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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Blogging is dying... (What??)

Yup, apparently that's what I read from The Star newspaper today, dear Miserer's and blogwalkers. They wrote that blogging phenomenon is dying. Is it true? Then what am I doing right now, huh? Duh. I think it is the most lamest statement ever. How could they wrote that? What do they know about blogging? Do they even own one?

Anyway, I am getting a little bit emotional over here. Yes, I am. But that is only because one of my favorite past time hobbies is being mocked about (ok, maybe I over-stress it still, it hurts me as blogger) and, it is important for me.

 I personally feels that blogging is still relevant, even though now we have Twitter, Facebook and other social networks. It might not be the top choice, in this touch and go society who wants everything to be done quickly, they choose to abandon blogging (some of them, completely). This is a sad case, considering blogging used to be a place where people can express themselves freely, upload pictures and videos, write anything that going on in their life  and now, that all have been replaced with other so-called social networks who also provides the same functionality, only less complex than blog ever was. Sure, it's simple, doesn't takes a lot of your time but if more than anything, I think it's only contributing to current society who is lazy enough to write. Even worse if they starts to use abbreviations in their post/messages. Just imagine if in the future you won't have to say "How do you do?" anymore and just said 'Hodo' instead... More simple isn't? What a great way in ruining the language.

My point is, don't say blogging is dying. It's not, actually. It's people who is changing, I'm afraid. And they keep on changing, no matter what. People reactions and response to technology have always been overwhelming, and it is a good thing in a developed country. And as for blogging, well it still have it's fans, me for example and thousands or maybe millions out there who still appreciates it's existence. For you out there who had changed your minds about blogging, well that is up to you (you might have your own personal reasons) but for me, blogging is staying.

Mimi says: An avid Blogger

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry XMas and Happy New Year Everyone !

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year dear Miserers and Blogwalkers... Have a great holiday and don't forget to keep save all the time! I couldn't wait for the year to end and have another great year plan ahead. Anyway, as the end of year come by, I noticed a few changes and how I spent the year of 2010/11 would never be the same as 2012.

Things that didn't stay the same anymore:

1.) My age:
as the year passed by, so does my age. In 2011, I was 19, in 2012 I am 20 years old, and next year [2013] I would be 21!

2.) My Hobbies:

Reading: In 2010, I found back my interest in reading romance novels and I could finish it within 3 days. However, around 2011-2012, my interest in reading had started to decline and I am on the verge of losing this interest once more.

Composing songs: I still create two or three song every now and then, just not that frequent anymore as I was around 2009-2011.

Drawing: A great improvement for this hobby.

Writing: A great development for this hobby. I found it's an interesting because it allows me to have my imaginations running free.

3.) My Passion:
Keep on changing according to my interest.

4.) My Love:
I always care and love my family. And I have started to care about friends who are close to me as well.

The point is, nothing else stays the same even yourself. It is best of we just enjoy the passing moments in our life and save the best memories as long as we live.

Mimi says: The one who doesn't celebrate XMas at all!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

15 Question to Ask Yourself

Hi Miserer's and Blogwalkers. We already at the end of the year and I'm hoping that everyone is in healthy state. Guess what, I come up with a great idea today. About what? Yeah, I'm getting to that. But first as a reminder, so that everyone who comes for a visit at my blog could read this - I'll do this entry in English. Hope you don't mind. :)

I always imagine what is it like to be interviewed by someone else. Thinking what kind of question that they will ask about me. Since I am no star or whatsoever, the brightest chance for me ever getting this kind of interview are... just from job interviews. The question that they will ask of course going to be so limited and yeah, revolves around 'So, What can you do for this company??"... Something like that... Now, that  wouldn't be so fun right? Based from this simple imagination and 'little urges' that I had, this entry of '15 Questions to Ask Yourself' were created! Have fun reading it!

1.) If you can DESCRIBE yourself in three simple words, what would they be?
    Loner - Outcast - Lame   (L.O.L) - Now you know don't you? The meaning of  L.O.L in my life.

2.) What do you love the most about yourself?
     My guts. Even though I been in countless of crazy situations that I would just love to avoid, I hardly back down. Either it's good or bad, I try to face it down the best way that I can. Giving up without no particular reasons just never existed in my 'way of happy life' dictionary.

3. Who is your role model?
Basically anyone or anything that inspirational. Even a simple gesture can be admirable. I also love anything that can builds my spirits and constructive to my behavior. 

4. Have you ever been in love? If you are what made you?
Puppy love, YES. Real love, NO. There a big differences between these two love and so far, I haven't experience any real love yet. Maybe I'm just waiting for the right guy to come along or damn my taste are too high. As for Puppy Love, haha I had countless of them! Nothing serious, is just that I love anything that walks and cute. Oh, and guy... yup it must be a guy because I am straight... Anyway, if nothing is holding me back, I would love to experience Real love it anytime soon. 

5. Describe what type of happiness that you seek for?
I am seeking for a happiness that won't last forever. Well, that sounds funny isn't? But what to do, I'm a realist. I don't think that a real happiness could or should last more than a month. Ah, why am I saying this? Well take for an example, you love something now - doesn't means that you still going to love it tomorrow. That's just who and what I am. I enjoy living in a moment as I personally think that preserving happiness itself can be a bit challenging.

6. Name 3 sports that you enjoy during your leisure time.
First of all, you should know that I'm not so much of a sports person. I never been into sports when I was a child and still is now but I won't deny that there's a few sports that I find enjoyable such as badminton and basketball. The last one should be squash but I still haven't get a chance to try on this one. 

7. Who are you closer to at home? Your mom or dad?
I must say, my dad for this one. I think it is easier to talk to my dad than my mom because my dad listen then talks. Contradict with my mom. When I tell someone something, is not that I'm asking  to solve my problems for me (mom always jump into conclusion that she needs to solve everything whenever I said something) - merely it is how I try to tell what is going on with my life. Nevertheless, it's still a tough choice and I depended on both of my parents before making any important decision in my life.

8. Favorite food?
Stupid question. I'll eat anything scrumptious and edible.

9. If you can try something interesting, what would it be?
Cross-dressing. Haha, I'll make a perfect male. No.. just kidding. But seriously, can you imagine me wearing male clothes? Maybe I should create composite picture for this one - still most unlikable to happen. Ah, screw this one! Next question please!

10. What kind of music that quickly turns you on?
Music that have clever lyrics and catchy, relaxing tunes in it. As for genre, I'll say Pop, Ballad, Jazz and slightly Country.

11. Describe man of your dreams.
Someone who can makes me laugh out of no reason, have a creative side, can play one or two instruments, sings and play well, caring and observant and enjoy himself whenever he's with me. Responds to situations and can blend in with my family. Oh, there's so much more but I just wanna keep the rest of it to myself.

