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Friday, April 13, 2012

Memoirs of the 20th birthday: The way I celebrate it...

Wow, I didn't realized that I turned 20 today... how times flies... Thank U GOD for making me alive for twenty years now. I'm so grateful for everyday you given me... 

If you ask me how does it make me feels?:  I would say not much, it feels pretty much the same. Only the company is better :).

My mom was around for the whole day (she take a leave) - becoming the first person to wish me on my 20th birthday. I feel so blessed just by hearing her said that. Thanks MOM!. My dear old friend Adib, call me right before 9 a.m in the morning and wished me. I'm glad that she remembered it too. We had a brief conversation and I was back with the telly; having my morning breaks and so.

I resumed my twentieth birthday in my normal manners. Watching telly, eating breakfast etc..etc... Really, I just want to treat it as any other day. But I did had to log in to my Facebook account to check if there's any birthday wishes on my notification box & timeline (don't want it to get stuck or anything): And there is !!!

* my current roommate did send me her wishes (via phone); she probably had some connection problems back @ her hometown. But thanks for remembering anyhow.

The time that we actually celebrate my birthday is during night.

I'm sorry if there ain't many pictures to show because we only celebrate it among our family members. Sort of private celebration, if you know what I mean. And my parents aren't so much fans of photographing either =.=! -another reason for no celebration mementos. And as for the birthday cake that I mention on my post earlier, well I did had a few slices (that I shared with my bro) cause here's a fact - I actually hate cake, particularly when it comes in a big sizes . I guess I make a right decision back then. more cakes on my birthday! One slices are enough for me.

There's one thing that I my lil' bro asked me tonight which is quite interesting:
So, what do you think about your birthday this year?
Me: Better than last year...

It feels so wrong if I didn't upload any of picture from my birthday nights -
this is later added on 21/04/12.  
My cakes selections from Secret recipes are:
Chocolate Indulgence, Choc Mud Cake, Pecan Butterscotch &  New York Cheesecake

And that's how I celebrated my 20th birthday. And like that, a memoirs had been written.

Sincerely: Mimi Said

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