "Toro-ko" Nomura: Another girl student in Onizuka class who is well defined by having a big breast ( F cup). She is possibly the slowest and clumsy students in the class which have people nicknamed her as Toro-ko (Toro means slow in Japanese). Like his other students, Onizuka protects Tomoko when she have a trouble and in need of his help.

There are so much more to tell about GTO's Universe but I'll end it in here first. If you're curious, you can always read the manga online, watch the anime or just goggled it for better understanding. I learnt a lot from this manga and it had taught me on how to be reasonable in handling matters and never give up on what you believe/dream on. I truly recommended it to you but just know that there's a little bit of violent and sexual images display in this manga. You have been warned! I'm not suggesting you to read inappropriate manga or anything but this one have a lot more than just that (violent/sexual) that you might find enjoyable. I hope you will enjoy reading it and till then, Jya-nee!

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