12. 3 great qualities that you had?
If I answered to this one, I can't stop thinking that I am being boastful. I'll skip this one.

13. 3 bad qualities that you had?
Can I skip this one too? I feel uncomfortable speaking about my negativity.

14. Who is your best friend?
My little brother. He knows a lot about me than anyone else. Believe it or not he knows me so well that sometimes he could predict how am I going to respond to one situation or could finish my sentences. I won't say he's a mind reader, though. It's just this kid spend much of his time with me that he knows me better than anyone else. 

15. Talents, if you have any?
(I think) Writing short stories, song-writing, drawing manga, editing, and some flower arranging. I'm into wordplay too but not very good at it (so, we can just overlooked this talent, shall we?)

So there you have it... 15 Questions to Ask Yourself. See how well do you responded to these questions. So far I had skipped two. My bad. Well how about trying this game on your own? Maybe it will you to know yourself a little bit better. And if you got some extra time, please leave some comments before walking away to another blog. Thanks for your time and I hope you enjoy my questions and answers. I'm doing this for fun sake. Thanks guys!

Mimi says: Just answered 

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Sickeness Nightmare !

Salam dear Miserer's and Blogwalkers... how you guys doing? Hope everything went well in your life...

Unfortunely, not for me...

Awal-awal December ni aku dah di timpa sakit... huu nak buat camne.. (Badan terpaksa merelakan)

Selalunya kalau aku post mesti nak benda best je kan? Well I take it ALL back now... I think I must share this bad experience dengan you guys. Tak kira apa, I want to let it out ( it's worth hearing anyway). Beringat-ingatlah untuk menjaga kesihatan agar tak menjadi seperti aku... (-.-):

Asal aku cakap sakit aku kali ni bad experience? Tak pernah sakit ke aku sebelum ni? Well, pernah tu memangla tapi tak pernah berlaku sebelum aku amik test. Job Interview untuk Workplace Communication II (salah satu subject yang wajib aku ambil di Uni) lak tu.. Haa... ORAL SPEAKING, you guys... Somehow tak rasa nak ingat balik pun but dah sampai sini I write this entry... I probably should go on. Never do work half-heartily - unless it's something that I had less interest on.

As the story goes, aku jatuh sakit kira-kira hari khamis lepas - masa aku tengah duduk dekat rumah. By then tak teruk lagi. Baru sakit-sakit anak tekak gegitu je. Okay maybe tak faham... Tekak saya rasa tak sedap (much better). Then aku balik je terus ke klinik, tak gi check doctor pun, terus pakai mintak ubat je ( memang sukati aku jelah kan jadi Dr. sendiri?). Dalam dua hari duduk rumah tu, aku figure kalau makan ubat ke apa, boleh get better. Memang tak la. Dahla antibiotik pun lupa nak amik hari tu.

So, dengan rasa yang agak berat hati - aku balik je la ke UKM. Time tu dah start dah dia, symptom-symptom pertama aku: batuk-batuk. Teruk gak bunyinya. Start masuk Monday, dah tak sedap badan dah. Selsema memang macam hujan la. Lecturer memang jenis suka cakap, asyik suruh kita orang quiet and listen to him (memang tak la aku nak buat gitu kalau feeling dah rasa macam taik). Aku keluar je apa yang patut keluar, lantakla orang nak cakap apa. Yang penting aku rasa selesa. Ironicnya orang lain plak yang rasa tak selesa (-_-):

Okay, cerita second day.. Yah, the crucial part of my sickness. Malam tu aku tidur memang dah start rotate 90 degree dah, badan dah start panas (tanda2 demam, maklumlah kalau sakit camni kan ade sequence dia: infect kat tekak, then selsema, later batuk, last but not least, raging fever...). Bayangkanlah, dengan 3 sekawan tu serang immune system aku sekaligus, maunya tak azabnya rasa?
Dah tu dengan job interview aku yang satu preparation pun tak buat (cam hampeh)... menitik gak air mata aku malam tu.. Dugaan.. dugaan... Tapi dah time interview dia kasik slot esok and since I'm not a fan of procrastination, I decided to go.

Sepanjang perjalanan ke kuliah tu lutut aku memang dah start mengigil...  Dalam hati tak habis-habis mengharap je mende alah (job interview) ni cepat habis. Kelas lain yang ada hari tu (ada dua kuliah, satu tak ada attendance, satu lagi ada but only one hour class. Aku decide lepak lab je sambil kepala aku tersalai depan monitor (amboi... buruk sangat bunyiknya but that's what truly happened) computer. Sampai je time untuk interview, kena lah tunggu turn la pulak... dekat sejam lebih gak fighting dalam bilik berair-cond tuh... taknakla disturb org lain kan  dengan batuk-batuk aku tu time interview... So, aku tengok jelah: one by one... Malay... Chinese... Chinese.... Until giliran aku... Nasib baik soalan yang dia tanya aku pernah baca technique ntuk jawabnya so, tak la meraban sangat my answer to the question. Ada la dalam 5 soalan dia tanya, afterwards the interview is done for. Lega...lepak jap, aku ingat bleh tahan lagi but I'm afraid not terus keluar cari toilet (ada this cute Chinese boy bukakan pintu... schweet <--- ngada jap). Tak yah kot aku citer apa jadi kat toilet tu... (pepaham sendiri je la).

Anyway, lepas je habis kelas member advice aku pergi Pusat Kesihatan (PK). Siap hantarkan lagi... (Terima kasih bebanyak). Tak la jauh mana pun from kolej aku... 500 meter pun tak sampai... ah senang cerita next to KIY, PK tu. Ikutkan hari sebelum tu nak je aku pergi PK tapi musim-musim sakit berjangkit ni, ramai lak student dok buat check up. Last-last gi gak la untuk dapatkan cuti sakit... haha. Ubat yang aku dapat, ada lah dalam 4-5 jenis sampai nak tengok kat description pun takut (in case kena telan pil >1). Hehe, macam budak-budak pulak. Peliknya sebelum ni aku ok je makan ubat, but dah besar-besar ni... Entahlah...

Aku rasa aku telan Panadol before Antibiotic dulu kot (ikut arahan doc) and then aku terus tidur... Later on baru rasa ok sikit.. and the rest is history... I'm feeling better now... still recovering... cuma selesema and batuk yang haven't go away. Maybe it will take some time before I fully recovered. I hope I will be soon...

Mimi says: Road to recovery

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Mimi's End Of Year : Artwork Countdown !

It's sad to see every year gets replaced and as the end of year approaching, I realize that most of my goal has been fulfilled and thus leads us to this post: Mimi's Artwork Countdown!

