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Sunday, May 6, 2012

The Accidental Liking of Sherlock Holmes: My Story

Back in 2005 when I was young and naive; the only way that I could think of spending the money I received due to my well-achievement in exam (UPSR 2004) was by having a little fun with myself. And by fun I mean, manga. Yes, back the manga was my entire life, and I couldn't think of any better than spending my dime on them. It was then, that I had been introduced to Detective Conan manga, original artwork by Mr. Gosho Aoyama - one of the most famous detective comics in Japan (and World perhaps?) .

For a kid with lack of imagination: I had been so obsessed by the idea on how 'cool' Shinichi Kudo  really is. When he's able to solve the mystery that surrounding some peculiar occurrences and deaths for some people in a body of a kid ( after he was forced to eat a pill APTX ????), I was already cheering for him. Renaming himself as Conan Edogawa -  which is cleverly derived from Shinichi's favorite author of crime book, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle - Sherlock Holmes by the way: my fondness towards the series are only getting deep that till to this day, I still use my old e-mails: (created in 2006 - present).

Conan or Shinichi, knows how to make a great observation and his determination to solve most of the case he encounter really sparks my spirits up whenever I touch the manga. But of course, that was only then my love of manga but it's the prime key that ignites them all... My liking of Mr Sherlock Holmes...

That's why when the movie for Sherlock Holmes from 21st Century come out on 2009, I was definitely looking forward to it. Splendid job for the director for recruiting Mr Robert Downey Jr and Mr Jude Law in the movie; together, they make a perfect Sherlock Holmes and Dr. John Watson. And that just add more points to my fondness for both; books and films.

As far as I knew, the 2nd Sherlock Holmes movies: The Game of The Shadows had been released on 2011 and it hold a quite high ratings @ IMDB - 7.1/10 (as this post is written). Even though I missed it's premier, it doesn't matter to me as long as I get to see the movie in a high quality (HD) - All thanks to my baby brother... He's one of the greatest and reliable source for internet that I know. Thanks you bro.... a LOT.

Now, I would put an end to my story here because as far as I know for a personal blog like this; the more you write, the more you drag. Keeping it simple, true and ALL about ME and my fascination with the subject, I bid a farewell now. May you all would seek a liking as I did with Sherlock Holmes once you had finish reading this post. Good night then, everyone!!...

P/s: On my way to finish 5 volumes of Sherlock Holmes novels, pray that I'll find out more about the true nature of the book and learn most from them ;)

*Mimi says: In Liking for Sherlock Holmes

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