As you all know ( if you don't then I tell you now) that I am a competent artist. I loves to draw my own Original Character and gets credited from that. I used to send my artworks in various of magazine but as for now, you can only see my artwork @ Gempak Starz magazine ( I'm trying to win the special prize, so wish me luck!). The reason I didn't send my artwork  anymore is due to the time constraint. There's nothing I could do about it, but I promised to myself that even though I didn't send my artwork at the magazine, I'll be drawing a single-art whenever there's time.

I started drawing again around February 2012 - present and so far I had collected over 80 single-art. Haha, I know that I said earlier that I had a time constraint but you should know that drawing single art are much easier than comics pages. All you need is the main character and that's it. When I compared my earlier works and present, I'll say I can see a lot of difference. For example:

But after a lot of practice, revision and yeah... more practice....

See what practices can turn your work into? I couldn't believe that my artwork have went through changes so much. Sometimes, I do miss the old version but looking back is not gonna help me improves my drawing skills. So, I better stay with this style for a while and who knows after tons and tons of practice, I could be a master in drawing my own Original Art? God willing. 

I guess that's all I had to say for my 'Artwork Countdown' post. Sorry if the title is misleading, I never intend to do any of my artwork countdown, it's just in the title.. Have a nice day and Happy Holidays everyone! 

Mimi says: My Art, My Style

Thursday, November 1, 2012

A Horrifying Talks: My Style

Helo guys! How you been doing? I'm hoping that everything you planned went well in your life...
My life had been pretty usual.. and as much as been predicted (according to schedule).

Now... what's my story this time? Is it about my education stuff again? Or Music? Let my answer surprise you. I sure get a very good one to kick-start this Nov 2012 post.

Do you have a weird fascination of anything? I mean the kind that always make you go for it no matter how much you try to avoid/deny? And when you done, you only carving for more... That isn't good, wasn't? As for me, I have my own fascination and for this post I'll be writing on that. So bear with me and please enjoy :3 hehe...

For the past 2 years, I discovered that I had an incurable fascination about horror stuff. Okay, maybe my fascination is not that weird but wait till you hear this. It barely even three weeks ago when my fascination turned a little bit 'wild' that I had to ransack the whole website around just to fix myself with enough dose of horror. As if watching compilation of short-stories of Japanese horror such as Dark Tales of Japan, J-Horror Anthology: both Underworld and Legends, Tales of Terror, Tales of Terror from Tokyo and others wasn't enough - (I had watched over 100 videos altogether and it still in counting)... and I'm still craving for more. Well I'm not a brave person nor trying to say that I'm not that easily scared but why I love horror so much is because of the lessons I had learned from it.

Why did I say so?

Well whenever I watch this kind of genre (Japan horror movies especially), they always included a hidden message, the moral of the story which you will need to think on your own. Some of you might get scared when you see a ghost jumping out from nowhere, or a strangely beautiful woman tails you wherever you go but for me, I consider a self-realization of the horror itself is the scariest thing of them all. By self-realization, I'm saying about the underlying meaning, the one that you couldn't see or hear but comes when you think about it. Realizing how scary and creepy the situation in that particular horror movie is surely will leave you with hundreds of questions lingering on. I know that everything is fictional, created by the writer and most unlikely to happen in a real world but getting a taste and glimpse of it; Well that is SCARY enough!

 I admit that I almost shit my pants a few times, and had a minor heart attack ONCE but so far my experience with these horror videos have been great! Sometimes, I even think it as a close friend; always there and ready whenever I need a good scare. Lol. Exactly what I needed to cheer up my dull and monotonous life. And of course, I have been watching all these videos online (Youtube), because I don't have a guts to download it all and keep it in my hard disc. It sure will unsettle my nights.

As my broadband grew slower, I had to find another alternative in still getting the taste of horror. My ideal solution is: Manga. Horror Manga. Yup, it's easier and cheaper to find. Like I did with the horror stories, there's a lots in the web provided with the scanlations. One of my recent fav is by Junji Itou (sorry, no picture on that Manga here- it might gonna scare you as it did to me, besides I don't want to have anything to do with copyright issues) and his work, Tomie. The comic book is under the name of Museum of Terror: Tomie. Apparently, there are 2 volumes for it, and each volume consist up to 20 chapters ( if I'm not mistaken). And ALL are as scary as hell. So, be careful when reading, you might need to catch your breath. Or getting any sleep afterwards.

Alright, I guess that's it then for my early Nov 2012 post. For horror fans out there, be sure to catch the names of videos and comic that I have mentioned. You won't regret it, I assure you... Last but not least, thank you so much for spending time in reading this entry and I really hope that you are greatly benefited by this. I surely hope I didn't waste any of your precious time... Thanks again and have a nice haunting, err I mean a nice day! Chow.

Mimi says: Horrifying-Minds

Friday, September 28, 2012

Fun Self-Photographing Pictures....

Audrey Hepburn has always been my source of inspiration when it comes for a self-photography. It's true that she didn't take the picture herself they way I do but she had a perfect poses for each of them. I compared her to many other actresses and singer but none could pull it off the way she do. Her smile, her grace and her personality is totally admirable. Her talent in acting is another blessing to her great looks. I already watch a couple of her well-known movies such as 'My Fair Lady', 'Breakfast at Tiffany's, 'Charade' and 'Funny Face'. So far, 'Funny Face' have been one of my fav classic movies. Her natural ways in representing herself in every pictures really amaze me and I adore her so much.

Now, I know I'm NO Audrey Hepburn but I do know that everyone needs some inspiration of their own to do their favorite things. For me, Audrey it is. So, I hope you will excuse this amateurish photo that I had taken by using digital camera's and acknowledge my skills rather than the camera. Good picture or not, I had so much fun taking it and I hope you would feel the same way too...

-Happy scrolling!!-

No matter what you do, just remember to have some fun while taking pictures... I hope you will have a good angle of yourself after reading this post. If you had any inquiries whatsoever feel free to drop me your question in my comments box. Have a nice day! (>.<)

Sunday, September 2, 2012

My Final Week @ Home... What's awaits??

How are you guys ?. Hope you're doing great!

This is my final week at home so post kali ni nak citer sket mengenai itu.. Hope that's fine.
Thinking it closely, what awaits for me after this final weeks ended?? Here it goes...

UKM: 2nd Year, 1st Sem, dah jadik senior aku nih. Rasa cam muda je lagi ( memang pon!). Half excited nak tgk junior-junior.. Hopefully none of them kawan lama aku.. Mesti awkward... :b

Residence College: Dapat for another two sem tapi dh naik level sket: from 2 ke 4, dan di blok lain. Syukur, rummate same. Huhu, penat sket nak daki level 4 tapi takpe, dpt exercise.

Subject: Kena blaja Java lau tak silap sem ni. And 5-6 subj lain. Be strong, Mimi-Chan!

Friends: Kalau takde yang tukar U or course, Insyaallah jumpa balik... :)

Home: Tinggal skejap la... Jemu dah mengadap bilik everyday and living room. Week 1-2 kat UKM pasti akan merindui katil. Haha... And my baby brother as well. 

Lecturer: Heharap semuanya masih sihat belaka =)

Aktiviti Kolej: Akan join tapi limited kot? Heharap lengkapla LC this year... 

Mom and Dad: Hope they will take care of themselves and get along well... Be sure to eat on time. 

Baby Brother, Syahmi Said: Dia akan ada big exam hujung tahun ni... SPM. Good luck to him and remember to study no matter what get in the way. Hope you score perfectly too and take a good care of yourself. Eat well, Play well. :)

Boyfriend: Masih tak ada laa... Jangan excited sangat la dengan perkataan ni.. I'm still single.

Itu jelah simple description aku mengenai life after aku balik UKM. So predictable, right? Well, what do you expect, I am just a regular teenage kids yang sedang menyambung study kt U. Normal la kan? Haha. Anyway, thanks for reading and hopefully korang enjoykan diri walau di manapun korang berada. Good day and wasalam.

Life after Sem Break of Mimi Said.

Friday, August 31, 2012

6 Casual Style of Mine

Hello dear Miserer and blogwalkers.... How you doing? It's Mimi!

Post kali ni agak special sikit sebab tak pernah di buat sebelum ni kat blog aku. I'm going to share to you guys about my style of fesyen. Why? Bagus sangat ke aku dengan style? Well bagus tu taklah tapi, sekadar ingin berkongsi. :)

First thing first, style pemakaian preferable bagi aku adalah casual - formal attire. So, in this case: Kemeja T amatlah perlu. Jenis warna atau style: doesn't matter. Time outing ataupun just lepak-lepak dekat rumah, inilah jenis baju yang akan menjadi pilihan. Aku rasa mesti akan ada yang kata, tak selesa sungguh pilihan pakaian aku tuh. Duk rumah, pakai T-Shirt sudah. Haha, malas aku nak comment berkenaan tu. Baju ni, kalau tuan punya badan sendiri dah rasa selesa, orang lain boleh kata apa kan? Suka hati I lah mau pakai apa.... (ceh, mau berlagak diva nampak).

Selain daripada kemeja, aku juga minat pakai baju-baju lain such as blazer, mini dress and quite occasionally - long skirt. Selalunya aku campur je kesemua tu, ikut mood. Baiklah, aku tak nak cerita panjang lagi, karang tak sudah pulak entry ni; biar aku tunjukkan kepada korang macam mana cara aku gayakan baju style casual ni. Are you guys ready? Here we go!

1st Style: Mini Dress

I love mini dress. Despite muka aku yang agak ganas, I really do. But kebanyakan mini dress yang sedia ada di Malaysia ni adalah jenis yang tak berlengan, so agak was-was jugalah what's the correct way nak stylekan. Part inilah yang biasa kasi aku tension. Mini dress dah cukup cun sekali part lengan pulak yang spoil. Takkanlah nak pakai cenggitu je? "Jangan buat kerja, Mi... Mak belasah kau nanti...". Haha, bak katanya mak aku. Hati memberontak mau pakai tapi.... nampak tak semenggah pulak. What to do then? So, untuk solvekan dilemma aku tu, aku pilihlah cara yang paling mudah (dan pemalas); pakai blazer on the top of mini dress tu. Nak tau camne rupanya? Macam kat bawah ni ha...

Pemilihan color dalam mengayakan baju amatlah
penting. Kalau korang tak nak nampak macam
pelik sangat bila keluar nanti lah...
Macam aku, aku suka matchkan part top aku dengan
warna cerah, then part bottom kasi black je semua.
 Haha, maka dengan ini terciptalah illusion yang
part kaki aku nampak kurus, padahal.... 
2nd Style: Long-Skirt

Okay, before this aku admit bertapa minatnya aku dekat mini dress, tapi lain pula ceritanya dengan long-skirt. Aku pakai long skirt bila aku betul-betul nak tunjukkan aku ni feminine (dah pulak). Bukan apa, bila pakai long skirt ni bagi aku samalah macam pakai kain sekolah - jalan haruslah bersopan-sopan sikit. Tak bolehlah nak march down macam time pakai normal pants or leggings tu. Pilihan aku ni aku tak berapa gemar sangat, but once in a while aku pakai jugak untuk sedapkan mata mak aku memandang dan dengar dia cakap ayat ni; "Macam nilah, Mi. Nampak sopan sikit. Selalu pakai seluar macam jantan je...". Yup, itulah exact words mak aku yang aku quote balik. So, demi mengembirakan hati wanita yang dah melahirkan aku - aku pun pakailah macam ni...  

Tada! Dah aku kata aku suka pakai kemeja kan?
Warna merah ni salah satu je daripada collection
aku dalam almari tu.
3rd Style: The Normal One

Namanya normal sebab kalau korang jumpa aku dekat luar sana, inilah style yang biasa aku gayakan. Spec mata hitam tu kadang-kadang la, sebab aku ni 24/7 glasses wearer. So, bila ada contact lens je baru aku pakai. Anyway, inilah rupanya bila aku dress secara normal. 

Smile like there's no tomorrow...

Kadang-kadang aku pakai accesories macam
watches and bracelet supaya tak nampak
plain sangat.
Style aku kat rumah.
Haha, just kidding.
Aku selalu nampak trend dekat Pinterest
orang pakai flower crown macam ni so,
saja-sajalah nak try out...
Homemade lagi ni...
(Jangan jealous... hehe)
4th Style: Mix and Match Part I
Style yang seterusnya ni adalah style yang aku buat bila aku undecided: nak pakai kemeja ke atau T-Shirt hari ni? Tak mahu berperang dengan kehendak sendiri, so aku pun kasi combo dua-dua sekali dan kat bawah ni hasilnya... hehe. Comel kan?

There's a bunny in my shirt...
Someone, help me!
5th Style: Mix and Match Part II

Style ni lebih kurang je macam kat atas. Bezanya, aku pakai baju kemeja (short sleeve kalau tak nak panas) dengan cardigan. Honestly, aku despise pakai cardigan pasal aku rasa macam pemalas (also the reason why style tudung aku semuanya bawal je). Yelah, sarung je lepas tu dah siap. Dari segi conveniency memanglah tak dinafikan, but still.. (whispering: pe... ma...las). 

Hambik ko. Style pemalas aku. Hehe.
Sneakers tu sebab time ni aku tak belajar
lagi nikmatnya pakai heels...
6th Style: The Lazy Style

Hah, yang nilah style yang selalu aku pakai bila aku ke kuliah. T-shirt dengan jeans je. Malu sebenarnya nak tunjuk style ni tapi sebab dah nak kehabisan idea ni, jadi aku tunjuk ajelah. Hehe. Janganlah gelak. Tau nampak selekeh. Muka budak baik pergi kuliah ni.

Heherap dapatlah aku semua A dalam semester ni.

Oklah guys, sampai sini jelah dulu post aku. Ada story I mari lagi. Haha. Hope korang enjoy style2 yang aku tunjukkan kt atas. Have a nice day everyone.

Mimi says: I'm not a professional. This post were made to share my sense of fashion with all of you readers. If you like it, please leave your comments or tell on this blog. However, if you hate it then please don't do anything. Appreciate it.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Manga & Anime Talk 1: Great Teacher Onizuka

How are you dear Miserer's and blogwalkers??... It's great to finally get to post something again! This special post are dedicated to all Manga and Anime lovers =). It's about one of my favorite Manga/Anime of all time : Great Teacher Onizuka or GTO.

About GTO:

GTO is basically a story about a man named Eikichi Onizuka, age 22 who works as teacher. Because of his qualification from bottom-rung University, he hardly get a job on his profession. He struggled to find a place as a teacher and at the same time, to realize his ultimate goal that is; becoming the 'Greatest Teacher Ever'- which explains the title of this Manga. However, there are many obstacle needs to be face before he could become the greatest teacher and that takes us to a journey with Onizuka-sensei; him handling a pretty messed up students in his class (class of 3-4) and embarks on a mission of self-discovery by breaking through to each student one-by-one, and helping them to overcome their problems and learn to genuinely enjoy life.

Why do I love it?

Onizuka-sensei, of course! He's the coolest character in this manga. He smoke whenever he wants it (even in front of his students) and looks like a gangster more than a teacher. Not saying that it's cool to smoke or appear gangster but one got to have a lot's of guts to do so (Cool!).

Unlike other typical high school teacher, Onizuka-sensei hates traditional teaching methods; example, teach new topics, handling assignments to students, grading papers and sorts... and thinks it as waste of time. He didn't care how 'his' teaching method going to reflects on his image as a teacher and willing to do anything to help his students. I know he is a fictional teacher, and writing this might be praising him too much but isn't cool to have such teacher around your school? In that case, you don't have to worry about homework or assignments anymore.

What you should know about the characters?

Holy Forest Academy Staff

Aside Onizuka-sensei, there are others character that you should take note when reading or watching this Manga. Here's a few names that you should know and how they are related to Onizuka-sensei.

Azusa Fuyutsuki 
Azusa Fuyutsuki: She's the heroine in this series. She is an employee at the same private school as Onizuka. She likes Onizuka and they probably like each other but ashamed to admit it and rather claimed that they just friends. Suguru Teshiwara, another male teacher in that school have a crush on her and disapproves relationship / friendship with Onizuka.

Ryoko Sakurai: Director at Holy Forest Academy. She believes Onizuka and his methods can change the school and students in 3-4 class especially.

Hiroshi Uchiyamada: Vice-President at Holy Forest Academy. He's one of the teachers who shows his disapproval of Director Ryoko Sakurai hiring Onizuka as a teacher. The running gag in this Manga series is that Mr Uchiyamada beloved car, his Cresta gets damaged usually from Onizuka attempts to helps saving his students life and he getting injured or assaulted because of Onizuka.

Class 3-4 Students

Noboru Yoshikawa: He is the first student that Onizuka laid on upon his arrival in the school and who, he befriended. Yoshikawa and Onizuka shares the same interest in playing video games and a little (just a little on Yoshikawa behalf), on girls. Yoshikawa is a victim of bullying, often bullied by Anko Uehara and her group. He had a suicide attempts twice, which always end up with Onizuka saving him. He had appear to have a special relationship with Onizuka; more seen as a friend-friend than teacher-student and look up to Onizuka whenever he is in trouble.

Kanzaki Urumi
Kanzaki Urumi: One of Onizuka students and probably the most stubborn one in his class. She enjoys manipulating others and able to manipulate Onizuka (eventhough he is her homeroom teacher) ans use him as a 'slave' as a result of her games. She later enjoys her 'little game' with Onizuka and find him as a funny hobby to spend her time with and starts to come school regularly. Like most of the students in her class, she hated Onizuka at first but later become one of his biggest allies. She also known to develop a crush on him.

Kunio Murai: Another students in Onizuka class. He also have some trust issues with teachers and grown-up's, especially men. This is probably because since he is a baby, he is raised by his young mother. However, Onizuka manage to work on gaining his trust and he also known to support Onizuka when he gets into a trouble. He is cautious about Onizuka presence around his mother ( fearing she would fall in love with  Onizuka and he'll become his step-dad and takes his mother away from him).

Miyabi Aizawa: Her past experience makes her hates teacher so much and somehow couldn't trust them completely. This rage is even worse when she took it to every classroom teacher she have, and that includes Onizuka in the list. She'll do whatever it takes to reach her ultimate goal in destroying the teacher (career) by the help from her friends.

Tomoko "Toro-ko" Nomura: Another girl student in Onizuka class who is well defined by having a big breast ( F cup). She is possibly the slowest and clumsy students in the class which have people nicknamed her as Toro-ko (Toro means slow in Japanese). Like his other students, Onizuka protects Tomoko when she have a trouble and in need of his help.

There are so much more to tell about GTO's Universe but I'll end it in here first. If you're curious, you can always read the manga online, watch the anime or just goggled it for better understanding. I learnt a lot from this manga and it had taught me on how to be reasonable in handling matters and never give up on what you believe/dream on. I truly recommended it to you but just know that there's a little bit of violent and sexual images display in this manga. You have been warned! I'm not suggesting you to read inappropriate manga or anything but this one have a lot more than just that (violent/sexual) that you might find enjoyable. I hope you will enjoy reading it and till then, Jya-nee!

Great Teacher Onizuka fans : Mimi Said

Monday, August 20, 2012

This is Raya 2012...

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri 2012, dear Miserer's and blogwalkers!!... Maaf Zahir dan Batin. Kalau ada salah silap sepanjang tahun 2012 ni di dalam post2, mohon maaf sesangat (>.<)! Tak ada banyak yang ingin di katakan untuk Hari Raya kali ni, cuma gembira dapat berjumpa sanak saudara kembali. Yelah masing-masing sibuk dengan kerja dan study. Time-time raya ni lah kita nak jumpa balik, kan? Di kesempatan tu, Mi juga nak ucapkan Selamat Hari Raya kepada rakan2 taulan yang dah sekian lamanya tak jumpa. Just know that you guys still in my mind :) Kalau tak ada apa-apa nak di buat tu, jemput2 lah datanng ke rumah untuk beraya. Kedatangan korang sentiasa di alu-alukan. Okeylah, sampai sini je post Raya kali ni, maaf kalau tak panjang ke apa tapi memang itulah biasanya untuk post celebration. Wasalam.

Mimi says: Salam Aidilfitri ke-2 everyone!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

In the End of Fasting Month of 2012....

Yes, Raya is around the corner AGAIN! Seriously, time passed by so quickly that I didn't realize it that fasting month is almost over.... I feel sad and happy at the same time. Happy because I get to see my close relatives again on Hari Raya and sad that this might be my last Ramadhan with my family  before I had to celebrate it ALONE again (as in 2010). Thank you Mr. Short-Sem! (Sarcastically).

Anyway, with the end of fasting month I am sure everybody is doing some last minutes shopping or whatnot.. Just a gentle reminder, don't waste people! Buy necessary stuff and leave the unimportant one behind. As for me, I had a pair of 'Baju Kurung' this year... the color... well, let's keep it a secret for now until the picture surface on my Facebook. Deal? Haha.

(Mixed feelings) With the end of fasting month and Hari Raya approaching.. That also means that my sem break is almost Over! Don't know how to feel about this one.. but it certainly not happy =.=. I can't believe that I am a 2nd year now.... Looking back at my Sept 2011 post , I still can't believe it! :)

To sum up my first year, well this is what I remember: Orientation day, Classes, Quizzes, Assignment, Mid-Term, Quizzes, and Final Exam (repeated for 2nd Sem except the Orientation day part). And a little bitty bit of Programs that I joined to gain my Learning Contract (LC) plus programs that I join for fun. Oh, and that weekend hang-out with my roommate and friends as well... Haha, that's just about to cover it.

(About me) Speaking of which, I had much longer hair-do now... I rarely have one before. Have you read my Nov 2011 post?? You will know what I mean. I sort of like/hate it... Like it because I look more feminine and hate it because it can get pretty stuffy sometimes.. And when I feel stuffy, I feel like cutting it down but I never actually did... I love my new hair...

(New Favourite Belongings) My dad brought me a new bookshelf so I can put my novels and comics together. That's what I been asking him for the past one and a half year. I'm glad that he finally true to his words.

Well that's what I had to say about my life in the End of Fasting Month of 2012.... I hope that you enjoy this post as much as I enjoyed reminiscing about my 1st year and life around fasting month. Thanks for reading and Goodbye!

Sincerely: Mimi Said

Monday, July 16, 2012

Ramadhan kali ini: 21 July 2012

Assalamualaikum semua... Di harapkan para Miserer dan blogwalkers sihat-sihat sje.

Oklah, since post lepas dah cerita pasal trip ke Genting Highlands, kali ni nak pulaklah aku cerita mengenai bulan Ramadhan 2012 yang bakal menjelang tiba. Ikut Google ni ha, katanya 21 Julai 2012. Betul ke tak, kita kenala tunggu pengumuman kat TV.

Haha, ready ke belum nak sambut bulan Ramadhan ni?


Bila cerita pasal bulan Ramadhan ni, memang banyak sungguh pengalamannya. Yelah, semenjak kecil lagi berpuasa, dengan cousin-cousin semua (kami memang rapat)... Memang tak boleh lupa. Curi-curi minum air paip tu rasa cam semua orang pun pernah buat kan, so takyah cerita part tu lah. Buat bosan aja. Cerita mesti sama aje. Hehe....

Alright , aku nak bukak citer pengalaman bulan puasa yang lain plak. Sapa pernah amik big exam time bulan Ramadhan? PMR atau SPM? Macam aku, aku pernah merasa puasa time exam sekali je: time PMR. SPM hujung tahun, so takdelah. Aku masih ingat lagi, time tu nak jawab paper terakhir (paper KH lau tak silap, aku budak Sains Pertanian (SP)). Perghh, puasa punya pasal punyalah mengantuknya hari tu. Dugaan, dugaan... Rasa nak bantai keluar awal je lepas habis jawab tu, tapi nampak macam berlagak bagus la pulak.... Jadi mau tak mau, aku tunggu sajalah sampai habis. Balik rumah je hari tu, straight-away terus bantai tido. Terbaek!

Bila cakap pasal puasa, takkanlah tak nak cakap pasal hidangan berbukanya pulak kan? Nampak sedikit tak logiknya kat situ. Favourite food di bulan Ramadhan korang amenda? Kalau aku, air masak pun dah cukup sebenarnya ( <-- janganla percaya nii). Betul, memang aku tipu. Haha. Okaylah, let's get serious for a moment (betul-betulkan baju)... List juadah wajib berbuka puasa aku:

Air: Sirap sejuk buatan mak aku.
Kuih-muih: Karipap handmade dia.
Lauk-pauk: Tak kisahlah, yang penting sayur mesti ada
                  (tengok, aku budak baik tau makan sayur).
Snek: Murtabak daging / ayam (bazaar ramadhan) & Pulut Panggang.

Nampak tak bertapa tak susahnya melayan kerenah aku berbuka puasa di situ? Hihi, tulah, senang jaga aku ni... (konon, padahal makan semua nak homemade je - kesian mak aku). Actually, aku ni jenis yang tak berapa gemar beli-membeli makanan kat bazaar ramadhan tu sebab khuatir dengan rasa dan kebersihannya. Masalahnya adalah bila ayah aku jenis kaki beli... karang kalau tak makan kecik hati la pulak. So, makan jelah slow-slow sampai perut tak boleh terima lagi dah. Nasib je ada adik aku; biasanya dialah yang tolong habiskan makanan tu dengan aku.
Selain makanan, antara pengalaman bulan puasa yang aku tak boleh nak lupa adalah aktiviti mengemas rumah. Biasanya aktiviti ini dilakukan seminggu sebelum raya tu. Time tu je, mulalah mak aku start nak membebel, "Mi, BASUH LONGKANG TUU...  Turunkan langsir. Basuh itu, basuh ini... Angkat tu, angkat tu...". Sakit telinga memang dah pasti, tapi pasal ini bulan puasa dan kalau menjawab mak sendiri sungguhlah biadap rupanya - aku diam dan turuti sajalah. Buat je dengan taat setianya apa yang mak aku suruh. Karang dia bising pulak kat ayah... lagi mampuss.. Hahaha...

Seperti yang kita tau, bulan puasa ni banyak sungguh kebaikannya, lagi-lagi kalau kita beribadah. Secara jujurnya aku cakap, aku bukanlah kaki masjid sangat - tak rajin sangat buat terawih semua. Tapi untuk Ramadhan 2012, mungkin aku akan buat perubahan. Yelah umur pun dah meningkat kan, kenalah banyak pikir camne nak tingkatkan amalan semua. Takkan nak enjoy je memanjang... :)

Oklah, so far itu jelah cerita bulan Ramadhan yang masih aku ingat. Aku harap sangat bulan Ramadhan 2012 ini dapat di raikan dengan sederhana dan gembiranya. Kalau boleh aku nak ingat every day, selama 30 hari tu aku berpuasa. Insyaallah... 

Mimi says: Salam Ramadhan dan selamat berpuasa semua!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

2012 trip to Genting Highlands: Indoor Adventures

Hello. How you guys doing? If you ask me, i'm doing rather well on my own. I had so much activities going on around me that I didn't realized I haven't meet my friends for about a month! Crazy right? But with the internet things going on, sometimes you just forget some stuff. Like people who are usually around you. But no worries, that's why we got Facebook right?

Well, I would like to kick-start my July entry with some news. I went to Genting Highlands couple of weeks ago. About 3 days after I set my feet at home. Yup, I haven't posted any pictures yet in the Facebook but it'll come around soon. Or maybe not. Still, I want my Miserer and blogwalkers to be the first one too caught the glimpse of the pictures. You know how special you guys in my heart.

As the old sayings goes, a pictures can hold 1001 stories, so I uploaded some of them here and let you guys tell the story. Enjoy!

My brother and I on our way to Genting Highlands.
Look at my brother sleeping... isn't he cute?
Now, like our last time trip to Genting Highlands (2009), we stayed at the same place: Selesa Hillhomes apartment. My mom was the who made all the reservation and said that she prefers living in the apartment because we can cook there. As a guest to this apartment, we received the visitor pass for the car and went to Genting Highlands the very next day.. Since we had been to the outdoor theme park before and barely could even catch one rides (T.T), we decided to go to indoor ones this time around (in hoping that the same trouble wouldn't arise again) (-.o)
Hello Genting... Long time no see...
My favourite moment: because all of my family members
are here. 
Inside the First World Indoor Theme Park.
You can see a whole lot of Hollywood
references thrown all over the places.
Exemplary one: This Giant Golden Ocsar Globe up here. 
Taking a ride with my mom.
Watching the views so intently...
Let's get something to eat!: My family and I on our ways to
eat some delish chicken at Marrybrowns...
"Where's my chicken... I want to eat them now!" demanded
my mom. Haha, just joking... my parents were browsing
through the menu's.
Genting Highlands Strawberry Leisure Farm:
One of the most popular attraction in Genting Highlands.
We come here for the strawberry's and picture like
this... Hehe..
My brother and I.
Same place, different position - that's all.
At the lavender farms: my mom really enjoyed it
in here. And so does my brother from this picture.
I found my My Secret Garden!
Well, no so much a secret anymore, isn't?
Look what we found! An enormous cabbage.
I wish they had this for sale but since
I haven't seen them on the market -
it must be for display only. 
The end of our trip. Thanks for reading!
So everyone, that's the end for our Genting Highlands Trip (2012). I do hope that you guys enjoyed reading this entry and hopefully get beneficial from it in order to plan your own vacation. Have a nice day everyone and wasalam...

Sincerely: Mimi Said

Monday, June 25, 2012

2nd Semester Break Plans

Like I normally did, every semester break akan wujudnya list-list yang boleh keep me occupied sepanjang cuti semester. This time aku tak nak merepek jauh-jauh sangat, just wanna keep it simple and reachable sebab adanya bulan Ramadhan. Hope by the end of my holiday aku dah sampai half-way through that list. Alrite, here we go, again!

1.) Operation House-Cleaning
2.) Tambah collection English Novels
3.) Habiskan baca English Classic novels
4.) Tambah collection photo pada Family Photo Albums
5.) Self-photographing 
6.) Songwriting
7.) Try out new genre of novels
8.) Practice Driving 

That's so far on my list now. Maybe I'll add more to it later. Goodbye now. Have a great day for bloggers who stopping by.

Sincerely: Mimi Said

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Light Goddesses Ellie Goulding

As you all know, I am a big fan of American/English music and I often seek for new musician in the internet to please my carve. Recently, I found a pop/electronic English singer-songwriter named Ellie Goulding from my unsuspecting visit to US Billboard Top 100 page and I'm so glad that I did. She had only one album so far, which is a massive hit at UK and they just brought down her music down to US. Not bad for your first studio album, huh??. I'm kinda obsessed with most for her song from Light's/Bright Light's Album that I couldn't find a day passed without hearing them. Yup, that's happens with me when I found a great music. The album had come out on 2010, but since I'm only hearing them now, I considered it as new songs. Anyway, don't forget to check her out,and she did pretty well on her clip video's too; Lights and Starry Eyes. Don't forget to check her VEVO on Youtubes, peep's. Below are the list of the songs inside her Lights Album and look out for the bold ones - they are my favorites!... Cherrio now...

Ellie Goulding Lights 2010 Album Tracklist

1.) Guns and Horses
2.) Starry Eyes
3.) This Love (Will Be Your Downfall)
4.) Under the Sheets
5.) The Writer
6.) Everytime You Go
7.) Wish I Stayed
8.) Your Biggest Mistake
9.) I'll Hold My Breath
10.) Salt Skin 
11.) Lights 

Monday, May 28, 2012

May 2012 KLCC revisited

Hello, semua! How are you guys doing? Heharap semua sihat je yaa. 

Rasanya baru minggu lepas aku update blog, well kali ni update lagi pasal ada benda nak cter. Haha. Hope korang tak kisah pasal sapa admin?? (berlagak pulak aku tetiba... XD). 

Saturday lepas, 26/5/12 aku, roomate aku dan Kak Lin pergi menapak ke KLCC. Hisy, dah lama sungguh aku tak mai sini (last sekali masa darjah 6 aku ingat...). Jadi bila dah di ajak untuk tag along tu, agak susah sikitlah nak menolaknya kan? Plan asal kami adalah ke Mines, tapi yang itu boleh tunggu.. (hehe).

Dan macam biasa, kalau aku rasa macam dah nak start pergi tempat yang jauh-jauh sikit dari UKM, ayat pertama yang terpacul daripada mulut aku; "Jauh ke??". Roommate aku dengan K.Lin ni dua-dua orang Utara (Perak), biasalah sangat guna kemudahan KTM tu, so dia orang pun jawab - taklah jauh, Mi... Tukar stesen sekali je dekat KL Sentral tu ha... Dah sampai KLCC. Orang Selatan cam aku yang biasa naik kereta je ni, anguk-anguk jelah. Al-maklumlah, orang tak tahu jalan (takkan nak buat-buat macam tahu pulak kan?)... Sedih (-_-);   

Auto mesin membeli tiket di KL Sentral.
Ku sangkakan tiketnya macam yang beli kat
kaunter KTM tu... Sekali bila dah dapat dalam
bentuk token pulak.  Hmm, menarik...
First time menaiki rapidKL, terasalah noobnya.
Budak Melaka jumpa KL nyer facilities - camnilah
jadi... Maaf ye kalau semacam over.
Aku memang begini... Hehe
KLCC tower... takkanlah belakang
rumah aku pulak kan?
Once aku jejak je kaki jat KLCC, aku dapati tak banyak pun perubahan dekat sini. Sama jelah dengan last time aku pergi kecuali ada beberapa kedai yang jual barangan branded. Hmm.. mission utama aku menjejak KLCC ni adalah untuk ke Kinokuniya. The last time aku pergi (school trip), aku tak sempat nak menjejak situ lagi. Hmm... bila dah dapat tuh - hah, apalagi... Cari title buku yang susah nak dapatlah kan... This time aku sempatlah 2 buah romance novel daripada author favorite aku; Miss Jude Deveraux. Happy tak terkira aku tatkala membayar dua buah yang bertajuk; "Someone to Love" and "River  Lady" tu. Sesiapa yang tak tahu fascination aku terhadap buku-buku Miss Jude, bolehlah rujuk post-post lama aku kat bawah ni;

Dalam banyak-banyak gambar yang aku tangkap
masa visit KLCC, yang ni aku paling suka sekali...
From top, korang boleh lah nampak kedai Kinokuniya,
diikuti dengan TGV, pastu kedai apa ntah.... dan apakah...
Hehe... tak taulah kedai apa paling last sekali tu..
Terasalah sedikit gayatnya masa dekat dalam Kinokuniya tu. Bukan gayat tak pernah masuk kedai buku ye, gayat dekat buku-bukunya yang melambak tu jer. Mana taknya, dekat Melaka (my beloved hometown) agak payah sedikit nak cari buku-buku Jude Deveraux ni. Yang ada semuanya author yang aku tak kenal dan bila baca, feel dia different from what I experience with Miss Jude novels. Tak best! 
Aku taklah asyik minat baca English romance
novel je memanjang. Minat history jugak, lagi-lagi
yang berkaitan dengan Russian Tsar Royal Family
yang kena assassinate in early 1900's. Buku yang aku
pegang ni adalah isteri beliau, Tsarina Alexandria.
Tapi aku tak belilah sebab mahal sangat... RM50++
Call me cerewet or anything tapi aku bila bab music, movies, videos and novel memang particular sikit. Study-moody, belakang kira...(marah parents aku bila dengar ni). I always want to see/read the best from the best. Selection aku for movies are mostly from indie's in which I enjoyed so much. Music plak aku prefer Pop/RnB/Country/Jazz/Folk only. Huhu,, apahal tetiba cerita pasal benda lain pulak nih? Lari topic la plak... Rewind balik... rewind balik.. asnskjjsdgadsjhgfag... 

Lepas melawat Kinokuniya, terasa la pulak laparnya kami - so masing-masing pun start look around; mencari food court berhampiran. Roommate aku dan K.Lin terasa nak makan makanan bernasi, so diaorang pun pergilah cari. Aku yang tak tahu nak makan apa ni pulak (kes dah jemu dengan nasi pun) ronda-ronda jelah sekitar food court tu, sampai aku jumpa set makanan kat seperti kat bawah ni;

Oh yeah. Nachos da chachos!
Haha, tipu je... Ni bukan nachos, tapi taco's!
Air yang aku minum tu Pina Colada namanya, but jangan
risau - no alcohol okay?

Selalu dengar Taco's Bell yang famous disebut-sebut kat U.S tu; teringin pulak aku merasa kesedapan taco's bagi menconfimkannya sendiri. Nasib jelah ada buatan Malaysia ni ha. Dekat food court tu buka saja ada menjual Mexican food macam ni, but international food yang lain pun macam from Japan, Korea, Thailand... etc... Aku tak kisah tu semua, yang penting halal. Yelah, sebagai orang Islam wajiblah mencari makanan yang halal, ye tak? Barulah mendapat keredhaan dan keberkatan gitu...

Makanan kami bertiga :)
Lepas makan, kami pun jalan-jalan untuk windows shopping dengan harapan, bolehlah menghilangkan senak perut lepas makan tadi (hehe).... Ada pelbagai kedai kat dalam KLCC ni, but tak sempatlah nak menyinggah semua kan pasal kami bertiga mengejar masa. Ni yang big masa kami visit KLCC aritu....

Summer in Clinique. Tak silap aku Clinique ni
company yang buat penjagaan muka dan kulit tu.
Nak beli, memang kena tunggu dulu
pasal tak mampu den. Mahal. 
Sebenarnya, the reason  kami mengejar masa adalah sebab nak tunggu time masuk wayang... Yelah tiketnya pun dah dibeli sebelum makan tadi... Kami decides tengok cerita MIB3 pasal nampak poster macam awesome... Oh yeah! 

3 seat for us.... TGV cinema and popcorn.
Here we come...
Selepas wayang habis dan since kami dah ada dekat area KLCC, we take a stroll at the park. Hirup udara segar kat luar sikit after 2-3 hours duduk dalam air-conditioning place. Menyesal pulak bila nampak pencemaran (udara aku boleh faham lagi, tapi bunyi tu yang tak boleh belah ) since ada concert yang dibuat kat situ. Anyway, despite of the sounds - sempat jugak aku capture a few pictures...

In the park. Yes, gambar ni aku guna
filter secara heavily. Bukan
insecure dengan rupa sendiri, more
likely for setting the mood.
Can you guys feel it?
Apa pulak anak dara duduk
mencangkung tengah-tengah jalan ni?
Tak sopan sungguh...
(Ayat mak aku... hehe)
Oklah guys, that's a little bit of my life now. Visit aku ke KLCC tu boleh di katakan fun dan walaupun aku dah visit KLCC tak lebih dari 3 kali sepanjang hidup aku, it leaves a different memories everytime. Haha, sebelum aku terlupa... in 2 weeks time, aku akan hadapi final sem 2 and afterwards..... CUTI!! 2 bulan pulak tu..... Perghh, rasa cam nak menapak Singapore pulak bila dah cuti banyak camni buat that can wait because Genting Highlands... Here I come!...

Sincerely: Mimi Said